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The Magic Behind the Frosting: The ‘Making Of’ the Star Wars Weekends Cupcake Video at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

“Cupcake or cupcake not. There is no pie.”

Master Yoda might not have said that, but it seems to fit the theme of the Darth Vader cupcake video we debuted earlier this week to celebrate the launch of Star Wars Weekends 2014.

A talented, confection-loving crew gathered overnight in a Disney’s Hollywood Studios bakery to shoot the video that shows what happens when the dark side meets the “sweet side.”

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look, then enjoy a Darth Vader cupcake (and maybe a Yoda cupcake) during Star Wars Weekends. The event begins tomorrow and will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through June 15 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


  • Bravo. Well done Disney. As an encore– Chewbacca takes on a Turkey Leg? 😉

  • Hi Gary,

    You got me good on this one. I am the biggest Disney Parks cupcake fan to date and this just about has to be my favourite one yet!

    Guess who’s making double dark ooey goodness cupcakes this afternoon just because of your post?

    Thank you and may the sweet side be with you. 🙂


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