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Caption This: Mickey Takes Reservations

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Check out this week’s “Caption This” photo, which was snapped in 1986 at the Central Reservations Office at Walt Disney World Resort. No doubt that this was fancy computer technology at the time!


What do you think is on the slip of paper that Mickey is examining? You tell us. Go ahead and “Caption This” image!


  • “Five minutes to get to Mansion? Are you kidding me?”

  • “Thornton party of two! Arriving this Friday!? Oh boy!!”

  • Computer: Check, mouse: check…

  • he’s probably thinking that if future guests could see the dot printing on this old-school paper he just printed, that they’d fall over! Love the computer too! 🙂

  • Mickey learns the drawbacks of fat fingers…. registers the Smith Family to stay at Disney’s Contemporary Carport.

  • How to Set up My Disney Experience: Step 1

  • I’ve heard about that newfangled mouse for entering data into a computer, but it’s a lot bigger than I thought.

  • “Oh yes, we have have apples…Macs” ba dum dum 🙂 sorry couldn’t resist.

  • 50 words per minute?! Have you seen these gloves?

  • What’s a Fast Pass?

    • 🙂

  • Mickey was so surprised that such a large computer came with such a small instruction book!

  • Requesting a table of 4 at Be Our Guest for tonight??

  • “Is my refrigerator running??”
    “Goofy, is that you? I don’t have time for nonsense!!”

  • Hey, guys? It says, “Press any key to continue.” Where’s the Any Key?

  • Just where is that “ANY KEY” it says to press?

  • “What’s this say? ‘End of Line…’ Woops, time to go call Tron again!”

  • To interact with your computer first locate the mouse. “Oh boy, that was easy!”

  • The original and by far, the best…Computer Mouse!

  • Aww Shucks! 35 years in advance of my onsite stay and I still can’t get fastpass+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

  • So, it really DID all start with a mouse!

  • Do I really have to type 1,000 words in 5 minutes with only having four fingers? OH GOSH!

  • “What do you mean, according to this paper we only have a few resorts? Make it bigger! Much bigger. Maybe a third park too.”

  • The VERY early stages of selecting your fast pass!

  • A Mouse for a modern age!

  • “What do you mean I’m supposed to use this thing? I thought it was a Carousel of Progress prop!”

    • Funny!

  • Step one: turn it on.
    Step two…

  • “Now what does that say?” I don’t know why I can’t read my handwriting… Oooohhh Toodles

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