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Vote For Your Favorite Disney Character In The #MinersWanted Challenge

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

You may have heard that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will grand open on May 28 – and in honor of this milestone, the Seven Dwarfs are looking to add another Disney character to their mining team.



Starting today, each of the Seven Dwarfs will sponsor a Disney animated character (or parks-inspired character) in the Miners Wanted Challenge on Facebook. You can visit the Walt Disney World Facebook page to vote on which character represents each Dwarf in future challenges. The characters (which include Mickey Mouse, Elsa, Maleficent and Figment) will then compete in challenges based on different qualities miners need. The more you vote throughout the month of May, the more gems a character will acquire. The more gems a character has, the further he or she will advance in the game.

The fun begins Tuesday on the Walt Disney World Facebook page. You can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #MinersWanted.


  • I Vote to be with and or for Team Happy!!!

  • I love the chibi look the dwarves were drawn in! I’d love it if you had plush toys of the dwarves designed that way.

  • There is only a post to join Team Bashful. I want to join Team DOPEY!!!! Can someone put instructions so we can vote fairly?

  • It just says, “Here’s our first matchup for #MinersWanted! Who should join Team Bashful?”
    No link to vote, no instructions, etc. Everyone is posting comments, but there’s not indication that’s what’ll be counted. A little help please!

  • It’s 5:37 Eastern – where’s the official vote on the FB page?

  • oh so you cant vote on anyone till 5pm huh ok thanks for the heads up cant wait to vote

  • It begins tonight at 5 PM

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is opening soon and we’re celebrating with our first ‪#‎MinersWanted‬ Challenge tonight at 5PM EST! Check out some of the Disney characters competing!

    See above….. not till 5 PM

  • Sadly This is not working for me I cant find any place to vote for this can someone please put don the link to where you can do the voting at please

  • Doesn’t work

  • The fun begins Tuesday on the Walt Disney World Facebook page. This is why none of you saw it yesterday. 🙂

  • I just voted!!

  • On the facebook page it now says starting tomorrow you can vote.

  • it’s still not there

  • It does say that is starts tomorrow on Tuesday at the bottom.
    “The fun begins Tuesday on the Walt Disney World Facebook page. You can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #MinersWanted.”

  • It says it starts on Tuesday

    • Correct!

  • voting starts on Tuesday so perhaps that is when the FB page will be updated… will check tomorrow to vote

  • It says that it begins on Tuesday, guys.

  • It says the fun begins Tuesday in the last paragraph

  • The whole thing does not make sense, as presented.

  • i don’t see the page either

  • where can we vote

    • On the Walt Disney World Facebook page.

  • Agreed…I went to Facebook and Twitter and it still isn’t working.

  • I didn’t see anywhere to vote either. 🙁

  • The link goes directly to a generic WDW DisneyParks page….Is it not up yet?

  • There’s nothing on the Facebook page about this…

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