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Alex and Ani Add ‘Character’ to the Disney Parks Collection

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

UPDATE 6/4: Exciting news Disney fans! We actually just got news that the Disney Collection by Alex and Ani bangles just arrived!  Look for them starting today at the locations listed below.

I adore Alex and Ani bangles from Disney Parks! Curious as to what Alex and Ani is all about? Before I started collecting them, I was too.

Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder, Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer of Alex and Ani, hails from a family of jewelers where mastering their craft was not only an aspiration, but a family tradition. For more than 10 years, the lifestyle company, named after her first two daughters, has helped spread positive energy across the globe with its hand-crafted, eco-conscious and Made in America products. The Alex and Ani Disney Collection, featuring signature expandable (yes, they are adjustable for the perfect fit) wire bangles with Disney icons and characters are truly the perfect combination of pixie dust and positive energy.

Alex and Ani Add ‘Character’ to the Disney Parks Collection

How could the collection, currently made up of more than eight different Disney symbols, birthstones and initials, get any better? Perhaps something to complement the Disneyland park Sleeping Beauty Castle and Magic Kingdom Park Cinderella Castle bangles? New bangles with signature icon charms inspired by Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will debut at Walt Disney World Resort beginning June 5. Joining that list in late June is Mickey’s Fun Wheel from Disney California Adventure park.


Or if, like me, you choose to embrace your Disney Side and live your life full of character, take note of what I’m about to show you. Also debuting June 5 is the one and only Tinker Bell, as well as a Dated 2014 bangle.

Something else to keep on your radar are new bangles, featuring Aurora, Belle and Cinderella, releasing June 30 online and at Disney Parks.


Are you as excited as I am? Then be sure to check back to learn about even more additions to the Disney Collection by Alex and Ani. I know you want me to tell you now, but where’s the fun in that? If I have to wait, so do you!

A fashion essential, these Alex and Ani bangles, available in both Rafaelian Gold and Rafaelian Silver finishes are the ideal keepsake for fans of all ages and are sure to evoke magical memories for years to come!

Tip: You can wear just one, or layer them together, truly making the look your very own.

So where are the best places to find them?

Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney World Resort

Online – Shop Now!

Which ones have you added to your collection, or are you most excited to get? Don’t even get me started with my list.


  • Hi , any chance of a Snow White Alex and Ani bracelet, they should have started with her, the a first Disney Princess …??????

  • Ariel, Belle, and Tinkerbell are all sold out. Will they be back in stock or are they not being re-released? I would love to buy then 🙁
    Thanks, Jocelyn

  • i have been looking for the Ariel bangle that was to be available online July 14. Can’t seem to find it. Can you help me out on this? Been trying for two days now. HELP I need Ariel on my wrist…lol thanks for any help you might have. Kim

  • Thank you Michelle! I will keep checking!

  • Belle is out of stock online as well. Will they be coming back? Or is this going to be limited number product?

  • I can not find the Aurora bracelet online. Can you help me?

  • Hello there, Michelle!

    I was just at Disney World this weekend and I did speak to a merchandise associate at the jewelry store. She told me that June 30th, Disney will also launch the Ariel Alex&Ani. But I don’t see you writing anything about it, so does that mean it isn’t/didn’t come out yet? Please, please let me know. I am a HUGE fan of Alex&Ani and a life time fan of Ariel. Thank you so so so much!!

  • Hi ! I am going to Disney this summer with my family and was wondering will the walt disney world cinderella’s castle be sold at the parks since it isn’t online currently? I LOVE that one and was hoping to get one when I went on vacation !

  • I’m cruising in August. I hope the DCL bracelet will be available then. Fingers crossed!!!

    • Hi Kim! I think it will be closer to Fall. But I’ll be sure to let you know if that changes.

  • Will the Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle bangle be available online? I really want it!

    • Hi Caroline! I would look for the return of the Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle icon bangle on the site within the next month. So keep an eye on it.

  • Sorry, forgot to say I want to purchase it online. Thanks!

  • Hi! I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to buy the Tinkerbell alex and ani bracelet and don’t see it on the page. It says it’s available 6/5. Please let me know where I can buy it. Thanks!!

    • Hi Karen! Look for the Tinker Bell Alex and Ani bangle online beginning June 16.

  • Do you carry Alex & Ani birthstone bracelets?

    • Hi Carole! The locations at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort currently carry a small selection of birthstone Alex and Ani bangles. In fact, I have one on now, that I purchased from New Century Jewelry at the Disneyland Resort.

  • Hi Michelle – we just got off the Disney Cruise Ship and was hoping and wondering “IF” there is a chance of getting Alex & Ani DCL Bracelets???? We thought one for each ship, maybe the DCL wave logo or even Captain Mickey!!! I know I would buy them for sure….

    Dana – S. FL

    • Hi Dana! I can safely say that you might be on to something. I would definitely keep an eye out in the months ahead.

  • Hi! just wanted to let you all know that I just returned from a cruise on the Disney Magic and they had a nice selection of the bracelets onboard! (no new ones yet) They had all the old favorite Disney ones and some non-disney ones.

    • Hi Renea! How fun! It’s been awhile since I have been aboard the Disney Cruise Line. I bet you had a great trip. I have a feeling some new Disney Cruise Line Alex and Ani bangles might be sailing your way in the near future. Hopefully next time you are on board you can check them out.

