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New Hidden Mickey Pins Arriving at Disney Parks in July 2014

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Now that summer has arrived at Disney Parks, guests will soon find new Hidden Mickey pins at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. These unique pins will be distributed to cast members to use for trading with guests by late July 2014. You may recall that we typically release two different waves of pins a year (the first wave this year was introduced back in February). Here is a closer look at what guests can expect to trade in the coming months.


Cast members at Disneyland Resort will soon receive an assortment of 30 different pins to use for trading with guests. The image above is a checklist to help you identify the new pins coming to California. As a reminder, Hidden Mickey pins typically measure about 1.25-inches and contain the phrase ”Hidden Mickey Pin” on the back of the pin.

I think my favorite series features Disney Birds (I’m partial to birds, especially ones that are orange). The special thing about this series is that there will be five different Disney bird pins found at Walt Disney World Resort that complement the pins at Disneyland Resort. The “Villainous Sidekicks” collection will also feature complementary pins.


The image above shows the 30 pins that will be distributed to cast members at Walt Disney World Resort. The series that caught my eye in this collection is the character themed MagicBands.

Chaser pins will also be included in this new wave for 2014. These silver-colored pins are rarer to find compared to their full color counterparts.

Which pins do you want to trade? Please share in the comments below.


  • I love the Figment MagicBand pin! Super cute!! And my 4 year old daughter will love the princess “calling…” ones! Can’t wait to try to trade for them on our trip in just 12 days!!

    • @Danielle – How wonderful! I hope you have a great trip.

  • LOVE the WDW Pixar UP Hot Air Balloons and the Kevin Disney Bird! The teapots are cute too! Oh why must Florida be so far away!

  • OOOOOO I need the Mickey Ace Card & the Mickey Magic Band!

  • Stitch pins!!!

  • I NEED and must find those figment pins!!

    • @Sara – Figment! Always!! 🙂

  • LOVE them! Great that both parks have a super selection of Hidden Mickeys! I was hoping a bit that WDW would have a set for cast member uniform Mickey icons for Hollywood Studios, since you’ve done MK and Epcot…. love that series… maybe next time? 🙂

  • On one hand, yay for more Disney Birds pins (and two Robin Hood ones)! That’s one of my favorite Hidden Mickey series to come out in the last few years. On the other, more Disney Birds pins? I *just* finished the last set! 😉

    I’m also really happy that the Lion King Hidden Mickeys are at DLR this time.

    Though I’m surprised that there is another Jose pin and no Panchito to make the trio complete.

  • Boo 🙁 I love every single one from Disneyland, but alas I live in Florida so will be looking for the princess phone ones for my daughter!

  • So I noticed that the Chip/Dale and Figment MagicBand Slider pins are not actual sliders released for purchase… is this a hint that new Sliders are coming for MagicBands as well?? 🙂

    • @Ethan – I don’t know of specific development for such things at this point. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.

  • PS… in looking at all the bird HM’s of late, I hope Zazu from Lion King will be a completer! 🙂

  • Steven, everything looks awesome! I love the MagicBand pins! Question: I am finding Disneyland Resort pins at WDW. Is this planned by Disney? Thanks!

    • @Michael – It’s difficult to say. We have thousands of Cast Members that trade pins with Guests each day. It could be pins that were traded by other Guests. I spent seven years with the pin team so I know that we distribute pins to Cast Members to use for trading. Typically, the Walt Disney World pins are distributed to Cast Members in Florida and the same for California.

  • Gotta have the Figgie Magic Band pin and the silver chaser. Wish they had a Figgie accessory like that for the real Magic Bands. Looking forward to all the new Figment merchandise at the Imagination Gala Pin Event in Sept!! Will you be there? See ya there!!

  • Love those magic band pins! and the villainous sidekicks!

  • Villains, teapots and cards! Oh my!! I also love the chalk sketches. Thanks for another wave of great designs. I gotta get over to DLR and do some trading ASAP. Speaking of which…. When will there be another Pin Trading Night at DLR? It’s been a while.

  • Does that mean that the 2014 Wave A pins are in mystery bags now??? Please say so! Thanks.

  • My mom got me hooked on pin trading. it is so much fun can not wait to get back down to WDW and find some more pins i have not found yet, and to trade with other guest pins i have that they do not. It is so much fun to trade with every one for any pin any time. I have been keeping up with the lists of pins for each year, but i went to print off the DLR 2005 list and it was the DLR 2006 list. hopefully this can be corrected. I do have a question that i have not been able to get answered. is there any List of all the completer pins from when they started till now? I am not talking about the silver completer pins that are on the pin sheets each year, I am talking about the ones that are not on the lists. Like the Duffy bears with different hat from 2013 the grey top hat duffy bear for WDW 2013 wave A and the black top hat with a skull and cross bones duffy from DLR 2013 wave A. those are just 2 examples. i know the completer pins go back as far as 2005 just one or two for each year, then more completer pins starting in 2008. But i do know know how many or what they all are. I would love for a list or pictures of them all for each year. I just want to make sure i have a full and complete set once i finally trade for all the pin for each year, that is if i can find all the pins.

    thank you

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