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#DisneyKids: First Water Slide at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

If you’ve got a “favorite” Disney water slide, chances are you remember your first splash at one of our water parks – I remember my first slide to this day. Today, we’re continuing our series of different firsts to experience at Disney Parks at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon where there are scaled-down thrills suitable for even tiny tots.

Let us know about a special, memorable or even life changing first trip to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort in the “Comments” below and then check back for our #DisneyKids series.


  • My first water slide and water park at that was River Country. My Dad took my brothers and myself and my Mom. I remember coming down the big slid for the first time and my Dad waiting in the water for me to come down. My husband and I were camping at the campgroud last year and rented a boat and I saw some of the Old River Country. It made me tear up to see it like that, so many great memories so many.

  • When my daughter was 11 months old her mother was at a training in Florida. We planned on flying down and meeting her and taking our first trip to Disney World. While her Mom was gone, my daughter was ready to take her very first step. She would travel around tables or hold a hand and want to let go and walk. I didn’t want her mother to miss her first step, so I would pick her up or make her sit down and crawl.
    Finally we got to go to Florida and picked up her mother and headed to our first trip to Disney World. There at the Royal Plaza Hotel out by the Disney Market Place I finally let her go and she took her first steps with her mother watching. Since then there have been many trips and many firsts, as my daughter is now the mother of our two grand-daughters, all lovers of Disney.

  • River Country! I remember swinging off the masts and dropping into the water in the lake – which must have been actual lake water as it was not the clear, blue, chlorinated water of today’s water parks. The tube/flume ride was my first experience on a water slide adventure and I distinctly remember thinking “Only Disney would create inner tubes without a valve to jab you in the side as you ride.” It was a great immersive and interactive area, very reminiscent of what I imagine it would have been like to be a child back one hundred years ago.

  • I remember one year we almost went to River Country. It was also the first year Splash Mountain was open and lines were 2-3 hours long. My sister and I couldn’t talk our parents into letting us wait that long. One afternoon we decided to head over to River Country. We were on a boat going across Bay Lake to the park and a thunderstorm blew up. We decided to not get off and head back to Magic Kingdom instead. The cloud was gone by the time we got back to Magic Kingdom and our parents gave us a choice. We could stay on the boat and go back to River Country or we could spend the time we had planned for the water park standing in line for Splash Mountain. We chose Splash Mountain. I never got to experience River Country but I’ve been on Splash Mountain dozens of times since then. That decision is my only Disney regret.

  • My first Disney Waterslide experience was at River Country! So great at the Ol Fashioned Swimming hole!

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