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Share Your Disney Vacation Memories in the Disney Recreate the Magic Contest

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Remember the fun you had taking your children to Magic Kingdom Park when they were little? Now’s the chance to share your memories of our parks from the 1970s and 1980s, for a chance to win a trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

All you need to do is upload your family vacation memory (and a photo to go with it) on our Recreate the Magic site. One grand-prize winner will be selected to receive a vacation for their family so they can recreate the fun and make new memories with their kids and grandkids.

No purchase necessary. Ends 8/11/14. 18+ US only. See Official Rules for details.


  • I entered the contest earlier today but I’m not sure if the picture downloaded ok. Will I be notified if you received my entry without a picture? thanks

  • Back in 1978, we took our son for the first time and for all of us to the Magic Kingdom. At that point in time, “Orange Bird” was a very popular figure. We left during a snow storm at home and went south with no reservations during the week of the Daytona 500. The trip down was fraught with many problems but we arrived in Florida and then went on to Disney World. We were walking through the Magic Kingdom, when our son spotted “Orange Bird”, he started running toward and calling out to Orange Bird. When they caught up, he hugged the character excitedly and then we took our picture. To this day, we cannot visit Disney World without thinking about that first time.

  • Thank you Jennifer regarding pictures must be from Walt Disney World! Now, if I only had pictures from Walt Disney World from 1970 thru 1990! 🙂 I didn’t experience Walt Disney World until 2004! Maybe the next contest will have a wider range of availability! Thanks again!

    • Be sure to keep your eye on the blog for future contests!

  • I am not able to upload a photo into the blue box, am I missing something? there are no prompts etc. Just wondering


  • Thank you for checking and getting back to us, Jennifer! I appreciate it. I think the reference to Disneyland in the first sentence of your post is what made me think we might be able to submit Disneyland photos as well, but the rules definitely said otherwise so I wanted to be sure. Oh well — maybe next time! Thanks again.

  • Jennifer, although I am sure my question is answered somewhere deep within the Official Rules, I thought I might save a bit of time and ask this question. As long as the pictures are mine, may I submit a collage? I have over 15,000 pictures taken at WDW (I know, I’m a bit obsessive) and in order to really tell a story, I need a collage. Is that permitted? Thanks!

  • I am missing something, I am sure, but I cannot post a picture to enter this contest. I am wondering if the blog has something going on because it looks like I’m not the only one having issues…… When clicking on the blue download box, it does not respond. What can I do???? Thanks for your help!!!

  • Karen- the link is highlighted in blue on her posting “Recreate the Magic site”.

    Can’t wait to go through old photos at my parent’s and mother in law’s house- should be fun- thanks!

    • Sounds like a great time, Gillian!

  • Where is this Recreate the Magic site? A link would be helpful.

  • I have the same question as Sherry.

    This was directly from the Official rules:

    A Contestant must then follow the on-screen prompts to upload one (1) original photograph from a family trip to Walt Disney World® (“Photo”) not to exceed 3 MB, a title (“Title”) not to exceed 100 characters, and a memory from the family trip represented in the Photo (“Memory”) not to exceed 1,500 characters. The Photo, Title and Memory are collectively referred to as an “Entry”. Photos should preferably be taken between 1970 and 1990. Although the date of a Photo does not have to be during such time period, the date of the Photo will be considered by the Judges (defined in Section 7 of these Rules) when scoring the Entry for purposes of the “Relevance to Contest” criteria.

    Clarification would be great! Thank you!

  • Jennifer — Unless I missed (or misunderstood!) something in the Official Rules, it doesn’t appear as though we can submit Disneyland photos. It looks as if Walt Disney World photos are what are required. Is that correct?

    If so, that’s too bad, as I have plenty of Disneyland photos taken during the time period specified in the rules!

    • I just confirmed that yes, memories and photos need to be of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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