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Spotlight on Cherry Tree Lane Coming to Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney in 2014

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


One thing my fiancée has taught me is that having the right accessories can make a good outfit even better (that probably explains why I keep buying her tiki-themed handbags). Soon, she and other guests will find many awesome accessories and more at Cherry Tree Lane, a new boutique coming to the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace. The name of this high-end, fashion boutique was inspired by the street name where the Banks family resides in Disney’s “Mary Poppins.” As it turns out, there will be several nods to this classic live-action film in the location.


“I referenced images of the Banks’ children’s room in the film for the fixture designs,” explained Dana Harchar from the Global Retail Development team. “The handcrafted fixtures will be painted Victorian white along with accent colors of light blue and red. I designed wallpaper for some fixtures that incorporates iconic umbrellas, hats and kites in the design. Guests will also find nesting tables, a unique jewelry fixture, and some wooden closets that will line the exposed brick walls.”

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The merchandise assortment will include many colorful accessories including ballet flats, handbags, avant-garde jewelry, timepieces and dramatic scarves. My favorite items have a blue “Cherry Tree Lane” pattern created by Disney Design Group artists. I love they included an umbrella, and the rolling duffle bag is a must!


Cherry Tree Lane will also be home to handbags and accessories by Dooney & Bourke, which is celebrating five years at Disney Parks this year. You may recall getting a first look at the new street scene pattern this past January on the Disney Park Blog. The Disney Parks online store will carry a color variation (red and black) of this pattern shown above at a future date. The color sketch bags will only be released at this location at Walt Disney World Resort; they will be at Disneyland Resort and online at a future date.


Finally, this boutique will carry items from the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley. I’m excited to share a first look at a brand new color, “Bouncing Bouquet,” that will debut once the location officially opens (stay tuned for an exact date). Guests will also find previously released colors such as “Midnight With Mickey” or “Where’s Mickey?” at this boutique. This location will be the only shop at Walt Disney World Resort to carry the “Mickey’s Perfect Petals” color recently released at the Epcot event on May 4.


  • Hi!! My boyfriend and I will be visiting WDW in mid November. I was just wondering what time does Marketplace Co-Op usually closes during that time?! I’m planning to do some “damage” when I get there, if you know what I mean. Thanks

  • Is the pattern “Just Mousing Around” still available?

  • Is there a difference between Bouncing Bouquet and Mickey Perfect Petals. I am confused?

  • I will be in Disney July 18, 2014 thru July 27, 2014 and I would like to purchase the Vera Bradley Bouncing Bouquet back pack for my granddaughter who will be with me. She wants to put her Disney pins on the bag. We have not been able to get any reliable information on this bag.

  • After the initial opening of the Marketplace Co-Op, will the Bouncing Bouquet Disney by Vera Bradley pattern pieces eventually be carried by other stores in Walt Disney World, like the parks, etc.? If yes, is there a time frame for other store locations to carry this pattern? Thanks.

    • @Lauren – The Bouncing Bouquet color will be found at the Marketplace Co-Op. We may look at sharing that color with additional locations but we won’t know that information until much later after the location opens. As you can imagine, that time frame for potential sharing will be determined by the popularity of these items.

  • I’ve seen postings today that Disney Vacation Club members will be able to preview the new Marketplace Co Op this Friday, June 6 7:00-8:30am. Will the Co Op open to the public immediately after this preview?

    • @Lisa and Anonymous – I invite you to keep watching the Disney Parks Blog for details about the opening of the Marketplace Co-Op.

  • Hi steve, any word on the opening of cherry tree lane, I am hearing eBay rumors of June 6, 2014

  • I have my eye on the new Vera Bradley pattern, Bouncing Bouquet. Will I be able to call the Co-Op to have it shipped to me? Any idea when the store will be open?

    • @Deb – There isn’t really a way to call the Marketplace Co-Op directly; you would contact the Merchandise Guest Services team. Unfortunately, that team will not have access to these items at this point. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog as I will share details about the opening date for the Marketplace Co-Op.

  • “I-O”! Thanks Steve I would love to get one for my Mom for her birthday in June!

    • @Sara – I spoke with the team. There is another order planned for that item. Unfortunately, it isn’t due to arrive until late summer.

