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First Look at New Haunted Mansion Merchandise Appearing This Fall at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


At the beginning of June, I shared with you a first look at artwork created for a whole new line of Haunted Mansion authentic merchandise coming this fall to Disney Parks. Today, I’m beyond excited to give you a look at actual items we’ve created using that artwork. The toughest part for me was selecting which of the more than 100 new items to showcase in this story. Here is a look at some of my favorite things.


I’ll start with apparel which will include both long and short-sleeved options for women, men and children. I think my favorite new shirts are the ones that resemble the Cast Member costumes from the attraction. Some of the shirts will also include a glow-in-the-dark element.


For accessories, Guests will soon find several new jewelry items including awesome bat stanchion earrings. I particularly like the women’s shoes that use the infamous purple wallpaper pattern from the attraction. That wallpaper pattern will also be used on three new Dooney & Bourke items. You may recall the first Dooney & Bourke handbag we released last fall as seen in this story. That original handbag will return with the three new items this fall. All the new items will have a purple colored liner not red like the first incarnation.

New Haunted Mansion Home Décor Appearing This Fall at Disney Parks New Haunted Mansion Home Décor Appearing This Fall at Disney Parks

The home décor team will add to their assortment of amazing things I first shared in February 2013. The original nine items were incredibly detailed and these new items follow in that tradition. This fall, Guests will find new drinkware, dinnerware (plates, bowls, wine glasses), figurines, bookends, cloth napkins, tablemats, and much more. I love the beautiful urn, and the bat stanchion ice cube tray will soon be making ice cubes in my freezer at home.

Look for these items in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts in the coming months. Select items will also be carried on our Disney Parks online store.

Which items do you want to follow you home? Please share in the comments below.


  • How much is that men’s fedora hat?

  • How can I buy the haunted mansion shoes for my wife. Called disney shopping. (No Luck).

  • I have been checking online daily for the Dooney and Bourke bag for a few weeks now and have not seen anything. Did it not come out yet, or did I miss it? Will it be available online or in the parks only?

  • I am a little late on this thread but looking for the black and white HM dinnerware for my Halloween party this year and beyond to fill my china cabinet. I love the design! Is it available at the parks now? Which one? Also, will it be available online?

  • Is this already released?? If so, how can I order?

  • I read that the Haunted Mansion is scheduled to be closed for refurbishment Dec. 1st-19th. That’s when I’ll be there. I could handle the loss better if I knew I could go to Madame Leota’s. Will she be doing business?

  • I’m going to Disney in the last week of September going into October for the Not so Scary Halloween Party, will these items be available then? Does anyone know? I want so many of them!

  • Help! Was at Disneyland three weeks ago and saw the Maid t-shirt, but didn’t buy. Went back yesterday with the intention to get one and now they’re sold out! Please tell me I haven’t lost my chance forever! I may take Master Gracey’s way out! 😉

  • Any word on a release date for the D&B bags? I’ll be in the parks next weekend and was hoping to hear something by then. : (

  • Hey there, Stephen! Do we have any SKU numbers for these items? Looking at getting many of these items, as they are completely awesome! Thanks!

  • I missed out on the Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke bag with the red interior last year. Now I can’t wait for this new Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke bag with the purple interior to be available! Any idea when this new bag will be released? I’ve already started saving! My fingers are crossed that I can get this one (purple is my favorite color)!

  • Hi Steven, I am interested in the dooney purses, my family and I are coming there in sept. Id like to know where to go to purchase one while I’m there

  • I am interested in the Dooney & Bourke purses. My family and I are coming in sept. where will the purses be sold?

  • Hi Steven

    Any idea if any of these items will be available to ship overseas (ie. Australia)? I’m in love with the Apron and Tshirts.

