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Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and ‘Frozen’ Updates from Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Alice in Wonderland and Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland park are currently closed for refurbishment, and today I’ve got some updates to share on those attractions and more.

First, I’m pleased to report that Alice in Wonderland will reopen July 4. In February, we shared that updates would be made to the exterior of the attraction, but I heard recently from Walt Disney Imagineering that some work is happening on the inside as well.

Frozen” fans will have a new way to see their favorite snowed-in sisters when Anna, Elsa and lovable snowman Olaf appear in a special pre-parade prior to Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, beginning this Friday, June 13.


Lastly, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is scheduled to reopen September 27 – so get ready to go explore once again in the big blue world with Nemo and his friends!


  • Will there be AP previews for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride? It just so happens that my pass expires on the 26th!

  • The enhancements to Alice in Wonderland are fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing what upgrades the Imagineers do to the rest of the Fantasyland dark rides.

  • Unfortunately, for now the Frozen pre-parade only precedes performances of the *first* presentation of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, and not the second. Although I talked to a cast member and he said decision it could always change in the future.

  • Is there an AP event for any of these?

  • In speaking of Frozen, I’ve heard that Anna and Elsa are going to join the Disney Princess Royal Court at Walt Disney World. I thin that it’s going to be on Sister’s day (since Anna and Elsa are sisters), which is August 3rd, but I heard that it’s September 24th. When is it?

  • I love riding the subs! I love the music during the ride. Its the perfect ride to go on when you are hot and tired!

  • By the way, I always knew that Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage was going to reopen, I NEVER believed those unsourced fan site rumors. It just goes to show that you can never put too much trust in rumors from fan sites (especially if they have no real sources).

  • Yay!!!! I’m soooo beyond excited about the news! Alice in Wonderland will always be very near and dear to my heart; it’s the first ride I ever chose to ride. Can’t wait to ride it on my next visit!

    And I simply cannot imagine Disneyland without the submarines!!! I find Nemo every time I visit the park! I’ll miss the September 27th reopening, but you can be sure that I’ve got my sights set on 2015! 😀

  • Sounds great! We’re going this weekend for my husband’s college graduation, and my daughter’s second birthday. I KNOW the kids will love seeing Anna, Olaf and Elsa in the parade!

  • Yeah! So happy to see that the subs are not going away for good. It is a must do ride for our family.

  • Awesome! Thank you so much for these updates Erin! 🙂

    I’m so glad to know that there will some enhancements to the Alice in Wonderland ride.

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.

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