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Live Video: Rock Your Disney Side Party Inside Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE 5/24: Rock Your Disney Side live stream coverage has concluded.

5:30 a.m. EDT / 2:30 a.m. PDT

Our Rock Your Disney Side party to kick off summer is underway at the Walt Disney World Resort and for the next 24 hours, we’re giving you a live peek inside the park from Main Street U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park. Also, check us out on your mobile device.

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  • The streams has been something of a huge success! Surely the workers at Disney realize this is something the fans would want? Yesterdays live stream was brilliant because it shows that there is a demand of viewers who want to feel connected to the theme park, no matter where they are in the world. It made me want to go back to Disneyworld as it made me feel like the park was waiting for me to return. I understand if this was made a service which was available 365 days a year, then it would cost alot to maintain. This being said it would be a service I would happily pay for, as it helps me feel connected to the park when I can’t be there. I would like to thank everyone behind the streams and hope to see it revived next year or for any other future events.

  • Fantastic… Been great watching this, seeing everyone having such a great time. can’t wait to be there in September with the family making all those lovely memories.

  • Hi watching this and loving it, all the way from IRELAND 🙂 See you next year WDW xxxxxxx Annemarie

  • Thank you so so much for this! This has made me so happy! My trip is in 83 days! Watching the Electrical Parade with my son and my fiancé was the best way to spend my Friday night in NYC!

  • I wish there was sound

  • I got to watch the eletrical parade from California!!!

  • Great way to spend the night!!!

    Kudos to the IT guys in Florida, the stream is very fast !!

  • We were so excited to see this live feed. We watched the electrical parade… We will be back for our 4th trip to WDW next week since this is the trip our daughter wanted for her senior trip!

  • That was WHAT???

  • Woohooo…. ready for the electrical parade. 🙂 and we got to see some Villains!

  • Hello peoples waving!!!!

  • Thank you for the live cam. I’d forgotten how much I missed viewing the magic of Disney. 🙂

  • Loved watching Wishes tonight!! Thank you!

  • I LOVE watching the feed! THANK YOU for offering it to those of us that can’t be there for now. <3

  • Video stopped working on our ipad about an hour ago!

  • This is fun – thanks

  • I keep receiving this error: Operation could not be completed. 🙁

  • I am so loving this! can someone post the parade schedule?? I truly wish they had sound! Our family is heading down in less than a month and we are getting so excited ….. seeing a parade would totally Rock Our Disney Side Tonight!!!!!!!!

  • Love seeing all the people waving and acknowledging the camera. They are having so much fun. Wish we could see this all the time.

  • Sound would be awesome!

  • i love this, just makes me want to be there now – only 89 more days – we need this 24/7

  • Clarification – I can’t get the WDW livestream, but I am getting both California parks feeds on my iPad. Weird.

  • Was watching earlier, but now not working on my devices (iphone/iPad) all of a sudden? So sad, wanted to watch!

  • To the girl dancing for the live feed…you are LEGENDARY.

  • Love the 5:00 flag retreat ceremony. Fun to watch from home today in real time!

  • Man, I would love sound with this! It would be running non-stop in my house.

  • Absolutely love that the characters remembered to wave to the guests at home during the Festival of Fantasy parade. It was an extra special magical touch. Well done, Entertainment friends!

  • Thanks for bringing this back this year! My kids have been watching this all day.

    Any chance we could get audio during Wishes?

  • Is there a delay on the stream? Seems to be about 30 minutes behind real time. Still great fun watching though 🙂

  • Hello im a french cast member at Disneyland Paris and watch you for this amazing event !
    I hope to visit Walt Disney World for my second times next year !

  • Thomas, I used to watch live streaming allllll the time. This was many years ago when the castle was decorated for the 25th anniversary. I’d LOVE to see a camera live ALL the time :). Any chance?

  • Please please please do the live feed all year long!

  • This is just making my Friday. What a bunch of great things to see. Wish I were there.

  • Have my trip booked for November, love seeing this… makes me wish it was November! Thanks for sharing!

  • Did we crash the video? I can’t get in now on my PC or phone. The phone error message says: “The operation could not be completed”

  • Is is blank for everyone else right now? Black screen of perpetual load….

  • It’s not working for me either. It just keeps loading…

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