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New Merchandise on the Horizon for Fall 2014 at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

One of my favorite articles to write for the Disney Parks Blog gives readers a glimpse into future merchandise development (who wouldn’t want to travel through time?). Introduced in early 2012, these semi-regular stories are filled with things that make me beyond happy. Here is a look at some of my favorites coming to Disney Parks later this year.


I still remember the day that Aaron Babcock, merchandiser for home and decorative goods, showed me the two metal trays pictured above. I did a double take as I thought they were vintage finds from some antique shop. Aaron is the developer behind those amazing items found in Disney Centerpiece at the Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida. He stepped up his game with these trays that will be placed next to my vintage EPCOT Center trays from the early 1980s. Look for them this fall at the respective Resort destinations in California and Florida.


I think I found the next two shirts that I will be getting for my fiancée and me. They were inspired by the popular “I’ll Be Your” Mickey and Minnie companion T-shirts released in 2012. The shirts are coming this October to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.


I fell out of my chair when I saw the new Vinylmation – Eachz set coming this fall featuring Mabel from the hit Disney XD show “Gravity Falls.” I wasn’t surprised to learn that Thomas Scott was the Disney Design Group artist behind these limited edition figures. Thomas, who once dressed up as the character Grunkle Stan for Halloween, recommended I watch the show. I’m now hooked and can’t wait for season two, which debuts on Disney Channel on August 1 at 9:00 p.m. Presented in a mystery box (how fitting), the figure on the left will be more common to find (edition size 1,350), while the figure on the right is more rare (edition size 150).


Finally, I spotted these adorable new Disney Villains baby plush. Maleficent will be joined by baby Cruella de Vil this November, while Ursula will be released early next year.

Which things are you most excited to see? Please share in the comments below.


  • Any update on when the baby maleficent will be available?

  • What parks will be selling the Villains Babies? I was at Hollywood Studios and they knew nothing about them.

  • Hi Steven! Do you know if there’s a sku number for the I’ll be your prince and the I’ll be your Princess Shirts. I was hoping to order them when they came out. Thanks!

  • I love Gravity Falls! Any specific dates set for the Gravity Falls vinyls?

  • Any information on the release date of the Gravity Falls Vinylmation? Any chance Dipper will be coming soon?

  • Hi Steven

    What happened to vinylmation trading? My three kids loved loved loved trading and so did my wife and i. last time we were at Disney we spent a small fortune on them. I was shocked and disappointed to see it died off. Where can we still trade is there a list of locations?


  • WAIT. WHAT!? Gravity Falls Vinylmations! Yeah!! #WeWantDipper!!!!

  • why are womens shirts made as Tshirts? I want Women TEES!!

  • I LOVE those trays! I hope it will make it OK in my bag when I go home. I can’t decide if I like these or those retro plates from the different lands better. I guess I’ll just have to get both. 🙂 Great job development team!

  • Ok, I too am a fan of Gravity Falls but I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby Maleficent!! We are going to DW for my 40th in September wish they would be available then!!

  • Will the trays only be available at Centerpiece or online as well? Those are fantastic!

    • @John – The trays were created for the Disney Centerpiece location in the Marketplace Co-Op. They may be offered online but I don’t have confirmation at this point.

  • Hopefully this is a sign that more Gravity Falls merch is on the way

    • @Steve – Wouldn’t that be something? 🙂

  • OMG!!! I can’t wait for the baby Maleficent! She is so darn cute!! My daughter and I absolutely love her. Too bad they are not coming out sooner because we will be there in August. Oh Well, just another excuse for us to make a trip down after November! =)

  • Awesome! Perhaps a Dtech me Princess too?

  • MUST HAVE THOSE SHIRTS!!!! Boyfriend and I LOVE our “I’ll be your Mickey/Minnie” shirts from our 2012 trip!!

  • I love those trays! I’m looking forward to finding out what merchandise will be available at Villains Unleashed and MNSSHP! Can we expect any sneak peaks?

    • @Jason – We hope to provide some additional information once we know more. I’ve not seen final assortments of any items yet (aside from pins for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties).

  • I thought mentioning “Horizon” in the title was a teaser for some merch from a favorite EPCOT Center attraction from the past. 🙁

  • Love the baby Villains! They’re so cute!! Will there be more than the 3 mentioned released? Also, will there be any additions to the ear hat ornament and shoe ornament collections? I’ve really enjoyed collecting those the past few years and would hate to see the collection stopped. Thanks!!

    • @Joshua – At this point, I only know of those three. As for ear hat / shoe ornaments, there is more development. Stay tuned.

  • Wait…..did you just call him “Uncle” Stan. Oh you have done it now, everyone knows that’s Grunkle Stan! (p.s. you don’t have to post this, i’m just letting you know since you said you’re a fan :P)

    • @Ryan – Thanks for the catch. Great uncle – Grunkle – Stan has been updated. 🙂

  • Is that merch for Gravity Falls, the best cartoon on Disney Channel?!?! Take it, just take all my money, why are you doing this to me?

    • @Ryan – Okay. Done 🙂 I know!! My son and I are super happy too.

  • Please bring back your daily email of all the blog postings. I read it religiously and miss getting my Disney fix. I just don’t have the time or the memory to have to go searching for it. Please!

  • Speaking of Disney Centerpiece, will any of the items be re-released? We managed to find 3 of 4 “land” glass tumblers from the Disneyland collection.

    • @Ricardo – Yes. Additional orders will be coming in the future. Sadly, I don’t have an exact date as to when they will arrive.

  • …wife here… LOVE the baby Villains!!! see all babies ARE cute!! I need Evil Queen!

  • Hi, what’s an approximate size for those trays? Thanks!

    • @James – They measure approximately 13-inches round.

  • I need that baby Maleficent, she is too cool.

  • I want more Park specific merchandise.

  • Okay, now that is weird. I just bought an “original” one of the Walt Disney World metal plates at an antique shop a couple months ago. . . Everything old is new again!

    • @William – How awesome! What a find 🙂

  • Finally! Gravity Falls merch! Can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

  • Hey, Steven – do you know about when that WDW metal tray was originally produced? I got one at a thrift store a couple of years ago.

    • @Raymond – Unfortunately, I do not know an exact date. I know I have a few metal trays in my personal collection. Two I have are from 1982 when EPCOT Center opened. I also have one from the 1970s from Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Mabel!!! I’m going as Dipper for the Not So Scary Halloween Party this year. I might have to get one and carry her around with me. Then I can prove to her who the real Alpha Twin is.

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