Dateline Adventureland: Final Shipments Arrive at Adventure Trading Company at Disneyland Park

Attention adventurers! From the very beginning of the Adventure Trading Company’s limited engagement at Disneyland park, we’ve known that supplies have been limited. But today I have received an important dispatch from the jungle: the last shipments have arrived!


If you haven’t ventured into Indiana Jones Outpost to begin your expeditions, now is the time. Remember, supplies are extremely limited … if you’re planning to hunt for a specific Juju, please be prepared to change course. But I’ve hunted for them all, adventurers – and each holds its own unique power!

Which Juju have you discovered? Tell us in the comments!


  • If there are skull juju to be found…I will bring my collected juju back along with my game pieces (maps, gazette, etc.) to Adventureland this morning and uncover it somehow!
    @DisneylandLive Hear my call in the Jungle for help!

  • Hello! We will be there Wednesday of this week, and my daughter is so excited to do this. Can you give us an update as to whether all of the adventures are still available? I don’t want her to be disappointed should this not work out and would rather have a head’s up. Thank you!!!!

  • If you bought the quest and haven’t had time to complete it, is there still a juju charm for you if you get it done this weekend?

    • Yes. Trader Sam made sure to squirrel away a few Juju to make sure the brave adventurers who backed his expeditions would receive their just rewards. But act quickly!

  • We did this as part of our very first trip to Disneyland and LOVED IT. We missed the skull and was told it was only at D23 my boys were a little sad about that. We loved sharing the stickers from the Pineapple Juju with other guests and had to have 2 Venomades. I have very brave boys. Any way I can find a skull now that we are back in MA?

  • We went on a serious adventure, and discovered all 9. We did lost track of time at Trader Sam’s, and came out with Juju and an Uh-Oha vessel…

    • It happens, Donald.

  • I have 9! Love the Venomade it needs to stay! I was hoping to get the skull, Will return for the Run at the end of the month fingers crossed!

  • Is there a set date when the Adventure Trading Company closes, or is it that it will close when they run out of juju charms? I’ll be in the park at the end of next week, and I’m anxious to try out my Jungle Cruise Skipper skills for a Piranha-ha-ha juju!

    • Robyn – Adventure Trading Company will continue as long as supplies last.

  • Yesterday at the park we were told they’d have this promo through August 31. Are they going to run out before then? Are a certain amount being alotted for each day until the end of the month? Or the end of the week? More specifics would be helpful!

    • Rebecca – There is no set date at this time. Adventure Trading Company will continue as long as supplies last.

  • That pineapple parfait is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Keith.

  • I had fun with this experience! I obtained the Eye of Mara juju and I might try to complete the Venomade challenge before time runs out.

  • We got the Eye of Mara Juju Yesterday – couldn’t be happier

  • I traveled to the different expeditions recently and acquired all the juju’s but had a friend go the week after and he got a special skull juju which I didn’t see when I was there. It was alot of fun to take each adventure and get a prize t the end. Please do this again.

  • I collected them all, it was great fun! I liked the Piranha-ha-ha and Talent Scout challenges the best. The venomade was delicious!

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