Disneyland Resort Viewing Tips: ‘Mickey and the Magical Map’ at Disneyland Park

Tyler Slater

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By the Numbers: ‘Mickey and the Magical Map’ at Disneyland Park

Last month marked the one-year anniversary of the premiere of “Mickey and the Magical Map” at Disneyland park. I feel like it was only yesterday we were setting up the Disney Parks Blog Magical Meet-Up (my very first Disney Parks Blog meet-up!) to give readers an exclusive look at this new show. In honor of the recent anniversary, let’s “journey to imagination” with these tips for enjoying “Mickey and the Magical Map”!

  • Arriving early – Fantasyland Theatre is an outdoor amphitheater, covered by a large canopy. Make sure you arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to the listed showtime for your best choice of seats. Also, as you arrive, please keep in mind that strollers are not permitted inside the amphitheater – the designated stroller parking area is just across from the entrance marquee.
  • Finding the best seat for the show – Every seat in the Fantasyland Theatre will offer a great view of Mickey’s journey through the magical map. However, the most popular section to see the map makers perform would be in the center of the amphitheater.
  • Bringing sweets and eats into the Fantasyland Theatre – A great benefit of the outdoor amphitheater is that food is permitted inside the venue. The Troubadour Tavern is located just outside the Fantasyland Theatre and offers meals like bratwurst and snacks like my personal favorite, pretzel bites with cheese!
  • Planning the best showtime for your visit – “Mickey and the Magical Map” is performed several times throughout the day. Be sure to pick up an Entertainment Guide on your way into Disneyland park and plan which show works best for your visit. Select showings are interpreted in ASL for guests with hearing disabilities. Stop by Guest Relations in City Hall for exact dates and showtimes.

Celebrate the anniversary of “Mickey and the Magical Map” and leave your favorite memory or scene of the show in comments below!


  • Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed the comment Tyler. It was nice meeting you at the parks blog meet-up on Friday. Thanks for all the great tips and work you guys do. It was so much fun.

  • My other favourite part is when the queen Pocahontas comes out and looks down upon us mere mortals before blowing us away with her voice. YAASSS.

    • This might be one of my favorite comments yet, Nicole! And yes, I agree, Pocahontas has an incredible voice! 🙂

  • No but seriously the dancers should get a raise or something.

  • My favourite part is all the dancers. They’re so talented.

  • The use of technology in Magical Map is truly magical! I love when King Louie sings!

  • My favorite part of this show is the medley of songs with Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel, and Flynn Rider.

  • My favorite part is the princess part with Rapunzel, Pocahontas, and Mulan. While Rapunzel is pretty popular, it’s not often you see the other two out performing in the parks so I think it’s great that they were included in the show!

    • Definitely my favorite part of the show, too! 🙂

  • Love having the trumpet player come on stage! Adds a lot to have a little “live” music! 🙂

    • That is one of my favorite parts, too!

  • STITCH! When they re-tooled the show and had the real Stitch show up (I mean, what else does he do at DLR anyway? Not much anymore–BOO!) the show FINALLY. GOT. INTERESTING!

  • My favorite part is the Little Mermaid sequence with the Sebastian puppeteer! I also love the orchestration and music for the entire show. Did a cd with the music from the show ever get released for purchase?

  • When Stitch comes out on stage for sure.

  • Will Arendelle and Castle Dunbroch be added to the Magical Map soon?

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