• Oh and I just had the monkey cupcake at Caribbean Beach resort… OMG!

  • Peanut butter and jelly milkshake at the Tune In Lounge at the Studios, Ice cream cookie sandwich at Animal Kingdom, candied pretzel from Norway at Epcot… and of course the Dole whip from Magic Kingdom as well as the cream cheese filled pretzel!

  • I miss the “Handwich” that was available at the Land many years ago.

  • Seriously? Dole Whip, no contest, no question!

  • Little Green Alien mochi balls at TDL. Three chewy orbs of deliciousness, each one filled with either vanilla, strawberry or chocolate creme. Trying to figure out which one is which is half the fun.

  • Corn dogs and Dole whip…and maybe a Monte Cristo sandwich!

  • In a word, Dole Whip…okay that’s two words.

  • I LOVE the corn on the cob with chili-lime seasoning at Disneyland!

    I’m already planning next weekend’s birthday-trip snacking….


  • My daughter LOVES Casey’s corn nuggets.

  • School Bread from Norway in Epcot…yummy!

  • LeFeu’s Brew from Gaston’s Pub. Best drink in Disney World

  • Bengiets, the specialty Churro from Tiana’s mardi gra party (the strawberry filled one), the original version of Jack’s coffin cake, and a Practically Perfect punch.

  • The chocolate chip cookie from the Bakery on Main Street. (I miss them a lot since Starbucks moved in – Are they anywhere else?)

  • CHIMICHANGA!!! At Disneyland in Fantasyland

  • Um, what about a NUTELLA AND FRESH FRUIT WAFFLE SANDWICH from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments?? That’s my jam.

  • In any kind of warm weather, I am all about the juicy, refreshing, delicious and generously-sized pineapple spears available in various locations around Disneyland and California Adventure. Those are great to eat after a long, dehydrating day in the hot sun!

    When Autumn rolls in and both Halloween and the holiday season are approaching, I love to snack on the tasty gingerbread cookies with chocolate-dipped mouse ears from the various sweet shops at Disneyland Resort.

    Last year DLR also had the Spooky Kooky Limited Time Magic “zombie” gingerbread cookies (in honor of the 13th year of Haunted Mansion Holiday), and the one that I ate was one of the softest, freshest, most delectable gingerbread cookies I have ever had.

    I am also partial to yummy, bright pink peppermint ice cream in peppermint-encrusted cones from Gibson Girl Ice Cream and Clarabelle’s, usually available in November and December!

  • Piglet is spelled incorrectly.

  • When I am at Epcot I must get a Cronut. If you haven’t had one you are missing out!

  • Pineapple Orange Swirl ice cream @ WDW & French Bread @ France in Epcot!

  • OMG! Mickey Ears Bars! Cream Cheese Pretzels- MK, Cinnamon Pretzels- EPCOT, Strawberry Cupcake at Be Our Guest! Peanut Butter Fudge- Big Top Circus, MK, Strawberry Tarts, France-EPCOT, Cloudberry Horn – Norway, EPCOT!

    and more!!!!

  • Did somebody forget the Citrus Swirl?

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