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Book Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

As our Entertainment author Shawn Slater shared last week, we have some very exciting new offerings launching this Saturday, July 5, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort that are inspired by the film Disney’s “Frozen” – including a new procession, sing-along, merchandise shop, snow activities, nighttime fireworks spectacular and more! (Be sure to check out Shawn’s original post here for full details).

Inaugural ‘Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome’ Parades Through Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package, available daily from July 5 – September 1, 2014 (with the exception of August 23), will offer guests reserved viewing for three of the park’s most anticipated new experiences. This package is a great way to see Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. Guests who book the package will check in at Min and Bills Dockside Diner starting at 10:30 a.m., then enjoy refreshments and reserved viewing for Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome procession at 11:00 a.m. Later on, they’ll experience reserved seating at one showing of For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, which takes place between 12:30-7 p.m. The evening will end from 8:30 – 10PM with an exclusive dessert party in a reserved area for viewing of the nighttime Frozen fireworks spectacular. (Note: Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome procession and the dessert party offers a reserved viewing area, no seating is available. Wheelchairs and ECVs will be accommodated).

For pricing and to book, call 407-939-1939.

(Note: Guests will receive a credential for identification during the Royal Welcome procession viewing. If you are not able to attend the Royal Welcome procession viewing, please visit Guest Relations to check-in between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. and select a show time for the sing-along celebration. After 8 p.m., please check-in at Min and Bill’s. Credential identification is non-transferrable and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.)

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  • Hi, Is it possible to attend the later Fantasmic show after the Frozen Fireworks & Dessert party? How long is the Fireworks show?

  • Are there any plans to do this again next year? Is this a one time deal, or could it become annual?

    • As of now, the celebration is running through September 1 of this year. Please stay tuned.

  • If there would happen to be inclement weather on the day of our package, would any of these events be cancelled? If so, would we be able to switch our package date?

  • Hi Jennifer, I booked the package, but I’m interested in Rob’s question: Is there a frozen special edition on magic bands?
    and… I can’t view my reservation on my disney experience… is that normal?
    thank you!!

  • I just booked this for my Grand daughter and myself for August 20th. On the 18th we have the meet and greet with Anna and Elsa in the MK. This new event sounds like it will be a lot of fun for everyone. I had to change my fast pass time for Toy Story Mania but it is all coming together.

    • I hope you have a great time, Helen!

  • Hello I noticed they are offering Special Edition Frozen Magic bands starting on the 5th with Elsa & Anna on them? Can you get these at any Park or only at Hollywood Studios?

  • will there be anything offered in the fall in regards to Frozen? We will be there October 22- 28

    • We don’t have anything to announce at this point, but please stay tuned! There’s lots of fun to be had during fall at our parks.

  • have they said if they are doing a DVC or a disney discount on the reservation or not?

    • There are no discounts offered on this package.

  • Is there a chance that we will not be able to see any of this if we dont purchase the package? I mean, will it be so popular, that the sing along shows will all be filled with people who paid?

    • Yes, you can absolutely do and see everything listed here on your own. The sing-alongs will have a certain number of seats reserved for package guests. The rest of the seats are open to day guests.

  • I would love to do this with my grand daughter when we go in August. But I too am wondering about the logistics of seeing Fantasmic and doing the Fireworks dessert party

  • We will be at Hollywood Studios on August 10th for a H&V lunch reservation at 11:30. Will we still be able to see this? Or should I try changing the reservation time so we can see the procession? I noticed the shows take place between 12:30-7, how long are they? Are there multiples of each show? So excited about this event!

    • If I were you, I’d try to do both if I could plan on grabbing a parade viewing spot right on Hollywood Blvd, not to far from Hollywood & Vine. That way as soon as the procession is over, you can do the 2-3 min walk to the restaurant.

  • Sheer genius!!!!! This is a great series of events and I am so thrilled that the Studios which is a great park, is being shown some love!!! I look foward to seeing it when I am down there!!

    • I’m happy you’re excited, Marie.

  • I’m wondering the same thing. We have the Fantasmic package booked for 8/25. Will be able to do both?

    • Our Entertainment partners believe so. Fantasmic ends at 9:30 and Fireworks start at 9:45. We’d suggest making your way the fireworks viewing area immediately after your show is done. Please note there may be a lot of guests in this area at the time.

  • I thought that the Frozen fireworks switch over to a 9:15pm start time around the middle of August. Is that true?

  • I have also booked Fantasmic Dinner package and this Frozen package. If I understand it correctly, we will have 15 min to go from the end of Fantasmic to the view area at Echo Lake.
    9:30pm Fantasmic end to 9:45pm Elsa fireworks start
    Is that physically possible?
    We will be that last ones out of Fantasmic becuase of the good seats.

    • Kevin – I have verified that Fantasmic! ends at 9:30 and fireworks start at 9:45. Our Entertainment team believes there should be enough time for guests to make their way to the icon area to view the fireworks, pending on guest flow. Of course, you know your family’s size and group speed best!

  • Thanks Jennifer for the info.
    Is there any indication of the show times of the sing alongs in August and how long the shows will be?


