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Caption This: Up A Tree at The Jungle Cruise

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

While The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean were my favorite attractions growing up, I really fell in love with The Jungle Cruise as an adult – maybe it’s the dry humor.


Check out this cool shot of one of the more memorable scenes from the attraction. Looks like he’s been up there for quite awhile. What’s on his mind? You tell us – go ahead and “Caption This” in the comments section below.


  • See that guy there? His name is Hontas. See that rhino? He’s gonna poke-a-Hontas

  • Hakuna matata? Where are Timon and Pumbaa when you really need them?

  • That guy on the bottom, his name is Wahn. Looks like that Rhino is going to get a hole in Wahn!

  • And I just thought I had a bad case of hemorrhoids all this time…

  • Geesh, another tree hugger

  • The rhino always gets his point across….

    ….in the end.

  • I’m sorry they ran out of dole whip but I don’t know how ripping my pants is going to solve the problem.

  • In trouble again!

  • Looks like I’m really up a tree now…

  • “Ok! Ok! I will never play ring toss with the MagicBands around your horn ever again! Or call you a fat unicorn. Or threaten to paint you purple and pink and send you to Small World…”

  • Thanks for pointing out that draft to me.

  • Okay, little to the left…Ah, there’s the itch!

  • “with a friend like this at least he will not have to toot his own horn.”

    I said can I borrow your SHOE horn!!

    look at the nice rhino giving his pal a boost the heiena thinks he may be barking up the wrong tree!

  • This is gonna hurt. I shouldn’t have talked about his nose.

  • Whole new meaning to the Tree of Life!

  • Well, it’s better than that night watchman job I had at Haunted Mansion…

  • Don’t you guys want to check out the Animal Kingdom?

  • Where’s Indiana Jones when you need him?

  • I feel a draft

  • I wonder if there is an opening in the Kilimanjaro Safaris, this job has reached its point 🙂 !

  • This is what happens if you dare to drop chewing gum in the Magic Kingdom!

  • OK … OK … I get the point! I know when I’m not wanted!!

  • I wish this Hyena would stop laughing at me.

  • “Okay, okay! I get the point!”

  • I used a fastpass for this???

  • Looks like he’s going to get the point in the end.

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