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‘Festival of The Lion King’ To Return To Disney’s Animal Kingdom in June

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Are you a fan of Disney’s “The Lion King”? If so, we have some great news to share with you today. “Festival of the Lion King,” the musical show that tells the tale of Simba through song, dance and aerial acrobatics, will return in a new location in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom this June.


Here’s a first look at what the new theater, which will be located in the left side of the Africa section, will look like.


  • How long is this show?

  • Oh!! June 17th would be perfect!! We arrive the 18th!

  • I read somewhere the date is June 17th. Is this accurate????

  • Do we know the date yet?

  • This is my favorite show. We used to watch it every week before it closed. REALLY miss the old theater. Hope the show is still the same. Awesome performers are really missed.

  • Hope it Opens June 1st. We live by Disneyland in CA and taking the Grandkids to WDW end of May. This would be a great show to end our Vacation. At least we’re there to ride Snow White’s Mine Train!!! Keeping our fingers crossed!

  • I want to know what that separate building is off way to the left. Store? Restaurant?

  • But Jennifer, the question from Tsz was will there be new stage pieces similar to the show’s Hong King version or will Walt Disney World still be using the recycled floats from Disneyland’s Lion King Celebration parade? Was all of the investment just in the venue (for new hard ticket events) or can we expect something new with the Festival of The Lion King show itself? Thanks!

  • @Rachel– Camp Minnie Mickey closed in January. So The show closed as well. Been on a 6 month Hiatus.

  • Is the show still running in Camp Mickey until the new location opens?

    • No, it is currently down. It will return in June in the new location.

  • It would be great to get a rough idea of the opening date. It would make planning so much easier!

    • All we know is June so far. Please stay tuned!

  • I cannot wait to see the show again! Quick question though…. Will the show be the exact same as previously from Camp Minnie Mickey? Will the theatre inside still be the Theatre-in-around?

    Thanks for the update!

  • I had a feeling this was what was behind all those walls we saw on our way to Tusker House last month. A fitting home for our favorite show at the parks!

    • 🙂

  • Planning a February 2015 WDW trip and am so excited. Haven’t been since 1974 when I was a child. This will be my child’s first trip & he LOVES The Lion King. Will the show be a year round thing one it starts up again?

    • Yes, it will be performed multiple times each day (all entertainment is subject to change, of course).

  • YEAH!! Looking forward to seeing the show in a new location and a permanent theater instead of the temporary one it was in for how long?

  • I don’t really get where it has moved to. A whole new indoor theater has been built? Have the maps been updated to show the new location yet?

    • Yes, a new theater has been built on the left side, just over the bridge into Africa.

  • Great news! I can’t wait to see the new show!

    • 🙂

  • Will the new location has costume made stage like Hong Kong Disneyland and new floats? or just re-using the same old floats from Disneyland?

    • “Festival of the Lion King” is actually a stage show that was previously performed in the Camp Minnie-Mickey section of the park.

  • Why are they only posting Harambe Nights, we are concerned about the reopening of the Festival of the Lion King show.

    • This blog post is only about the return of “Festival of the Lion King.” Harambe Nights is a new offering that we unveiled today.

  • Is the actual Festival of the Lion King show returning or is this about Harambe Nights which is not the same?

    • They are two different things. “Festival of the Lion King” is a show that will be performed multiple times each day. It had previously been performed in the Camp Minnie-Mickey section of the park. Harambe Nights is a new offering that requires a separate ticket and is only taking place on select nights.

  • Kev & Melinda, Since they are selling tickets to special Saturday night performances with celebrity readers starting June 7th I would have to be open by then!

    • This is the daily “Festival of the Lion King” show. Harambe Nights is a new hard-ticket offering with specific dates attached to it.

  • Will be there June 9-fingers crossed!

  • Was that cast picture taken in the theater, or are we just missing the reveal picture in this post?

    • This is the rendering of the newly built theater.

  • Any idea what day in June? (crosses fingers it’s by June 15)

    • No specific date has been determined. Please keep checking back!

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