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Vintage Walt Disney World: Sorcery in the Sky Fireworks Blast Off

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

The skies above Disney’s Hollywood Studios lit up at night when Sorcery in the Sky premiered today back in 1990.


This fireworks spectacular was directed by a 55-foot-tall inflatable Mickey Mouse who made a dramatic appearance atop the Chinese Theater and fired magical sparks from his giant index finger.


Celebrating nearly 70 years of Hollywood cinema, this 10-minute show deployed over 300 fireworks shells and used musical excerpts from famous movies.


  • As a former Tour Guide on The Great Movie Ride, this was a treat to see! Thanks for the great memory! (Now about that hat …)

  • No hat is so nice…

  • It actually premiered in 1990, not 1989. I should know. I have a Disney pin that also says 1990.

    • You are correct. It was an typo on my part, it’s been fixed. Thanks.

  • The Rocketeer needs to return. Best part of this show IMO.

    • The Rocketeer flying was very cool.

  • Seeing the Chinese Theater without the hat in front of it is beautiful. Disney, please bring back this amazing view at the end of Hollywood Boulevard!

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