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Actress Pat Carroll Adds Her Autograph to the Feature Chandelier at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Actress Pat Carroll Adds Her Autograph to an Ursula Sketch on the Feature Chandelier at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Guests at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort recently had an under the sea surprise as they joined in a ceremony in the main lobby to celebrate Pat Carroll, the voice of Ursula in Disney’s classic animated film, “The Little Mermaid.” The resort honored the legendary actress by asking her to add her signature to the feature chandelier’s artful array of 77 animation storyboards.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of “The Little Mermaid.”

Only a few dignitaries who have made major contributions to the four animated films represented at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort can sign the chandelier storyboard panels. As an added surprise, Walt Disney Imagineer Joni Van Buren, who sculpted the maquette used to create the resort’s giant Ursula icon, joined the fun and even brought her original work to show to guests and Pat.

After the ceremony, Pat sat down with us to discuss her love of the Ursula character, the 25-year popularity of “The Little Mermaid” and how the power of great storytelling can captivate film audiences.


  • Wow! So happy to see her honored. She was awesome as Ursula!!!!

  • It’s so wonderful to see this. I have always loved Pat Carroll…and she did the best job ever as Ursula. She is a treasure.

  • I so love her!!!

    • Thanks Tanya! She really lit up the lobby with her wit and energy.

  • She is such a trip!!! What a gem of a lady! 🙂

  • This was wonderful. She is a treasure for sure!

  • I agree with Brian – how could it be 25 years?

    • Elaine, I agree with you and Brian. Perhaps “Under the Sea Years” are like Dog Years…they just move faster.

  • Pat doesn’t seem to be the type to say this, but her performance was a big reason why Ursula remains so memorable among the great Disney villains (and why she’s one of my favorites). Ursula was a shrewd, take-no-prisoners villain (or rather, take plenty of prisoners and transform them into withered polyps), but you could tell Pat was having a grand ball playing the part.

    So glad to see her being honored in this way.

  • Ms. Carroll’s voice will forever be a childhood memory of mine. She is the best to watch and listen to when she re-creates that signature laugh. The Little Mermaid is my all-time favorite movie and she is my all-time favorite villain! Thank you for sharing this!

    • Ashley, thanks for writing. There is something special about Ursula. She was not only larger than life, but she was quite shrewd as well in the way she convinced Ariel to agree to the deal.

  • That laugh is the best thing ever!! Love it!

    • Melissa, I agree 100%! We all could not stop laughing while she laughed. It was really contagious.

  • I am so thrilled that Pat Carroll was honored like this. She is a true Disney treasure and legend. I just wish that ceremonies and events like this would be announced in advance so actual fans could attend instead of hearing about it afterwards. I would have loved to have seen this in person.

  • Great Movie! But… 25 YEARS??! 25 YEARS!! I feel so old now!

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