Dateline Adventureland: Adventure Trading Company Now Open at Disneyland Park

Tallahassee Glover here, back with another dispatch from Adventureland at Disneyland park. We have been receiving reports that the Adventure Trading Company has been spotted in Adventureland, bringing with them a variety of provisions and publications from around the area.


Explorers in Adventureland can now visit the Indiana Jones Outpost, where the Adventure Trading Company has set up temporary shop. In addition to the necessary whips and fedoras, this will also be the place to purchase maps, newspapers and other publications that will send you on an Juju-seeking adventure. Word is that the Adventure Trading Company has come across some additional Juju that will be for sale at the location. But beware, adventurers … these mystical Juju are in short supply.

Juju, as we told you in a previous report, are small traditional relics indigenous to the Adventureland culture. Each Juju represents a trait important to an adventurous lifestyle. Word on the dock is that the Jungle Cruise skippers will be brushing off their own personal Juju to wear in celebration of the Adventure Trading Company’s limited stay. They’re not the only ones getting into the spirit! The local archeologists, bird handlers and merchants are also planning to sport their Juju.

Between you and me, I’ve also spotted some new recipe shipments arriving for Tropical Imports, Bengal Barbecue and Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar … I think I’ll need to dig further into this.

Kungaloosh! I’ll see you in Adventureland!


  • any skulls left?

  • Hey, Tallahassee!

    Do you know how long the Adventureland Trading Company will be in operation? I know the conflict between Frontierland and Rainbow Ridge is supposed to die down around Labor day, but wasn’t sure if maybe the trading company will be open a little longer?

  • Is there a game associated with the Pineapple Parfait and the other food? Or do you just get the JuJu?

    • Jacob – Purchasing the Pineapple This-Side-Up Parfait makes you a Goodwill Ambassador of Adventureland. You receive cards which you can give to your fellow guests to recognize their feats of Friendship, Courage and Humor.

  • On Saturday, I completed all of the different adventures because I could not choose just one Juju. It was incredible! We purchased the Venomade and Pineapple Parfait first because they do sell out quickly. Overall, we completed all 9 tasks within 2 hours and had so much fun interacting with the Cast Members involved!

    I will definitely be buying the Venomade again; so delicious 😀 Thanks Tallahassee Glover for the updates about this incredible adventure!

    • Glad you enjoyed your adventures, Carolyn! I braved the Venomade again myself yesterday – it is delicious!

  • I was wondering can Annual passholders and Dvc Members receive a discount off the price of the game?

    • Sorry, Jacob – There are no discounts available for these adventures.

  • I’ve read a bit more about this. I see that the pineapple juju is available by purchasing a yogurt and fruit parfait. We’re vegan in my family and won’t be able to eat the parfait. Is there another way to get the pineapple juju?

    • Sorry, Benjamin. The Juju is only available with the Pineapple This-Side-Up Parfait.

  • Benjamin, we were there on Aug. 1st and can say that the jujus we collected we about 2″ tall. They do vary and are all extremely great looking! We need to schedule another visit to get the rest. (Hint: if you want to get the jujus for Venomade or Pineapple Parfait, get them early because they do sell out!)

  • Can you collect multiple Juju’s at once/on the same day C: ? I’d like to collect them all!

    • Yes – embark on as many adventures as you like!

  • Is it $5 – $7.50 to play the whole game, or $5 – $7.50 per juju?

    • Sorry – per Juju.

  • Looks cool! How big are the jujus?

    Is this game free to play?

    • Sizes and prices vary, but they are between $5 to $7.50 depending on whether your Juju adventure involves food (Pineapple This-Side-Up Parfait, Venomade or JujuJuice).

  • While seeking out the mystical Juju, be sure not to accidentally cross paths with those sneaky rapscallions in nearby Frontierland. I heard there were a couple of troublemaking rascals named Eagle Eye Erin and Two Bit Tyler on the loose not too long ago. 🙂

    • Good tip, Sherry! 😀

  • Looks like so much fun! What a great idea! 🙂

  • Hey Tallahassee – looks like your cousin Eagle Eye is ripping it up at Rainbow Ridge too! Your extended family sure are world travelers ;-).

    • She sure does seem to be causing a lot of trouble over there …

  • Arriving on sunday and will be searching for juju, can’t wait! Looks like quite the adventure.

  • Excellent! I wasn’t able to get all the juju totems at the D23 expo and am hoping to complete my collection. I should wear the ones I have on my next trip! :-). Thanks for the good news!

  • How much will it cost to join the game?

    • Jacob – Prices vary, but generally it’s $5 to $7.50 depending on whether your Juju adventure involves food (like the Pineapple Parfait or Venomade).

  • Can’t wait til next weekend, Love new adventures!

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