Carpool to the Rock Your Disney Side 24-Hour Event on May 23 for Special Incentives at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

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This is the week! Our Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event is almost here. Today I’ve got a special message for those planning to drive to the Disneyland Resort on May 23.

On May 23, you’ll have more reasons than using the HOV lane to carpool. During the “Rock Your Disney Side” 24-hour event, we will offer the following incentives for cars with four or more passengers who are parking at a Disneyland Resort parking lot:

  • All guests and Annual Passholders without pre-paid parking will receive a discounted parking rate of $8 (for a standard vehicle) when arriving with four or more passengers.
  • Annual Passholders with pre-paid parking will receive one voucher per vehicle for one free popcorn scoop and one bottled beverage, redeemable at any Disneyland or Disney California Adventure park outdoor vending cart. At least one passenger in the vehicle must be a valid Annual Passholder with pre-paid parking privileges.
  • All Annual Passholders and their passengers can also receive a special Toy Story commuter button. At least one passenger in the vehicle must be a valid Annual Passholder. And don’t be late – button quantity is limited and will be given while supplies last!

Remember – each car must contain at least four passengers, oversize vehicles are not eligible for a carpool discount, parking is subject to capacity and these benefits are subject to restrictions or change without notice. Start finding your carpool buddies now, and come Rock Your Disney Side with us on May 23!


  • Are there enough commuter pins to last about 9pm?

  • Even if you are AP pass holder do you pay parking?

  • I didn’t think there was handicapped parking in the simba lot. Where can I park before 5am if I am handicapped?

  • Where is the Simba Lot? Is it near the Pumba Lot or by the Mickey & Friends Lot?

    • The Simba lot entrance is located on Disneyland Drive, near Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

  • As an Annual pass holder I have parking on my pass, but what I am trying to understand and get an answer to is we still have to pay additional for parking? If so, how do we pre-purchase parking for the event? Thank you.

  • Does this offer apply to motorcycles or motorcycles with 2 riders? Also, why is motorcycle parking the same price as a full size vehicle, but there are special smaller parking spaces for motorcycles?

  • Will there be any carpool incentives at the Orlando park?

  • Will guests that wish to return at 9am on Saturday have to leave the parking lot that they were parked in during the 24 hour event?

  • HOW EARLY WILL Toy Story & Mickey & Friends Parking OPEN for the big day?
    Especially if there are those who are planning on getting there super early.

    • Lots will open at 5 am, but guests arriving before 5 am should park in the Simba lot.

  • What time does the parking structure open on Friday May 23rd?

    • Mickey & Friends will open at 5 am. If you plan to arrive before 5 am, please park in the Simba lot.

  • And where would we wait if we are camping out the night before?

    • Details coming soon, Janelle!\

      UPDATE: We’ve posted line information here!

  • any tips for someone arriving after midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning for the last 6 hours of the 24 hour event?

    • Stay tuned, Linda – I’ll have those details soon.

      UPDATE: We’ve posted line information here!

  • Is there going to be more information on when and where to park if we are camping out the night before?

    • Coming soon, Janelle!

  • Just seeing the title of this post made me laugh, since I’ve heard how horrendous traffic gets at the 24-Hour events at DLR. Good thinking Erin!

  • So excited for this! Thanks for sharing this Erin!

  • Does it count if it’s me, my wife and 2 kids under 3 years old?

    • Yes, they count!

    • Yes, they count!

  • I ride my bike and take my bus to the park. 🙁

  • Awesome, thanks for checking!

  • And, “four or more passengers” is actually ambiguous – think it means at three passengers in addition to the driver.

    • That is correct – four total, including the driver. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Just like last year – those of us who save Disney parking spaces by driving to the area and taking a bus to Disneyland get nothing.

  • This may seem a dumb question, but it may be helpful to clarify whether 4 passengers actually means 4 occupants or 5 occupants in total (1 driver plus 4 passengers!)

    As written, it literally means 5 people per car, but it could be easily assumed that 4 people per car is good.

    • Good question, Kevin – I meant four people total, including the driver. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Hi Erin, are there any incentives for pedestrians? Or guests at your the Disneyland Resorts or good neighbors hotels checking in the day before the Rock you Disney Side 24 hour event?

    • I’m sorry, Norma. We’re only offering carpool incentives.

  • After re-reading the original post, I realize this is more of a parking space issue than a environmental issue. I got a little too environmentally excited reading the line “you’ll have more reasons than using the HOV lane to carpool.”. In any case, I would understand if “undersized” vehicles do not qualify for the incentives. They are great for the Earth-not so great for maximizing parking spaces. {Unless as a driver, you are fitting into that tiny tiny space that no other man made car could possibly fit into!} 🙂

  • Great incentives for people to carpool and good looking out for our Earth! 🙂 But what about “undersized” vehicles? I own a very practical Smart Car which only seats two people, will I still be eligible for the incentives?

    • Sorry DeAna, but this applies only to cars that contain four or more people.

  • Smart! I’m sure parking is at a premium during popular events such as this. I wish I was going to be there!

  • Will there be any incentives for people who walk to the resort for the event?

    • I’m sorry, but only carpool incentives will be offered.

  • Thanks for the carpool information! If only I had three other people coming with me…

    Is camping out overnight going to be an option this year, if we want to avoid the morning traffic altogether?

    • Yes – guests will be able to line up beginning at 12 a.m. on May 23. We’ll have more details soon!

      UPDATE: We’ve posted line information here!

  • Oh, and I love the extra, new incentives for this year. Thank you!

  • Thanks, Erin! My cousin and I have been anxiously waiting for this info. (We’re button fiends). Any chance the design will be released beforehand?

    • I don’t have that at the moment, but I’ll see what I can do!

  • Does each valid Annual Passholder with pre-paid parking in the car get the Popcorn and Drink voucher, or is it just one per car?

    • Good question, Hastin – It will be one voucher per vehicle. I’ve clarified the bullet above. Thanks for catching that.

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