  • Hi Steve! I was wondering if you could tell me if there will be a Tinker Bell Dooney and Bourke Handbag at Cherry Tree Lane? I saw it on the Disney Store website about a month ago and it sold out before I got back to purchase it! I loved the bag and just returned from Disney World last week and couldn’t find it anywhere!! Any ideas if this is available anywhere?

    • @Sara – I’m checking with the team. And “O-H!” 🙂

  • I anxiously anticipate Cherry Tree Lane and its theming/décor. I often have thought that WDW has blatantly ignored the Banks family, etc in the parks- so I hope that we can re-visit George & Winnifred, Katie Nana, etc. in various theming and merchandise!! Best of luck. 🙂

  • Hi,
    wondering why the Dooney and Bourke Bags where to be exclusive to Cherry tree lane per the article “The color sketch bags will only be released at this location at Walt Disney World Resort; they will be at Disneyland Resort and online at a future date”. and the day after the announment Disney released them in the parks and DTD?

    • @Buffy – My apologies for any confusion. The three crossbody bags shown in the image above will be the ones coming specifically to Cherry Tree Lane. Those are called color sketch. The street scene pattern (Downtown Mickey) recently arrived in a few select locations. There will also be quantities at Cherry Tree Lane once opened.

  • Hey Steve- by your comment “Hauntingly fun things in fall” does that mean there are going to be more Dooneys with the Haunted Mansion print or a re-released HM Dooney? I’m sure you can’t spill all of the beans, but if you take a look at the product page reviews for the bag and some other online message boards, there are literally hundreds of us ladies waiting to hear any update! Thanks!

    • @Emily – Would you say there are at least 999 ladies waiting to hear an update? 🙂 Stay tuned as there’s always room for 1,000 handbags. Any volunteers?

  • Steven, Thank you for posting these merchandise updates and always answering our questions about availability! Thank you!!!

    • @Cara – You’re welcome! It’s great connecting with so many who love Disney as much as I do. And the questions keep me on my toes. Ha!

  • In your reply to Liza above I believe you were hinting about the Haunted Mansion. Will we see the Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke bags again? Purple lining perhaps?

    • @Roseellen – Was I doing that? 🙂 Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog. I will share an update if any details materialize.

  • Thanks for posting this, Steven – I’m in love with the new range of accessories featuring the blue ‘Cherry Tree Lane’ pattern, particularly what looks like a set of three zipped pouches (I’m a huge Poppins and horse fan so this ticks every box!).

    I’ll be visiting WDW at the end of the month for two weeks, and I know Cherry Tree Lane won’t be open then, but will this merchandise to available to buy anywhere else on site? I’m from the UK so shopping on the Disney Parks online store is tricky!

    Thank you, Laura

    • @Laura – I’m happy to hear you will be visiting us. I hope you have a wonderful trip. The Cherry Tree Lane items and the new Disney Collection by Vera Bradley colors (Bouncing Boquet and Mickey’s Perfect Petals) will only be found in this location at Walt Disney World when it opens. I’m sorry I don’t have an exact date when that will happen at this point.

      I know that the street scene pattern for Dooney & Bourke recently arrived in select locations at Walt Disney World Resort. There will also be quantities of this pattern when Cherry Tree Lane opens.

  • I thought the Mickey Minnie street scene was to be released this month at Walt Disney World…is that no longer the case? Do you know what stores will carry it?

    • @Elizabeth – I spoke with the team who confirmed that the items are due to arrive this month. We don’t have an exact date/time they will be released at Disney Parks. Cherry Tree Lane will also have quantities of the street scene pattern once the location opens.

  • Hi Steven,

    Will it be possible to order the Dooney and Bourke Street Scene in the pink and green through Disney Delivears when it comes out?

    Thank You,

    • @Karen – Yes, the Merchandise Guest Services team should be able to assist you once the items are released.

  • Hi Steven,

    Your fiancée is correct, it’s all about the right accessories. In fact I plan my whole outfit after I select my hand bag, messenger bag or tote, oh yes indeed.

    The new Cherry Tree Lane store will definitely have a frequent buyer in me because I love all Dooney and Bourke designs and the Vera Bradley line keeps me buzzing as well.