    Thanks 🙂

  • The Haunted Mansion at Disney World has been my 4 1/2 year old grandson’s favorite ride since he was a little over a year old. At a year and a half, he had the Ghost Host’s opening speech memorized and wanted the Haunted Mansion CD played instead of lullabies when he went to bed. He’s gotten to be an honorary butler twice – the last time in his butler costume – made for him by his other grandma. We have some great pictures! He also has 4 haunted Mansion tee shirts, which are his favorites. I hope some of your new merchandise, especially the Butler and Maid (for his little sister) shirts will be available in kid’s sizes.

  • My son has been asking for a “ghost dog” for years. Any chance they will bring back the leashes for the “ghost dogs”?

  • I would love to see a full size statue of the gargoyle tht is in the elevator (stretching room). I’ve always thought that was so cool. I’ve seen a small version of it in the park, but to have one the same size would be awesome…

  • I must have the cast member shirt.

  • When is the dooney and bourke purse going to be available on the website? I think this is the number one thing I want right now!

  • Hi Steven!!
    This may be posted I just can’t seem to find it. Do the Dooney And Bourke purses go on sale August August 16th or later in the fall? I missed out on the last one… I NEED this one!! Thank You.

    • @Mara – We have not published a release date for those items.

  • Steven, any item/sku numbers available for the Dooney & Bourke bags? Being from the wrong part of California (Northern), we usually only get to Disneyland the week of our wedding anniversary, October 31. Online is my best hope. Like other poor souls here, I’ve been Haunted Mansion “Dooney-less” after almost a year of trying…I hope to break the streak!

    • @Anna – At this time, I don’t have item numbers for the new Dooney & Bourke items. I do wish you a happy early anniversary 🙂

  • I want it all! I get ton’s of comments about the Haunted Mansion Key I have for my keyring! Can’t wait to go back to Disney, and visit the new Store!

  • Well…there go my paychecks for the next three years… #buyALLthethings

    • @Joanna – Ha! Best hashtag 🙂

  • Do you know when the Dooney Bags are coming out?

    • @Lorri – At this point, I don’t have a confirmed release date.

  • I’m so excited!!! Especially about the Dooney & Bourke bag from last year returning. I am going to book my tix to WDW today!!!!!

  • I would LOVE if that Dooney & Burke purse followed me home! I doubt I’ll be able to afford it (and it’ll probably sell out too fast for me to get one!), so I’ll just look longing and just be excited for all the new merchandise.

  • Please post when the merchandise will be available because I NEED THAT BAG.

  • Too bad the new D&B tote isn’t a tassel style. The tassels with the beautiful purple suede underside are beautiful and add so much to the Smith style bag. The Smith bag was too large for daily use (for me anyway). I wanted a bag I could use everyday, but the new tote is too plain. Maybe the perfect bag will come along next time.

  • Of course, my younger daughter I love the HM also!!!

  • Love the preview and can’t wait to see the new store and items. Hopefully, it will be open in either late September or late November when I visit. My older daughter did two college programs at WDW and loves the Haunted Mansion. On a recent trip, she found an iPhone 4 case with the wallpaper design, but could not find any iPhone 5 case. Any idea whether they will be making this item?

    • @Kathryn – Yes, there is a D-Tech on Demand case for the iPhone 5/5S. The item number is 400007863538 and you may be able to order it via our Merchandise Guest Services Team. You can contact them by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at

  • I love the Dooney! I am hesitant to get my hopes up, because last year they sold out so quickly. I hope there are limits on how many people can buy, so I can get one!

  • Forgot to add a P.S. Will the items such as the Fedora be available for purchase through the on-line store, or will I only be able to purchase this and the other Mansion items when I visit WDW? I won’t be able to move to Fl. for another 2 years, but would sure love to begin wearing that Mansion Fedora as soon as it becomes available. I hope someone can advise me regarding this issue. Thanks, all!

    • @Bill – That’s a great question. At this time, I don’t have a confirmed list of what items will be offered on our Disney Parks online store. It’s still a little too early to determine those things. I invite you to keep watching

  • Can’t wait until I can get my mitts on the Mansion Fedora! I love to wear suits and this will be the perfect compliment. Is it Fall yet?? I want one soooo much!!!

