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Caption This: Toys Will Be Toys at Disney Resorts

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Have you ever returned to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room to see a sight like this?


It sure looks like these Disney friends would love to come out and play. What’s on their minds? You tell us. Go ahead and “Caption This” photo below!


  • Out there there is so much room
    Where babies burp and flowers bloom
    Everyone dreams, I can dream too!

  • For bonus points, who can tell where this was taken?

  • “Alright we made it out from under the bed and I can see the parks form here. Our escape plan is almost complete, but now what? We really should have asked Nemo’s friend Gil to help with our plan.”

  • I love these little extra surprises that Mousekeeping adds to a Disney vacation to make it even more magical. So cute!

  • Look at all the humans in the human tank.

  • “How much is that duckie in the window?”

  • To me it looks most like Pop Century. Possile All Star but leaning towards Pop. It also looks like the characters can’t wait for their owner to come home.

  • YES!! My younger sister had a stuffed lion she always traveled with (still does actually) that she got when she was hospitalized at age 3. Every time we would go to Disney, her lion and any other stuffed animals she’d acquired would be in the window, waiting to greet her. It never failed to make her smile and squeal with joy – another classic Disney touch!

  • @Judson: It’s one of the All-Stars – Movies, I think. Possibly Pop Century….

  • I think it is at All Star Movies The Love Bug. The toys probably never want to leave because I know I never did.

  • Take us with you!! Don’t you think we would enjoy a ride on Space Mountain too??

  • Welcome home! Tell us everything you did today!

  • Could they be visiting the Caribbean Beach Resort?

    Amy from MO

  • Don’t worry guys, they’ll be back. They’re bringing more friends back for us to play with.

  • Just a spark of imagination and we’ll be on our way!

  • “Some vacation! Our humans left us on the windowsill…… Minnie & Mickey are still passed out…… Woody & Buzz didn’t wanna come on this trip,…….. so now we have no way of breaking out of this room to get to see the FROZEN Fireworks Spectacular!”

  • Boy,look at all the stupid humans out in the heat!! This air conditioning is da’ bomb!!

  • “I hope they come back with a Buzz and Woody toy. They’re experts at escaping to have fun!”

  • How much is that “doggie” in the window ?
    I’ll take his friends too ,Chip and Dale so much fun, Mickey and Minnie are number 1,Donald Duck and figment should be free, this is why I want the dog for me!

  • To Infinity and Beyond!

  • Yes I have. One year when my brother, sister, and I were younger in 2002 we stayed at All Star Sports with our parents. We had brought a lot of stuffed animals with us and our hotel maid arranged them peeking out of the window. It was very magical.

  • Chip and Dale, you’re the only ones small enough to fit into the filter. All you have to do is swim inside, jam a pebble in the fan, and swim out. Once you do that, this tank is going to get filthier and filthier, and the dentist will have no choice but to clean the tank himself. He’ll put us in individual baggies and…wait, this isn’t an aquarium! OK, plan B…

  • Next year we hope to meet the height requirements…

  • Is this the line to meet Anna and Elsa?

  • See You Real Soon…

    (For those bonus points, this was taken in Alligator Bayou at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside)

  • “I wanna be where the people are”

  • #2 – Judson
    Pop Century

    “Hey, , all you humans out there. You can meet and greet us right here, right now. No lines, no waiting, and no fast pass needed.”

  • Hakuna Matata!

  • Did the ghost host eat the word, (whistle), in between the two commas above? It was there when it was submitted.

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