    I am so excited about visiting Cherry Tree Lane late October. I hope it will be open by then. This being my fiftieth birthday year will give me greater buying power.

    Thank you so much,

  • Hi Steven!

    Will the new Dooney & Bourke pattern be available at other locations at WDW? Or only Cherry Tree Lane? Thank you!!

    • @Bianca – For Walt Disney World, the only location will be Cherry Tree Lane. They will also be found at Disneyland Resort and on our Disney Parks online store at a future date after the Marketplace Co-Op opens.

  • Love the Mickey and Minnie sketch bags and the crossbody bags. SInce they won’t be online for awhile it will give me a chance to start saving up for them. Love them!

  • Talking about the Marketplace Co-Op, you still wouldn’t have access to the SKU for that Adventureland logo/poster art pillow would you (that is available in Disneyland) 🙂
    Or do you know if it is going to be available online? Also, I know there is something else with that same art print but cannot tell if it is a placemat or just a napkin?? I would love the SKU for that as well and whether that will be online!!

    • @Jonathan – I believe the item number is 400008408493. The pillow will be coming to Disney Centerpiece at the Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World.

      You are correct that some items have arrived a little early at Disneyland Resort. I would check either Adventureland Bazaar in Disneyland park or World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

      At this point, I’m unsure if (or when) it would be carried online. My best advice would be to check the New Arrivals page on Mondays:

  • Steve,

    Is there an opening date set for the new Co-op marketplace at DTD? I’ve been patiently waiting for details! 🙂

    PS – us die-hard ion collectors miss you in Pin World!

    • @Stacey – Glad to hear from you! I don’t have a confirmed opening date yet. We hope to have some details to share soon on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Hi Steven

    Thanks for the great update esp on the much anticipated Street Scene Mickey/Minnie Dooney & Bourke design. Is there going to be an event on May 10th for the 5 year anniversary or has it been cancelled/postponed?

    • @Crista – I spoke with the accessories team who said they were currently focusing on the opening of Cherry Tree Lane which will carry new Dooney & Bourke items. I would say that a “celebration” of sorts may happen but at a later date. Please stay tuned.

  • Hi Steven – I’m VERY excited about the new “Bouncing Bouquet” Vera Bradley pattern. Can you tell us what bag & purse designs will be offered? and when they’ll be available by calling WDW merchandise and/or on disneystore?

    • @Laurie – I’m glad to hear you are excited for the new color. It’s fun, bright and filled with good cheer. The Bouncing Bouquet color items will be released at Cherry Tree Lane when the location opens (I don’t have an exact date just yet). The Merchandise Guest Services team won’t have access to them. I’ve not received final word if the new color will be carried on the Disney Parks online store.

      As for styles, the items will be similar to the styles we’ve previously released.

  • Hi Steven, thanks so much for the much anticipated update to the Dooney & Bourke street scene pattern! You mentioned that a black/red variation of this pattern will show up online for purchase…I’m just wondering if the original street scene pattern is positively going to be for sale. If so, will we be able to get it at Cherry Tree Lane? Thanks!

  • So excited for this new Co-Op. Is there a tentative opening date yet? Thank you

    • @Elizabeth – Unfortunately, I don’t have a confirmed date. I know they are still working on building the space. As soon as I have more details, I will share.

  • Hi.. any update on the disney dooney 5th anniversary event?

    • @Liza – At this point, we do not have plans for something in May. The team may revisit later this year. I know the next big thing is the opening of Cherry Tree Lane which will have Dooney & Bourke items (including some of the things shown above).

      Oh … there is also some hauntingly fun things coming too … but that’s later in the fall 🙂 Stay tuned.

  • When will the Co-Op be opening? Quite a bit of their merchandise (Orange bird, Disney Parks Kitchen and Dinnerware) has been on the Disney Store website for a few weeks now.

  • Will be there May 30 to June 12. Please let it be open before that. If not, where can I get the Dooney Letter Bags?

    • @Stefanie – I unfortunately don’t have a confirmed date at this point for the opening of the Marketplace Co-Op. The letter bags will also be carried on our Disney Parks online store at a future date.

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