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#DisneyKids: Remembering Favorite Disney Characters at Disney Parks

As a mother of three young girls, I’m continually delighted by my daughters’ ability to remember even the smallest details from our visits to Disney Parks. It’s all memorable to them because they’re totally immersed in the Disney magic, especially my 4-year-old preschooler.

Today, we’re continuing our #DisneyKids series with our resident ‘kid-at-heart’ Gary Buchanan, who recently hosted an unscripted roundtable discussion with a group of preschoolers to find out how much they really know and remember about Disney. Don’t miss their cute answers.

Do your little ones have favorite characters? Let us know with #DisneyKids.


  • We took our grand daughter to Disneyland when she was 4 and she was terrified of all the characters. We stood in line for Donald Duck and she hid behind her mother till she got picked up and Donald kissed her head. That was all she talked about the whole trip and now. She just went back to Disneyland and once again brought up the story about Donald and his kiss. That was a magical moment that we will remember forever and changed a little girls memory of the magic that Disney offers.

    • What a fun story, Debbie. I love how little ones (and their families) remember these great moments from their Disney trips!

  • Back in 2007, we were looking at mouse ears on Main Street and meandered around to the exit of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. The park wasn’t crowded at all and seemingly out of nowhere Minnie Mouse popped out. She saw we were the only ones there… my husband, three-year-old son and I. My son started to follow her and she hid behind a curtain. Then popped her head out. She ran behind a plant, then popped her head out. Minnie was playing hide-n-seek with our son! It lasted several minutes and I was able to capture several pictures with our character close encounter! It was a most magical moment. Through the years he has grown fond of others like Buzz, the Storm Troopers or Stitch who vacations at Aulani like we do, but he doesn’t seem to forget his special moment with Minnie.

    • Thanks for sharing! What an incredible memory for you and your family.

  • This was such a big highlight for me at #DisneySMMoms. I have always been a huge Disney fan but my love of Disney became infinitely stronger once I had my daughter. Seeing the magic through the eyes of a child is indescribable. Oh and your daughter is ridiculously cute…so that helps 😉

    • Thanks, Tricia! Experiencing the magic of Disney through a child’s eyes has been fun for me, too.

  • I so enjoyed this clip which you showed at the #disneysmmoms On The Road series in Philly last week. As I kid at heart, I can not narrow down who my favorite princess or character is either. It’s such a joy to see the world through the eyes of a child.

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Jamie!

  • We first took our son when he was 18 months old and everyone said “oh he won’t remember anything of that trip.” Well needless to say they were wrong – he got to meet Jiminy Cricket and talked about it for a year straight – all the subsequent years we never bumped into Jiminy Cricket and we always commented how lucky we had been when we got to meet him as he was our sons favorite character – well spring forward to High School and a couple of years ago we bumped into Jiminy Cricket at Affection Station in Animal Kingdom – we were just thrilled to see him again and photograph with him – fun and fond memories!

  • This is just precious! I always find it tough to pick just one favorite Disney Character too!

  • Kawehi:

    Your story seriously made me cry happy tears! *My apologies if I’m not supposed to reply this way but, im still kinda new!!

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