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New Haunted Mansion Merchandise Materializing This Fall at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


The Haunted Mansion will celebrate 45 years this August at Disneyland park. While I don’t remember much from my first ride at Walt Disney World Resort in July 1983, I’ve grown to love this wickedly fun attraction in all its incarnations at Disney Parks. In 2013, Disney Theme Park Merchandise introduced nine incredibly detailed home goods based on The Haunted Mansion (I love the bottle stopper). In many ways, those items served as a catalyst for an entire new assortment of Haunted Mansion merchandise coming this fall to Disney Parks. I spoke with franchise and brand manager Robb LaFlamme about what we can expect to see.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that our guests love the Haunted Mansion as much as we do,” said Robb. “Starting this fall, we will introduce about 100 new merchandise items based on this attraction. Disney Design Group artists have created a style guide containing many new pieces of original artwork. This art will be applied to numerous things including accessories, apparel, home goods, pins and much more.”

You may recall getting a first look at some of that artwork in January 2014 on the Disney Parks Blog. Robb explained that the artwork is grouped into various themes.


The “Happy Haunts” artwork will feature character designs that look like they are from a late-1800s newspaper (you may recall seeing something similar when we released a Hatbox Ghost T-shirt last August). The Disney artists also created artwork for items that will look like they came from the estate of Master Gracey (think dinnerware).


The “Forever Haunted” artwork (left above) contains strong graphic elements with characters like Madame Leota. I liked the playful “Afterlife Advertisements” art (right above) which resembles vintage ads.


Finally, the “Fortunes and Fashions” artwork will include graphics and patterns based on characters and other icons from the attraction such as the bat stanchion or wallpaper. This artwork may be seen on packaging or apparel items.

One common theme I noticed was the use of Madame Leota in the artwork. I asked Robb if there were additional plans in store. Smiling, he replied, “Details may be materializing but only if you keep watching the Disney Parks Blog this summer.”


  • I remember years ago there was a cart that sold “spooky” merchandise outside the Haunted Mansion. I also remember the magic shop on Mainstreet that was there back in the 80s. I have always been a little puzzled as to why the concept of a magic shop was removed from the Magic Kingdom. This new store sounds like the perfect place to put in some attractions like the old store had and merchandise that would fit with the magic theme. I think it would go well with the Haunted Mansion merchandise as well.

  • anything going on for the 45th anniversary? I am going to be in Disneyland for the first time ever and a HM event would make my trip

  • I’m hoping for as many style options for Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion purses/wallets as were recently released for the Minnie Bow collection. An exclusive style for DVC members would be wonderful and appreciated.

  • Hi Steven,

    Has there been any announcements of an event at the Disneyland resort for the Haunted Mansion 45th Anniversary? This is our favorite attraction and love that Disney is embracing our obsession with this ride. Hoping to buy any tickets for this event soon!

  • I collect Haunted Mansion pins and am planning a special trip for the release in August!

    I love the mystery and how the Hat Box Ghost is still in a ton of merchandise!

    Are there any scheduled artist signing for new HM merchandise?

  • Would like to know where these items will be housed in Disneyland in California. I am excited, three of our family collects items from Nightmare before Christmas and Haunted Mansion. I agree with Jenna, I hope there are some antennae toppers along with the new items.

  • Can we have more antenae toppers?!! Please! I was disappointed last year that they only created Phineas and didn’t have Ezra and Gus. Ezra is MY MAN!

  • We’ll be in Disneyland in early/mid December PLEASE save us some of the new goodies 🙂
    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Haunted Mansion!!!

    • @Mark – I hope you have a great trip! There should be several items released by that time. You may also be able to find things on our Disney Parks online store coming later this year.

  • Do you know if any of the artwork will be released as scrapbooking paper? It would be awesome for various projects. Also, is there a good location for Disney papers?

    • @Sara – I’ve not seen any plans for such items. Sorry.

