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First Peek at Trattoria al Forno, New Restaurant for Disney’s BoardWalk

With opening planned for December, we’re sharing the first details for Trattoria al Forno, the new restaurant for Disney’s BoardWalk.

A “trattoria” is an Italian restaurant serving simple food, and “al forno” is Italian for “food baked in an oven,” and this new spot will showcase Old World techniques, including handcrafted mozzarella made daily, cavatelli (small dumpling-shaped pasta) and a variety of Neopolitan-style pizzas baked in wood-burning ovens. Neopolitan pizzas, by the way, are pizzas in the classic style of Naples, Italy, with simple tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.

A beautiful Italian flywheel slicer slices paper-thin Italian meats, served with a variety of olives and caponata. Satisfying pastas, velvety seasonal risottos and fresh seafood and vegetables will celebrate the delectable diversity of Italian cuisine with authentic ingredients and recipes from Italy’s various regions.

Italy is just half the size of Texas but has wonderfully diverse cuisine, and Trattoria al Forno will showcase dishes from Italy’s various regions – for instance, braised beef Bolognese with house-made cavatelli from Bologna, semolina tagliatelli carbonara from Latium (more specifically Rome), pork chop alla Milanese named after the city of Milano. And you’ll find classic Italian favorites: chicken breast alla Parmagiana with tagliatelle pasta; shrimp with garlic, capers and anchovy butter with polenta; whole roasted fish with roasted vegetables; baked lasagna; grilled steak; slow-cooked lamb shank with polenta; and eggplant rollatini.

A seasonal risotto will always be on the menu, and vegetarians will appreciate the ruffled campanelle pasta with green beans, roasted potatoes and Genovese pesto.

Add a classic Italian dessert with an after-dinner cappuccino for a perfect ending. Look for tiramisù, lemon panna cotta with almond crunch and berries, gelatos, and the signature bomboloni (Italian donut holes) with dark chocolate and vanilla gelato.

Wines will be 100 percent Italian from historic wine regions including Tuscany, Veneto and Piedmont, with over 60 offerings by the bottle and more than 25 wines by the glass – Chiantis, Super Tuscans and fine Italian white wines such as Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and Moscato. Signature cocktails and Italian beers and sodas round out the drink menu, with a signature-blend Italian coffee roasted just for Trattoria al forno.

We can’t wait to share more information and photos, stay tuned. Reservations will be accepted in several weeks – we’ll be sure to let you know the date.


  • Pam, will you be able to carry out? We love the pizza at Via Napoli but we cannot get the pizza to go. The boardwalk pizza window is not Neopolitan. It would be nice for the guests that are staying at the Epcot resorts to be able to grab a pizza and go, or even the locals to grab it on their way home.

  • Will the restaurant have a new interior design? When can we expect to be able to make dining reservations? We will be there Dec. 12-21. Will it be open during our visit? I hope it’s on the DDP!

  • Any news as to when the restaurant will be opening and accepting ADR’s?

  • Any idea when bookings will begin?

  • Any news as to when bookings will start to be accepted? Thanks

  • Do you know when info will be posted in the dining section on the Walt Disney World website? When trying to figure out which restaurants to eat at, I always like to look at the menu posted for each.

  • Excited for it’s arrival*O*

  • We are staying at boardwalk in September will there be any restaurants where we can get a full-service breakfast?

  • Pam, when do you think the restaurant will begin to accept reservations? I’d love to eat my pre-marathon meal there!

  • While I can understand everyone talking about all the Italian restaurants in close proximity, the good thing is that you do not have to buy park tickets to eat at the restaurant. Most of the Italian restaurants are found in the parks. While it is a trek, if you are on the other side of WDW, it gives another choice outside of the parks. This will make three outside the parks, I think. Of course, many will always head for a park, if staying at WDW. However, I am sure my wife and I are not the only ones who have stayed at WDW properties, as well as DVC properties without entering the park. For people like us, it is a good thing!

  • Very disappointed. I really liked Kouzzinas and had some wonderful meals there. We are vegan, and it’s hard for us at Italian places because they tend to load everything up with cheese.

  • Will the breakfast be served outside?Kouzzinas became our absolute best breakfast venue,especially outside,sitting at beautiful crisp white linen covered tables.Their breakfast skillet,and the Frappe coffee are/were best on site.I’m sad!

  • I’m curious if this restaurant will cover breakfast as well as lunch. Kouzzina offered meals from breakfast to dinner. I love to be able to do a brunch here!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Trattoria al Forno will serve breakfast and dinner.

  • hand crafted mozzerella? excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard… Pass it on that we’ll be looking for an amazing caprese salad or pizza! This looks like a fantastic change – can’t wait!

  • Sounds fantastic. Nothing wrong with another Italian restaurant in my opinion.

  • How will this restaurant be different from Via Napoli and Tutto Italia? Will dishes from regions in Italy not represented at those locations be incorporated into Trattoria al Forno? Hope so, otherwise, it’s just more of the same.