  • Wow…I rarely ever post. But I had to say how impressed and pleased I am with the new Haunted Mansion merchandise line. I hope they’re there on our next visit! About a million years ago I was lucky enough to call the Mansion my home as a cast member. All this time later it’s AWESOME to see people still falling in love with the Grim Grinning Ghosts!

    (My “must have” is the Master Gracey Tshirt.)

    • @Ronald – Wow! Thank you for the kind words. I’ll share your feedback with the team.

  • Can’t wait for my purple-lined D&B letter carrier and the cast member costume shirt. Any chance the new gift store will have a preview for DVC members?

    • @Tracy – At this point, we do not have any plans for such a preview.

  • Wow! I love all those cool shirts and home decor. Do you know if they carry the Zombie Plant Grow kit that thinkgeek is highlighting? Who know a plant could Play Dead when you Touch it and then come back to life. It is like something you would see in a Disney move! Hope that carry it..even one will want to grow it

    • @Jenny – I don’t believe anything like that will be a part of the assortment. Sorry.

  • Man, Steven- you weren’t kidding about all the stuff you told me about when I talked to you when you where here in LA.

    This is NUTS!

    Gonna start selling plasma now…

    • @Les – Aloha! Great to hear from you. I thought you would enjoy seeing this story. To think, this is only a sampling of items. Hope to see you again next time I’m out in LA. That was a fun party! 🙂

  • #29 – Chris

    As a pre-W.D.W. c.m. I need that real butler shirt.

  • Is there going to be any sterling silver or gold jewelry in this release? I really miss the sterling charms Disney made years ago and would love to see something from Haunted Mansion in silver. Thanks!

    • @Elizabeth – I’d have to look. I don’t recall taking pictures of anything like that for this story.

  • Whoops on asking about the previous dooney bag being rereleased and with the purple liner. Read through your post way to quick and just reread it. My bad!

    • @Diana – No worries. I’m happy to hear they will be returning too. 🙂

  • The shoes are lovely! I hope to see those become available to buy online. And the dooney and bourke bag as well . though admittedly I like the previous version better-not the inside lining but just the type of bag overall. Any idea as to what the other 3 dooney items might be? Same purse as before (with purple ling?), another purse or wallet? And prices? Plus on the amount of stock that will be available? Previous one sold out instantly online (twice if I’m correct) and they’re on eBay for twice as much. And I’ve heard that they are available sometimes at downtown Disney in one of the new stores, but sadly I don’t have a trip to Disney planned for anytime soon.

  • I wish they would come out with the Hitchiking ghost antennae toppers. I was disappointed last year when they only released Phineas and not Gus or Ezra(my favorite). That’s like picking your favorite child and giving it special attention!

  • Wish you guys had a “Madam Leota” snowglobe!
    In the meantime, I’ll settle for ONE of EVERYTHING! 😉

  • Any word on those great Minnie and Mickey Haunted Mansion Reveal Conceal Vinylmation?

    • @Veronica – Stay tuned. I hope to have a confirmed release date soon. I also invite you to keep watching

  • I am so excited! One of my good friends and I are big Haunted Mansion fans. I especially love the shoes!

  • Must have the tux-t-shirt…. Luv it…

  • Oh please oh please let these be available when I visit at the end of August! I can’t afford shipping from the US but these are just oh so pretty!

    • @Hannah – Sadly I don’t have a confirmed release date for items. I know that things will be arriving in the coming months. The release dates may vary by category. I hope you have a great trip!

  • Hi Steven,

    I’m honored to be able to help celebrate one of my favorite Disneyland attractions, THE Haunted Mansion with my newest painting, “Happy Haunts”. I squeezed as much of the ride into one frame as I could. Hope you can make it out to the Disneyland Gallery on August 16, 2014 to check out all the artwork by a wonderful bunch of young artists.

    Best wishes,

  • Love the shoes!!!

  • Thanks, Steven, for answering my question. I’m so excited for the plaque! Can’ wait to get one!

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