VIDEO: Celebrating 59 Years of Magic at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

This morning, we celebrated the 59th anniversary of the Disneyland Resort, with a special peek at next year’s Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration beginning spring 2015. Fifty-nine Disney characters joined us at the Main Street Train Station to wish Disneyland a happy birthday. Take a look at today’s festivities:


  • Another Magical Disneyland Memory!!!

  • Wonderful! Can”t wait for December when my next trip starts. Looking forward to the 60th. We will celebrate the milestone together. So glad I was born in 1955!

  • Happy 59th anniversary Disneyland!

  • This is so EXCITING! Yay!

  • Happy Birthday Disneyland!!!

  • It is hard to believe 59 years have passed since Walt Disney spoke those words on opening day! I’m looking forward to the activities planned for next year. Happy 59th!!

  • Hi Erin,

    I really enjoyed the video, thank you so much for sharing! What a spectacular event and year this will!


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