    • They will be happening multiple times each day between noon-7 p.m. I don’t have anything more specific than that yet.

  • is the dessert party buffet style? all you can eat?

    • Our dessert parties are all you care to eat, yes.

  • Hi Jennifer

    Have just booked package. We have a 12.30 lunch and want to book fastpass+ in the afternoon for other rides. Is there anyway of pre booking the sing along show so that we can plan. It’s a little bit in the air not knowing which show we might end up at.

    • Hi Richard – There is no way to book the sing-along in advance, you’ll need to do it when you check in to pick up your package credential the day you are visiting. You can go ahead and make your FastPass+ selections – remember, you can modify these while in the park either through the My Disney Experience app on your phone or by visiting our cast members in the designated FastPass+ areas.

  • I just booked ours, I asked about the kids being able to meet them or take pic’s with them, the lady that made the reservation said she wasn’t sure, because it was a sing-a-long thing and she didn’t want to say one way or another if they would be able to meet them. I couldn’t get fast passes the whole 6 days we booked to meet them at Magic Kingdom, I really hope something changes because my daughter will be turning 5 while we are there and Frozen is her favorite movie.

    • Hi Brad – I can confirm that Anna & Elsa meet and greet guests at Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom Park. (While FastPass+ may not be available, the standby line is still an option). There is no character greeting available as a part of this package at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • Is this experience the same as the Feel The Force Dessert party? Meaning, are alcoholic beverages included as “refreshments”?

    • Yes, specialty beverages (with and without alcohol), will be featured at the dessert party.

  • I made my reservations this morning. It is now linked to My Disney Experience but is listed in my itinerary as “Feel the Force Premium Package”. The date is correct and the time is correct so I’m hoping the event name is just listed incorrectly. Can you confirm?

  • We just booked this package and we are very excited. We were told there would be no seating for the dessert party–is that correct? It seems like standing for an hour and a half to eat dessert is a really long time, especially with children. Looking forward to your answer because we might cancel our reservation if there is no seating for the dessert party (I know the other dessert parties offer seating so I am hoping this one does too). Thanks for your help!

    • You are correct, there is no seating for this dessert party – but keep in mind that during a busy fireworks night there’s a chance you may end up standing to watch the show anyway. I hope your family enjoys their visit!

  • Very excited about this but concerned about the timing/cost because we also have Mama Melrose lunch reservations for Fantasmic seating that night at 9pm. Those instructions are to arrive 30 minutes early– which means we’re at the beginning of the 8:30-10:00 dessert party window for Frozen. By the time we get out of the Fantasmic crowd and make it through the Frozen crowd to the dessert party area (with two kids), I’m worried that the fireworks will already have started and we’ll miss the entire dessert party. Really would love to do both– but not sure how to pull it off. I called the number to inquire but the CM on the phone told me it wouldn’t be possible– and that even on a night with two Fantasmic showings, the meal packages only get passes for the earlier show. I saw your comments above and was hopeful– but wanted to ask for further clarification on how it would work to do both before spending the money. Thanks so much!

    • I just checked again with my Entertainment partners. According to them, Fantasmic ends at 9:30 and Fireworks start at 9:45. They believe there should be enough time for guests to make their way to the icon area to view the fireworks, pending on guest flow. Of course, you know your family’s top speed best.

  • Can you tell us what the refreshments during the processional includes? Thanks!

  • Do you know what time the fireworks will be on August 20th, and what types of food they will have? My daughter has food allergies, and I am wondering if they can work with this like they do at the restaurants. Thanks!

    • I hope to have more specifics soon, but can tell you they will be accommodating guests with food allergy requests and other dietary concerns. You just need to contact Special.Diets@disneyworld.com or 407-560-6550 to discuss your needs.

  • A friend of mine just booked this, and the CM on the phone told her that there was a meet-and-greet. My friend even clarified by asking, “so the kids will have a chance to meet them, get a hug and a photo?” The CM said yes and even went so far as to say that the processional deal was only for those who had paid for this package (which seemed inconsistent with the original announcement of all this new Frozen stuff at DHS. I was surprised at that, but if that is actually not true, somebody needs to clarify that detail for the phone operators, lest people think they are paying for more than is truly included.

    • Thanks for letting us know, Russell. We’ll look into it.

  • I just booked this on the phone and the woman I spoke with told me loud and clear that there is a meet and greet. I clarified, asking “so kids will be able to meet, hug and take a photo with Anna and Elsa and her answer was yes. She told me it takes place right after the procession. Are you saying now that this is not true?

    • I can confirm for you that there is no character meet and greet as a part of this package, only the details described above (refreshments, reserved seating at three experiences and the dessert party). Our apologies for the miscommunication over the phone.

  • super excited I just booked it and the lady on the phone was super awesome as well!!

    • 🙂

  • I am very excited about the Frozen events that will be going on during our upcoming August visit. I am happy to pay the extra money for the premium package but I read that there will be no seating for the dessert party? Is that correct? Kids are the ones interested in Frozen and it seems like it would be difficult to do a dessert party at the end of a long day with small children (and the seniors) in our group with no seats. Will there really be no seating at all?

