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365 (Consecutive) Days of Walt Disney World Resort Magic

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

When one of my Downtown Disney partners told me about Brent Dodge, an Annual Passholder who visited the four Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks every day for 365 consecutive days, I couldn’t believe it. While I love the parks, just the idea of visiting every day while working full time has me exhausted!


I wanted to find out more, so I spoke with Brent myself to find out why he did it. First things first, he confessed that he hadn’t really passed through the turnstiles (or, in our new era of MyMagic+, ventured through the main entrance touch points) for a full year, “there were actually three days that I didn’t visit a park. I was on a Disney Cruise” he shared. Well, 365 days of Disney attractions, then. Consider me impressed.


Brent has been a Passholder since 2009, and currently carries the “Premier” pass, which also grants him access to Disneyland park. (I’d say he’s getting his money’s worth!) This Peter Pan’s Flight lover has visited the place where dreams come true since he was an infant, and when pressed for the “why” behind his latest all-year-long endeavor, he simply states, “Cause I’m a Disney nerd! If I live this close to Walt Disney World Resort, why wouldn’t I go every day? Especially when others are saving up thousands of dollars to go once in a lifetime.” Okay, he had me there.


The “official” milestone was reached on August 13; of the estimated 2,200 days Brent has spent at the parks over his lifetime, that day ranks among his all-time-top Disney memories. “A friend surprised me with a custom t-shirt from Disney Design-a-Tee at Downtown Disney; it features my favorite character, Scrooge McDuck. A few other friends met me at Magic Kingdom Park with signs to celebrate, and we had a great view of the parade. We got to ride Peter Pan’s Flight, followed by another beloved attraction, Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover – three times!”

I’ll admit, it does sound pretty magical. While most of my days are spent at the Downtown Disney area, now that fall is fast-approaching, I plan to spend more time following in Brent’s footsteps and enjoying all that Walt Disney World Resort has to offer.

How about you … can you imagine a daily visit to the parks?


  • Wow Brent, congrats! There are plenty of us out there that are totally jealous of you right now!

    In fall 2003 I rode the Jungle Cruise nearly 1,000 times total! Does it matter that I was on the clock as a College Program Skipper? I still visit as often as possible with my family, and hope to complete the global Disney park list early next year by visiting Tokyo!

  • I’m about a weekly/bi-weekly visitor during the school year. WDW is THE best mental health break from college!

    • It’s been so great to see all the comments about Brent! Looks like there’s a lot of enthusiasm out there for daily visits to the Parks!!!

  • Brent does have a blog and an official website.

    YES, I would visit every day if I lived closer. My plan is to live close enough one day to become a Cast Member.

  • The better question is, why wouldn’t you visit Disney on a daily basis if it is the happiest place on earth?! I’ll be joining Brent in visiting Disney everyday when I move in November. One of my first stops is to interview with Disney Casting and then purchase my annual pass.

    Does Brent have a blog to follow?

  • Congrats Brent! It is so much fun to follow his magical days on twitter! I would totally go to Disney every day if I could.

  • This man was meant to be my husband! If I could do that I would in a heartbeat!

  • I couldn’t do this, HOWEVER, I’ve had the privilege to ride Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride 81 times in 1 day back in 2008. I almost broke my record at 76 times in one day. Then I rode Mr. Toad 55 times WITHOUT leaving the motorcar!

    • 81 times?!? I take it that was the one and only attraction you experienced that day? What a cool memory!

  • must have forgotten the CONSECUTIVE day record for any Disney Theme park was broken last year!!! and the record is still on going!!!

  • As a former Cast Member, I must commend anyone who can go multiple, consecutive times to any of the Disney theme parks. Its definitely a magical place, but I like to take things in small doses to keep it always magical. I’m surprised no one has commented that Disneyland has a passholder who’s been going consecutively for over 2 years now. He was featured on this blog, I believe, and also in the local and national papers like the NY Times. Congratulations to all Disney fan-atics.

  • ohh yeah!!! Great work Brent!! We cant wait to see if we can beat your record when we move down there!!

  • James’ wife here, What a lucky guy, there are a lot of people that would love to be able to do that as well!! It’s our dream to be Florida pass holders some day! And yet, another reason why we need to move to Florida…Good for you Brent! Living the dream!

  • Totally awesome…I still hope to live in FL someday so I can make daily visits!! Or at least every weekend. What a great way to end your workday!!

  • If I lived close enough I would do the same thing. One day I will live close enough.

  • I loved DLR so much that I got a job there. Perhaps he should punch in, too! 😀 😉

  • Thats cool! we visit every weekend…& Yes, I can totally see myself doing the same thing he did!

  • Imagine? Dream of it daily! Congrats Brent. We love following your adventures online.

  • I’ll be participating in a Disney International Program in a few weeks, so I can imagine! While I don’t know if I’ll be at a park EVERY day, I’ll have a good chance! I can’t wait 🙂

  • That is dedication! In 2011, our family visited all 11 parks globally (including Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Disneyland, Disney World … all parks in each). That was a feat but going every day for a year is really impressive!

    • Benjamin, EVERY PARK in one calendar year? I love to travel, so this would be right up my alley! I bet you’ve got some great family photos from 2011!!!

  • Brent is my hero. Living the dream! And I appreciate his logic of living close and taking advantage of it since people like me need to convince family who are sick of Disney parks to take me “just one more time.” Congratulations, Brent, on such a grand achievement!

  • YES!!! We can totally imagine visiting the parks daily. It is our dream to live that close and go every day. What a lucky guy!

  • Great sign! Love the glitter. I did 12 days this March (from Canada) & it was heaven! Good on ya, Brent. I’d go every day if I could too.

  • Congratulations Brent!!!

    It’s my dream to do the same one day!

  • Congratulations, Brent! We love following your adventures every day in the parks!

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