Meet the Horses of the Disneyland Resort: Holly and Lee

Donna Fisk

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Hello equine enthusiasts! Time again for more backstage tidbits on two of our residents at Circle D Ranch here at Disneyland Resort.

This is Holly.


Holly is a Belgian draft horse. She is 13 years old, weighs 1,695 lbs and stands 17.3 hands. (Pop Quiz: How tall is that in inches?) Holly came to Disneyland Resort from an Amish farm in Shipshewana, Ind.

Fun fact: Holly is a creature of habit, and unlike most of the other horses at Circle D, prefers to do the same thing every day. Holly is also a successful show horse, competing at the L.A. County Fair and winning multiple ribbons for the Disneyland Resort.

This is Lee.


Lee is also a Belgian draft horse. He is 9 years old, weighs 2,020 lbs and stands 19.0 hands. Like Holly, Lee came to the Disneyland Resort from an Amish farm in Shipshewana, Ind. Lee is definitely one of the clowns at Circle D. He enjoys any and all attention and uses his lips like an elephant would use his trunk, picking up objects and playing with them for hours on end.

At first glance, Holly and Lee look very similar, but a second look reveals Holly’s coat is a deeper dappled copper than Lee’s, and she is much smaller than Lee. Holly has a bold white blaze down the center of her face and a very thin mane and tail. Lee’s coat is more the color of a new copper penny and he has a skinny white blaze on his face. Lee’s face is long and slender with a crook in his nose.

See if you can spot one of these Belgian beauties the next time you’re at Disneyland park!


  • If I remember correctly a hand for horse measurement is 4 inches, so if Holly is 17.3 hands, she is 69.2 inches, roughly 5’8″ at the withers.

    Did I pass the pop quiz? 🙂

  • Where are the horses stables at Disneyland? How many people take care of them?

  • Hi Donna,

    I am an avid rider and I will only ride or be pulled by horses owned by Disney. The reason for that is that your horses are well cared for and respected, which makes the ride even more enjoyable.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces on your animals, I really enjoy them.

    Best regards,

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