    • Erin – I’m afraid there is no seating at this dessert party.

  • Just wondering what is included in the “refreshments” and “dessert party” Thanks

    • The dessert party will feature an assortment of decadent desserts and specialty beverages.

  • What kind of refreshments will be served for the customers paying for the package?

    • I was just able to confirm a few of the menu items for the dessert party. They are “Frozen”-themed as well and will include: Anna Blue Raspberry Parfait Pushup, Olaf Carrot Cheesecake Lollipops, Valley of the Living Rock Pastel Crispy Bon Bons, Grand Pabbie Strawberry Shortcake with Silver Snow Beads and Character Coins.

  • Will there be any special “Frozen” meals, like there were during Star Wars weekends?

    • At this point, this package is the only extra “Frozen” experience offered at the park.

  • Just adding I would love to see it extended!! We arrive September 26th and this would be a must do for us.

  • I want to book this but do I have to decide up front which show I want to see or can I go to whatever show works with our plans?

    • Guests can choose from any one of the performances of “For The First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration” when they check in for the day. Seats are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Hope this helps!

  • Hi-
    My kids are most interested in the ice skating and activities at Wandering Oakun’s Post. It looks like this package does not include that? Are there going to be FP+ made available for the Wandering area?

    • Ice skating is open to everyone and costs $10 per person, per 1/2 hour. It is not included in this package, and would need to be done on your own in addition to what’s planned here.

      At this point, no “Frozen” offerings at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will offer FastPass+.

  • We have the Fantasmic dinner package booked for Aug. 22 and the showtime for it is 8:30. When do the Frozen fireworks start? I want to make sure we see both and wouldn’t want to pay extra and miss out on the show!

    • You’re in luck – the “Frozen” fireworks will take place in between “Fantasmic!” showings. It starts at 9:45 p.m.

  • Will there be Fastpass+ available for some of the events or do we have to actually get the package to be sure to participate?

    • There will not be FastPass+ offered for any of the “Frozen” experiences.

      You do not need the package to participate. All “Frozen” offerings are open to all guests. The package is intended to make it simpler for participants to access good viewing areas, and also enjoy complimentary refreshments.

  • Just booked for our trip in August!! Don’t know if I’m elated or…. I’m just super excited!!

  • Booked 🙂 It will be the first visit for two of our kids and our anniversary on the 7th!

    • What an amazing trip! I hope you all have a great time.

  • Will they be using actual ice for the ice skating or the synthetic plastic material sometimes used aboard cruise ships and such?

    • It is actual ice. 🙂

  • How do you book this package? I went to my account and it is not showing as an option to book when we are there from August 3rd to August 8th.

    • Lisa – you can book only by calling 407-939-1939.

  • we going too be there for Chrismas 2014 are they going too be there for the time

    • Currently our Frozen Summer celebration is set to end on September 1, 2014.

  • Will Anna & Elsa be doing a meet and greet in Hollywood Studios? Or will we still have to visit them at Magic Kingdom?

    • Anna and Elsa are will continue to meet all of their fans at Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom.

  • how, where and when do I buy the package?

    • You can book it now by calling 407-939-1939.

  • OK. I need help!!!! On our day of visiting DHS – we have a Fantasmic Lunch reservation at Mamma Mia’s for 12:15…. and then Fantasmic Viewing seats at night. Is this worth the extra $186 since they may overlap? How can I fit this all into one day? And for $186, do we get a meet & greet with Anna and Elsa? I would love to do both…

    • Amy – Your lunch and Fantasmic package still work as far as the schedule goes. The procession steps off at 11 a.m., and the “Frozen” fireworks are scheduled to take place in between the showings of “Fantasmic!” The sing-along takes place a few times throughout the day.

      There is not a character meet and greet offered as a part of this package.

  • My mom is so excited to see this! Do we have to buy the package to see this?

    • All “Frozen” experiences are included in park admission, except ice skating which is an additional $10 per person (per 1/2 hour). This package gives guests reserved viewing for three of the most anticipated “Frozen” offerings, plus welcome refreshments and a dessert party during fireworks.

  • As for me…I’m personally looking forward to the sing-along. A thousand people singing “Let-It Go” should be pretty awesome.

    • 🙂

  • Do you have to buy the package to participate in the events or is it so you can get seating?

    • All “Frozen” events are open to all park guests. The package gives you access to reserved viewing areas for three of the most popular events, plus refreshments and a dessert party during the fireworks spectacular.

  • Too bad we just got back from disney. My daughter would have loved this. Meeting Elsa and Anna was the highlight of her trip!

  • What parts of the Frozen celebration will be occuring August 23rd, the day of the Villains event?

    • The ‘Frozen’ Fireworks Spectacular will not be presented on Aug. 23, as the park will close at 7 p.m. to host Villains Unleashed (“Villainy in the Sky” fireworks will be held during the Villains event instead). There may also be other minor adjustments to Frozen Summer Fun on that date only.

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