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Merchandise Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

On July 22, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror celebrates 20 years at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This attraction has quickly become my son’s favorite thing to do in all of Walt Disney World. We’ve watched nearly every episode of the television show together, and love finding the little nods to the series hidden throughout the attraction every time we “drop in.” To commemorate this year’s anniversary, we are releasing a T-shirt on our Disney Parks online store from July 22-27, 2014.


The shirt will be printed on a Hanes Beefy tee and will be available for both adults and youth. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery (no express shipping is available). You can place an order for the shirt starting July 22 at


I have, however, some even more exciting news to share for this anniversary. David Soliman, Franchise and Brand assistant for Disney Theme Park Merchandise, gave me a first look at a new art program called “Hollywood Tower Hotel Authentic.” David said that the recent Haunted Mansion art program served as its inspiration.


“In early 2015, new merchandise will be coming to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attractions in both Florida and California,” explained David. “We loved what was done with the ‘Haunted Mansion Authentic’ art program, and thought we could apply similar merchandise design philosophies to another classic Disney attraction. The Disney Design Group team did an amazing job creating the artwork which will be used on a variety of apparel items, souvenirs, home goods and more.”


Graphic designer Tyler Dumas from Disney Design Group was one of the lead artists on this program which was started about a year ago. When creating the art, the Disney artists imagined what kind of merchandise the Hollywood Tower Hotel would have produced during its heyday. The results left me speechless!

There were a few artists who contributed designs including Randy Noble, Richard Terpstra, Caley Hicks and Fabiola Garza Villalobos. My favorite design (shown above) is from Casey Jones and features a nod to the first episode I ever showed my son.

In the coming months, I will share some additional looks at the actual merchandise that Guests will find at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort beginning next year.

The Twilight Zone® is a registered trademark of CBS, Inc. and used with permission pursuant to a license with CBS, Inc.


  • Cool! Would love some new RNR merchandise. It’s my favorite attraction.

  • The facial features of the bellhop in the artwork are from a Twilight Zone episode titled,”Eye of the Beholder.” Love it.

  • I want earrings like the one on the poster!!

  • These designs are great HT to all the great collaborators at Disney Design Group. Thank you.

  • Oh my I like the way Stephanie from FL thinks!

  • James’ wife here – TWENTY YEARS! Where has the time gone!!!??? It is still a fresh and fun experience every time we go on it!! (usually multiple times a day when we are at HS) The new merchandise is incredible and awesome – that is what we love about Disney so much – always innovating growing and changing and yet staying the same – how do you imagineers do that???

    • @James’ Wife 🙂 – I still remember riding it in December 1994 which there was only one drop. Thank you for the kind words.

  • Very excited about this merchandise-this is one of my absolute favorite Disney attractions! Any chance one of those items being a Dooney???

    • @Stephanie – At this point, I don’t know of any plans for such a thing.

  • oh boy! another t shirt!

  • Wow, some pretty cool stuff!

  • Awesome! This is exactly what I was talking about when I commented on the great new Haunted Mansion mechandise style and requesting it be done on the other attractions. Cant wait to buy some of this stuff and see what else you guys come up with.

    • @Antone – Thank you for the comment. 🙂 I’m also pretty excited to see this assortment.

  • Excellent HTH is another attraction that is sorely under-merchandised.

  • This is such “terrifyingly” fantastic news! I love all of the new designs and can’t wait until they come out. I especially love the Art Deco piece that has the bellhop and the name and date. I hope they make that in an art print. I’d hang it up in my office, home, etc… Will the merchandise ONLY be available in the attraction stores, or will they be featured online, as well?

    • @Stephanie – Since the new merchandise won’t arrive until early next year, it’s still a little too early to say which items (if any) will be carried on our Disney Parks online store. Stay tuned in the coming months for additional looks and details.

  • Yes!!! My absolute favorite ride 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this kind of merchandise

  • Steven,

    Will that shirt be available for sale in the parks? Specifically early September? Thanks!

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