Meet the Horses of the Disneyland Resort: Finn and Bug

Donna Fisk

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Greetings from Circle D Ranch at the Disneyland Resort. Let’s meet two more of the lucky horses that live here.

This is Finn.

Finn is a Brabant draft horse. He’s 11 years old, weighs 1,590 lbs and stands 17.2 hands tall. Finn came to the Disneyland Resort from Oakley, Calif., and took to his new life here, as they say, “like a duck to water.” In the relatively short time Finn has been a part of the Circle D team, he has pulled the Horse Drawn Streetcar on Main Street, U.S.A., pulled the carriage for the Disney Villains at Mickey’s Halloween Party, and was the star of the Happy Lunar New Year Celebration this January for The Year of the Horse. Finn is a very calm horse, and he loves attention.

This is Bug.


Bug is also a Brabant draft horse. He’s 10 years old, weighs 1,555 lbs and stands 17 hands. Bug also came to Circle D from Oakley, Calif. In fact, Bug and Finn were a show team before they came to the Disneyland Resort. Although they look as if they could be brothers, Bug is shorter and bulkier than Finn. And despite being one of Circle D’s smallest horses, Bug easily outweighs many of the horses that are taller than him, because he is so muscular. You can find Bug at the Big Thunder Ranch petting farm. Look to see if he’s there the next time you’re at Disneyland park!


  • I look forward to meeting Bug at the Big Thunder Ranch petting farm the next time I’m at Disneyland. I got to meet Venus a couple of years ago at the petting farm. Is she still a Disneyland horse? She’s so beautiful!
    This has been a fun series! Thank you!

  • I loved meeting Finn in June! He’s gorgeous. I wish I had seen Bug too! Does he pull the streetcar too?

    And I’m curious… When Bug and Finn first joined the Circle D last year, there was a blog post saying that they came from a farm in the Midwest. So where did they really come from?

  • I am so looking forward to meeting Finn and Bug in a couple of weeks. Such beautiful horses. I’ve never ridden in the horse drawn streetcar. This will be a first, and I will be able to thank him by name.

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