Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration to Begin Spring 2015

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Today, in addition to celebrating the 59th birthday of the Disneyland Resort, we gave guests and fans a sneak peek at our upcoming Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, which begins spring 2015. We’re excited for all of what’s to come next year, but in the meantime, here’s your first look at the logo for this sparkling celebration.

Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Logo

“It’s an incredible time at the Disneyland Resort as we prepare for next year’s Diamond Celebration,” said Michael Colglazier, president, Disneyland Resort. “We’re excited to honor our rich history, to celebrate the incredible magic that fills our resort today, and to create unforgettable memories with our guests for many years to come.”

As part of this morning’s festivities, we’re inviting the generations of families and friends who have visited to share their favorite memories through the photos they have taken at the resort. We’ll share some of the photos here on the Disney Parks Blog, and one lucky guest will have a chance to win a trip to the start of the 60th anniversary celebration in spring 2015. Starting today, fans in the United States and District of Columbia are invited to submit photos that represent their memories from the Disneyland Decades – 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000 to the present. Using hashtag #Disneyland60Contest, guests may share the photos via Twitter or Instagram. Let us know the decade in which the photo was taken in the description or tweet. For details and rules, click here.

We look forward to celebrating 60 years of The Happiest Place on Earth with you!

No purchase necessary. Entries must be received by 8/27/14. 18/age of majority+, 50 US/DC only. Void where prohibited. See Rules for details.


  • Are there official dates for the Celebration? is it going for a full year or extended like the 50th anniversary?

  • I was at Disneyland on opening day, is Disneyland looking for any of these people to help celebrate this magical day?

  • Any update on when the celebration will begin? Looking to visit early April but don’t want to go before any festivities start. Thanks!

  • Are you guys planning on making any offers to your members? What I mean is like is there going to be a day or days that the park ticket will have a discount or offer members a free ticket?

  • My friends and i are coming to Disneyland for spring break march 30th 2015. Will the 60th celebration have started by then?

  • I did it via Instagram and sent to Disneyland because I didn’t see my Tweet go through? Should I not have done that? I don’t see it on my Instagram wall not yours. I’m new to Instagram : (
    Hoping it went through.

  • I am so excited and really want to enter but can’t figure out how to upload the old photo which is on my desktop to Instagram. Can anybody help me and QUICK! 🙂

  • My best friend, nancy, was born the day Disneyland opened, she and I celebrated, 40, and 50 together at Disneyland, and we have such wonderful memories, we were planning on being there for her 60 th as well, sadly, she passed away last August, I hope to be there next July, with her, as she lives in my heart now.

  • Great memories, my grandparents brought me to the Disneyland hotel when I was a child, my best friend and I spent time as teenagers, my husband and I before kids, and then with our children… absolutely fantastic memories at the Disneyland Hotel — my son and daughter-in-law got engaged at Napa Rose! So Disney has been a huge part of our life..60 years! Love it!

  • Hi Erin.

    Can you please share a specific date as to when DL’s 60th celebration is going to actually begin?

    I really want to plan a trip or two to DL in 2015 for the anniversary and I do not want to miss any of the special things that are going to take place there throughout the year.

  • Erin-I too really miss my daily emails. Due to work related reasons I am not on any social media sites so I was very upset to no longer receive my daily dose of Disney. Please consider reinstating the daily emails for other like me who are not on social media sites.

  • Hi Erin,

    any information about the length of the celebration? I plan to visit in November 2015 and hope to still be able to enjoy the celebration.

  • I hope this means that Disney will partner with Swarvoski to create a crystal castle just for the 60th anniversary! My family has the Snow White set and it is gorgeous!

  • That is such an awesome logo, I love it! Can’t wait (but first I have an AP to renew in Oct) haha.

  • Hi Erin,
    Any chance Disney will be offering the pavers again for the celebration?
    I have always wanted one!


  • Anna,
    I agree with you. I do not use social media (facebook/twitter etc) and I am disappointed and discouraged that the only way to get information or sometimes even enter contests is through that medium. As you said, not everyone uses it and I am one of those.

    Disney: PLEASE bring back the daily email for the parks blog.

  • What happened to the news that was supposed to be announced at the blog meet up?

  • Any idea on when, in “Spring 2015”, this will begin?? Looking at an end of March visit, will the celbration be going by then? I’m sure lots of people will be planning visits for 2015 around this schedule!

  • I couldn’t find it in the rules. Can we enter a photo daily or just once?

    • Kristin – You may enter as many times a you like, but only once per photo. In other words, tweeting the same photo more than once would not allow you to enter multiple times; each entry must be a unique photo.

  • will there be t shirt of this logo ?

    • Stay tuned, Brett. Michelle Harker will be bringing us all the details on Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise as the celebration gets closer.

  • Jennifer, I am having that same problem and couldn’t figure out where to ask about it. No newsletter for the longest time now.
    BTW, why does everything have to be to enter that you have to do it on social media sites? Not everyone usese those. Now other then that, I love the logo. I am hoping we see special ears for it as well.

  • I’m so excited for the Diamond Celebration we will sadly miss it by a few months as we are going in February but I will be able to say that I will have been there for the 45th,50th, 55th, and 60th anniversaries of the park which we could be there when the celebration stuff will be happening

  • Hello Erin,
    I have a blog question and I am not sure where to turn. Up until about 2-3 weeks ago I was receiving a daily email with the Disney Parks Blog stories, links and photos. The emails have stopped. I am trying to figure out if this is a problem with my email address or a change to the parks blog structure. I tried to sign up using the “RSS” link; but the daily email is what I really want back, i don’t want to have to go to another page. HELP!? 🙁

    • Sorry for the inconvenience, Jennifer. Unfortunately the email service is not available right now, so your best option is to use the RSS or follow Facebook.com/DisneyParksBlog.

  • How wonderful! I love looking at Disneyland pictures from the 70s! Reminds me of my childhood! Can’t wait to see!

  • Will there be other announcements besides the logo and the name of the celebration?

    • Phillip – We’re looking forward to sharing more details as the celebration gets closer. Stay tuned!

  • I love that logo! What a clever way to weave the “Diamond Celebration” concept into the familiar image of the historic, iconic Castle.

  • Erin, whats this about a 60 hour party???

  • How exciting! I just entered on Twitter. I can’t wait to see all of the exciting things that will happen next year.

  • A diamond celebration for Disneyland sounds magical! So excited to celebrate #Disneyland60.

  • The link to the details and rules doesn’t seem to work for me. 🙁 So excited for this, though! I love the idea.

  • I’m very excited to hear about this event! I can’t wait to visit!

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