Dateline Adventureland: Tasty Treats and Tonics Part of the Adventure at Disneyland Park

Greetings, adventurers! Local Adventureland businesses are getting into the fun with Adventure Trading Company at Disneyland park, offering treats created for visiting traders. And these delicious delights even come with adventures of their own.

Traders collecting artifacts known as Juju may want to indulge with these delectable delights. My favorite is the Pineapple This-Side-Up Parfait, a mix of fresh and crushed pineapple layered with pineapple yogurt mousse and pound cake with a cherry on top.

But this parfait is more than a tasty treat … it’s the start of a very important ritual. Everybody knows that the pineapple is a symbol of goodwill and hospitality; therefore, those who eat this treat will become Goodwill Ambassadors of Adventureland. When you receive your Pineapple Juju, you also receive a pair of cards to help you spread the goodwill of Adventureland among other guests. The cards hold a sticker that recognizes the wearer for possessing certain adventurer traits. The cards I received recognized The Adventurous Spirit of Friendship, which I gave to my fellow explorer, Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tyler, who purchased the Pineapple This-Side-Up Parfait for me to enjoy.


There’s also Venomade at Bengal Barbecue, a cool concoction of snake venom and snake eggs. The venom has a real bite, and there’s nothing tastier than when a snake egg pops in your mouth! Anybody brave enough to finish the cup will receive the Snake Juju, a true sign of courage.


The last Juju isn’t available in Disneyland park, but at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel. Unfortunately, the skippers at the bar have lost the recipe for Trader Sam’s JujuJuice! Pick up your free telegram in Adventureland and find the ingredients. You won’t be able to order the drink and acquire the Tiki Mask Juju without it.

I’d also like to remind you that supplies are limited for each item, so make like a rhino and charge on over to Adventureland soon!

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  • The “This Side Up” parfait and Juju Juice are sooooo good.
    The Venomade, not so much. I think it’s because I’m not used/don’t really like Boba.
    Can the juju juice be a staple for the Trader Sam’s tiki bar after the event is done?

  • Is JujuJuice an alcoholic drink? Or is it kid friendly?

  • We had so much fun completing our Juju adventures while visiting the park the other day! The Pineapple this side up parfait was so delicious and the Venonmade was very refreshing! I truly showed my #disneyside while embarking on all these adventures! It was also so entertaining to see all the cast members #disneyside while executing these adventures! Now I own a great memorable collection of Juju which makes for a great conversation piece with family and friends.

  • I’m going on Saturday, and can’t wait to collect all the jujus!

    Is the yogurt in the parfait vegetarian, or does it contain gelatin?

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