Dateline Adventureland: Adventure Trading Company Bids Farewell to Disneyland Park

Well, adventurers, the end of Adventure Trading Company’s limited-time engagement at Disneyland park has come. Reports indicate that the expedition outfitter ran out of supplies yesterday, and they are now in the process of packing up for the journey out of the jungle. But word in the trees is that Adventure Trading Company has one more surprise in store as it bids farewell to the brave, funny, friendly and cunning explorers of Adventureland.


On Friday, Aug. 29 – their last day in Adventureland – Adventure Trading Company will be collecting the stories of the local Juju Traders with story packets, available for sale at Indiana Jones Outpost. Inside each story packet is a Story Tag, which adventurers can use to record their greatest Juju tales. They will then report to Aladdin’s Oasis, where Adventure Trading Company representatives and local historians will be on hand to collect their stories and thank the “head storytellers” of Adventureland with a special mystery Juju. As the day continues, all Story Tags will be collected and displayed on Story Lines inside Aladdin’s Oasis for all your fellow explorers to see.

Come prepared to tell your story of courage, friendship, humor … anything that your expeditions have inspired in you! Remember, supplies are extremely limited and will only be available for this one day.

Come join us one last time and bid farewell to Adventure Trading Company at Disneyland park!


  • Are the mystery jujus available to everyone who participates, or will certain stories be selected to “win’ the juju?

  • So Tallahassee, is the mystery Juju and brand new Juju? Or this this a random previously available Juju?

  • Halloween jujus !!!!!

  • I hope the traders return in the future with more juju and more fun! Any idea whether they may come back?

  • It would be great if things like the Adventure Trading Company were more permanent. I would love to experience it, but can’t get to Disneyland every year.

  • Does one have to bring along their previously found juju, or can they just come and get the packet by itself?

    • All you need to do to participate is purchase a story packet.

  • Aww. I was looking forward to trying my hand at a Jungle Cruise joke or two, but my sister was really wanting to try the Venomade. Will they still be selling it, even without the juju?

  • How exciting! My son has all 9; however, he is missing a very special/secret juju!!! He has been trying to get his hands on it… hope there are some left after school/work…. 🙂

  • I’m so disappointed! I’ve been reading about this game all over the internet and have been looking forward to getting to play, but since I’m an Annual Passholder I wasn’t in the parks this summer. I’m finally going to the parks this weekend and the game ends just before I get to play it.

    Any chance it will be coming back?

  • Will it be available all day? Or is there a cutoff? I was planning on going down in the evening after work.

    • This expedition will be available as long as supplies last.

  • Yah will be there after the 5k!!

  • Yay will be there after the 5K!!

  • Thank you Tallahassee Glover for this news. Unfortunately that job thing keeps me away during the week but good luck to everyone that is going on Friday in their quest to procure this new mystery juju.

    -Jungle King Jason

  • Bummer, we arrive Saturday

  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Was coming to the park this weekend. 🙁 So sad.

  • Ahh I don’t want it to go just yet!! When will it come back?!?!

  • One question: Will the JujuJuice at Trader Sam’s become an official drink on the menu (or is it already?). It was super yummy.

  • Loved this! Thank you for coming up with something different and unique. Had a couple of fun adventures and hope to make it out on Friday. 😉

  • Does this mean Trader Sam’s is out of Jujus as well? So sad…one more juju to go 🙁

  • Is this going to start as soon as the park opens?

    • Yes, the story packets will be available when Disneyland park opens on Friday.

  • Great post Erin, and I love the name, ‘Tallahassee Glover’!

    Thank you,

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