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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find … Jun. 19, 2014

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

With the official first day of summer nearly here, we thought we’d stump you with a special mystery image. It’s a chilly smile that never melts and can be seen somewhere at Disney Parks – but do you know where? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.



You got it. Our latest mystery image can be found in front of It’s A Wonderful Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s a location that’ll get you in the holiday spirit – even in summer!


  • definitely hollywood studios its actually not too far from frozen lemonade down near midway

  • Hollywood Studios, at the Christmas shop next to Mama Melrose.

    • Nice job, thanks Tammy.

  • In the back of Hollywood Studios, close to the spot where you can take pictures with Phineas and Ferb.

  • In between the muppet lab store and the christmas tree shop! Next to pizza planet! I just took a picture of my niece with it last month!! 🙂

    • Ha, I have a bunch of photos from this area too!

  • Christmas Shop at Hollywood Studios

  • That is the ever lasting snowman from in front of the Christmas shop in Hollywood studios! Taken many a picture in front of him cause we are from Arizona

  • Hollywood studios, to the left of the Its a Wonderful Shop for Holiday Gifts window.

  • YUP!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Outside the Christmas shop at Hollywood Studios

  • blizzard beach

  • Just outside It’s a Wonderful Shop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios… What a fun place!

    • It is! Thanks, Derek.

  • Muppets Courtyard at Hollywood Studios

  • Right outside of “It’s A Wonderful Shop” next to Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios!

    • Great eye, Nicole.

  • In the Back of Hollywood Studios, by the Italian Restaurant.

  • Hollywood Studios right out side the Christmas Store!

    • That’s it. And so fast! Well done, Martese.

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