  • That Master Gracey artwork is great, but I am at a loss for which ghost in the mansion is actually him. I look forward to seeing what merchandise they will put that kind of art on. I tend to go for merchandise that doesn’t scream Disney on it. If they have a mouse on it is pretty small, or not at all in the case of the themed stuff from the rides. For example, some of my favorite merchandise is from the hotel gift shop at the Tower of Terror. I have lots of stuff from that with the Hollywood Tower Hotel logo on it and most people wouldn’t really be able to tell where I got it until I told them. Hope Disney does more of this themed merchandise for other rides!

    • @Antone – I hear ya! I love some of the subtle nods to Disney. And Twilight Zone Tower of Terror celebrates 20 years this July … stay tuned 🙂

  • Wait until you see what the Guest Artists are creating for the 45th!

  • Exciting news, especially about the “Master Gracey” specific items. He is my favorite happy haunt in the Mansion.

  • Thank you so very much for the response, Steven! I will keep a look out! And thank you for keeping us informed of all of the merchandise excitement to come!

  • Why is the Ghost Host (hanged man) never featured in any merchandise? And no, he’s not Master Gracey.

  • This is awesome! The Haunted Mansion is my absolute favorite thing about Disney World. Can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff!

  • Whoo-hoo! Gotta save up my pennies for all the cool Mansion merch! 🙂

  • I can’t wait for more Mansion stuff and I hope a celebration for the anniversary!!

  • When will more Dooney & Bourke bags be available online I know they have them in the parks now but aren’t taking phone orders. Do you know when or if they will be online? Thanks

    • @Nicole and @Jena – We actually offered them online at least twice. As you can probably guess, they sold out almost instantly. Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog as I will share details after I consult with Madame Leota about the future. 🙂

  • Yes, what ever happened to the release of the Dooney & Burke Haunted Mansion purse? They sold out in minutes at WDW, and were never released online. I’m not a purse person, but I was greatly anticipating buying one for myself, and was going to use it as part of my Halloween costume last year.

  • I just want to say THANK YOU for keeping us updated on merchandise! I’m excited to see what ya’ll come up with this time. Please put as much as possible for sale online. Yay!

    • @Camille – You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear you are happy 🙂 You may find a handful of previously released items currently on our Disney Parks online store –

      The future online assortment hasn’t been finalized yet rest assured that there will be several items also offered online later this fall.

  • Love the Hatbox Ghost art, but why does it have to be awkwardly superimposed on the logo? Trust me, we’re all smart enough to know it’s Haunted Mansion merch!

    • @Carrie – That image is taken from the style guide. The guide is used as a reference tool for designing merchandise. That particularly image may not appear on merchandise exactly as pictured in this story. If you refer to the article from January 2014 – – you’ll notice a similar style featuring the Hitchhiking Ghosts. Disney Design Group artist Casey Jones worked on those particular images. I watched him put some of the finishing touches on the character designs in his office. So amazing!

  • hattie! yessssssssssssssssss

    • @Heather and Jennifer – The happy haunts on the accessories team have received your sympathetic vibrations … stay tuned 🙂

  • Yeah! More Dooney & Bourke bags please!

  • This is great news! Thanks for keeping us up on everything, Steven! Little off subject, but are there any more limited addition poster tees coming up?

    • @Jennifer – Yes, you will see more this year. Stay tuned later in June for details about the next shirt featuring the one and original Country Bear Jamboree. Yee-haw!

  • 999 times yes.

  • Wow! I’m terrified at the idea of 100 new pieces of Haunted Mansion merch. I guess that terror seems appropriate considering the subject matter though, huh? If you guys bring out some similarly nice Frozen stuff later this year too, between that and this I will be probably go broke.

    • @Samuel – Ha! It sounds like a lot but try to imagine if I would have said 999 happy items. One-hundred doesn’t seem so bad now. 🙂 There will be a variety of items from apparel and accessories (like handbags) to home decor and pins. So many wonderful things coming soon.


    Thanks Steven!!

    • @Katherine and Antonio – That makes three of us! I, too, can’t wait! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, I would love merchandise with the Hatbox Ghost!

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