  • Do you know when the newest ones will be available online- I have a bunch of the current ones and cannot wait tip my next Disney visit to get the new ones? Also will the original Disney Princess- Snow White by added to the collection? I would love to see her and the Dwarfs with their own bangles

    • Hey Michelle! So here’s the scoop. On June 16, our online store will offer Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom park along with the Tinker Bell and Dated 2014 bangle.

      On June 30, Mickey’s Funwheel as well as Aurora, Cinderella and Belle will be available online as well as in the parks. In regards to your inquiry about Snow White, I can honestly say I don’t know, but I will certainly keep my eyes peeled.

  • Are each of them going to be available in both silver and the gold colors? Or only in the colors pictured?

    • Hi Jennifer! They are all available in Rafaelian Gold and Rafaelian Silver finishes.

  • I’m excited for Epcot and Mickey Wheel. I’ve never owned one of these before, are they adjustable for smaller wrists?

    • Hi Camille! I think you’d love them. The bangles can actually size down to two inches in diameter. I hope that you’ll let me know if you end up getting one.

  • I am a HUGE fan of Alex and Ani and an even BIGGER fan of Disney! Was wondering if you had a picture of the Animal Kingdom bangle? It’s the only one mentioned in the article, but not pictured. Thanks!!

    • Hi Holly! I don’t have a picture of that one yet, but when I do, I’ll post it on the Parks Authentic page of

  • wifey-poo here – cannot wait to order these new designs! i love them! these bracelets are so much fun to buy and wear – looking forward to adding to my “collection”!!

  • Oo I really love them. Got 3 alex and ani bands from Disneyworld. Cant wait to buy the rest. I go at September to Disneyworld. Go 2 times a year for 3 weeks but I must fly 15 ours to get there.

    • Wow Anja! That is quite a flight. I bet you are excited for your upcoming trip in September. Definitely keep an eye out for these Alex and Ani bangles, plus others that will be headed our way by then.

  • Hi! So in addition to the other new releases making a “splash,” will they also make me want to “let it go?” I know that my favorite “Frozen” sisters would be a welcomed addition to my growing Alex and Ani collection!

    • Oh Veronica, if I could only tell you the number of Disney songs that are going through my head knowing what’s headed our way from the new collection. Look for more news soon!

  • = D so exciting! Thanks for the reply!

  • I love these bangles! I just wonder, does the addition if this new collection mean the others from the other collection will be discontinued?

    • Hey Ashlee! It’s hard to say if any will actually go away but just think of it as an entire new selection to add to your current collection.

  • I think I need to add the Hollywood Studios bangle and the Color Wheel bangle to my collection!! Love these new designs and can’t wait to see more!

    • Rachel, it sounds like you are truly a fan of both coasts. I hope that your travels will bring you to the Disneyland Resort to get the Fun Wheel Alex and Ani bangle

  • I’m so happy to see an Epcot bracelet. However, I wish they would make the original five-ring Epcot logo. 🙁

  • Can you order these online or only purchase at Disney?

    • Hey Tracy! Quick update – Beginning June 16, the Tinker Bell, Dated 2014, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios bangles will be available to purchase online. You will find the link for the store in the post above. Until June 16th, you will only find the Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom park icon bangles in their respective theme parks and select Walt Disney World Resort locations. If you aren’t able to visit one of the parks, I would definitely suggest Bayview Gifts at Disney’s Contemporary Resort or locations in our Downtown Disney Marketplace. Tinker Bell and the Dated 2014 bangles are currently available at locations on both coasts. I hope that helps.

  • I am SO excited about these! I’ve have the entire collection (I just got Sleeping Beauty Castle in California this March!) so I’ve been anxiously waiting for new additions! I hope they are all still available in the parks when I visit the 22nd of this month! I know how popular they are! Thanks again for the great news!

    • Hi Brooke! I can’t wait to hear what you decide to add to your collection. Definitely keep an eye out for them on your next visit.

  • Will the beaded ones be offered as well?

    • Hi Deb! We currently offer a small selection of bangles with beads at our Disney Park locations.

  • Thanks for the quick reply! I already have the blue Cinderella and the Magic Kingdom castle, but Tinker Bell is my favorite so I can’t wait to add that one to my collection as well! Any chance you know if Ariel will get her own bangle? 🙂

  • When will we find out the rest of the new additions? I’m hoping for an ariel bangle!

    • Hey Karina! I hope to share more news about the Disney Collection by Alex and Ani on the Disney Parks Blog soon. I can tell you that when I do, it will no doubt make a splash.

  • How exciting!!! Will these be available for purchase online the same day they are available in the parks?

    • Hi Chelsea! Had some updates for you. The Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park icons will be available at the Walt Disney World Resort starting today, while Tinker Bell and the Dated 2014 bangles will be available at parks and resorts on both coasts. On June 16, you will find those bangles I just mentioned online. Beginning June 30, Aurora, Belle and Cinderella will debut online and in parks, while Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be available at the Disneyland Resort and online.

      Have you visited the Online store already? They have a few of my favorites on there.

      Which one is your favorite? I’m definitely adding a Tinker Bell Alex and Ani bangle to my collection.

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