  • Can’t wait to try it! My wife and I never liked Kouzzina, but this sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • We are really looking forward to this addition at the Boardwalk. My family refused to try Kouzzina and I believe this new restaurant will solve some of our dining options on the Boardwalk along with the improvement made to The Boardwalk Bakery. I also hope that the Boardwalk Pizza window will become a part of this restaurant that would be fabulous and greatly improve the quality of pizza.

  • Not a bad addition to the Boardwalk. Sounds pretty solid. Now all we need to do is move the old Adventurer’s Club from PI into the Atlantic Dance building, and this place will be hopping!

  • Will the new Tratorria be serving a sit-down, non-buffet, non-character breakfast? This was an important draw for us with Spoodles and Kouzzina.

    • Hi Sally,
      Breakfast will be a la carte, without characters.

  • Looking forward to the handcrafted mozzarella! We just booked a week at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas this February, so I’ll be making a reservation at the new Trattoria al forno!

  • I wish there were more vegan options available

  • Although I love Italian and this menu looks good, I would have loved to see something else here. I agree with the other posters, with Via Napoli, Il Muliano, the pizza windows, and Tutto all within walking distance, another Italian place is overkill. I never got to visit Cat Cora’s, but I have always heard good things.

  • Well that’s kind of disappointing. I was hoping for something like the new gourmet burger places that have been popping up everywhere. You know – the ones with the upscale toppings, grass fed beef, etc. WDW already has a few unique burgers but usually only one offering per restaurant. Lost opportunity in my opinion.

  • Yes, it’s fine with another Italian restaurant and to join the lamenting group; I’ll just say that at least 90% of guests there do have a purpose of being there, i.e. have a park ticket and going to ‘a’ park. Issue is for me; Diversity.

  • Ok I missed something along the way WHAT happened to Kat Cora’s place I thought it was doing so well & it hadn’t been there that long sooo what happened I had it on my to do spreadsheet for out next WDW trip next year?????? I agree with Nancy from ME on the park ticket to get to the Italian places this would be nice if your just Resort hopping. But still kinda confused about Kouzzina’s

  • Any chance it will be open for lunch?

    I know it was years ago, but lunch at Spoodles was always enjoyable.

    • Hi Nicolas,
      Trattoria al Forno will be open for breakfast and dinner.

  • I must agree I would have preferred something different. We have several Italian restaurants available in Italy in Epcot. I would have preferred something totally different more along the lines of a Boardwalk style restaurant. Hope this does not impact the pizza window my kids prefer American Pizza they do not like the Italy pizza. I hope they have a sit down breakfast and please keep the pressed coffee from Kouzzinas.

    • Hi Dianna,
      The BoardWalk Pizza Window will continue to serve the traditional style pizza your family knows and loves! Trattoria al Forno will serve breakfast, continue to check back for more details!

  • You can’t have too many good Italian restaurants – I know – my wife is Italian and I enjoy dinner every night!

  • Yes! Wonderful choice I hope it’s open for the holiday season! And for those of you lamenting on the choice of Italian and referring to the ones in Epcot……you need a park ticket to get to those! And they don’t serve breakfast even if World Showcase was open.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Right now Trattoria al Forno is set to open in December. Keep checking the Parks Blog as it gets closer we will be sharing the exact date!

  • I’m heading down there at the beginning of January. I wonder if I’ll be able to stop in for a tiramisu & espresso after dinner elsewhere since I’ve already made all my reservations.

  • With Tutto Gusto and Via Napoli just a few minutes walk away, couldn’t they have put something of a different variety in Boardwalk? I’m not saying the description doesn’t sound tasty, but variety is the true spice of life.

  • Yes this is replacing Kouzzinas. I would think it will provide the pizza for the Pizza window – I believe they use the restaurant kitchen. And every Disney restaurant will take care of gluten free requests by asking…but not usually always noted on the menu.

    Too early to know about dining plan but since it will be a Disney restaurant I would think it will be on the plan, and I hope as a single credit since we already have a two credit restaurant there.

    I hope it will have a good breakfast too.

  • Hi Pam,

    Why is the Epcot Resort area getting another Italian restaurant? We already have Il Mulino, not to mention Via Napoli, Tutto Italia, and Tutto Gusto in the Italy Pavilion at Epcot, and Mama Melrose’s at Hollywood Studios! It’s

  • Do we know if this will be on the Dining Plan, and if so what catagory it will fall under?

    • Hi Robert,
      Both breakfast and dinner will be one (1) Table-Service entitlement.

  • Is this what is taking the place of Kouzzina by Cat Cora?

  • Is that going to impact the offerings at the “pizza window” on the Boardwalk?

    • Hi Mary,
      The Pizza Window will not be impacted, and will continue to serve traditional-style pizza.

  • I’d love to see a different cuisine represented here mainly because I feel we already have lots a great Italian Restaurants at Disney World. Many which are only minutes away from the Boardwalk. Despite this the menu and offerings all sound fantastic. Thanks for sharing the news and can’t wait to find out more.

    • Hi James,
      Just as the cuisine of Italy is diverse, the offerings in all our Italian restaurants are also each unique and different – from the menus to the atmosphere. We are excited to share more with you about Trattoria al Forno in upcoming weeks.

  • Do you know if there will be gluten free offerings?

  • You had me at “handcrafted mozzarella” (and again at braised beef Bolognese)

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