Disneyland Resort Viewing Tips: Atmosphere Entertainment at Disneyland Park

Tyler Slater

by , Public Relations Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences & Products

One of the best ways to spend the day at Disneyland park is enjoying the sights and sounds of the various atmosphere entertainment. Whether it be starting your morning on Main Street, U.S.A., listening to the Disneyland Band, or taking an afternoon break to the jazzy sounds of the Royal Street Bachelors in New Orleans Square, these are some of the moments that make Disneyland one of my favorite places in the world. Today, the “Disneyland Resort Viewing Tips” series continues with a look at some of the performances that come to life everyday throughout the park.

  • Dapper Dans – One of the most iconic Disneyland park entertainment offerings is the barbershop quartet known as the Dapper Dans. Did you know that the term “dapper dan” is a turn-of-the century phrase referring to a well-dressed gentleman? Fitting in with the time period of Main Street, U.S.A., the Dans of Disneyland feature a terrific four-part harmony that can be heard at various times throughout the morning and afternoon. If you haven’t had a chance, don’t miss their patriotic tribute during the flag retreat ceremony in Town Square. Looking for some Dapper Dans charm today? Enjoy the video below of these well-dressed gentlemen teaching you how to ride a bicycle built for four.

  • Royal Street Bachelors – This talented jazz trio has been performing in New Orleans Square since it opened in 1966. Today, they have an outdoor stage at French Market Restaurant, where they begin their sets around lunch time and play about every hour into the early evening. If you swing by around lunch time, you may find me and fellow Disney Parks Blog author Erin Glover enjoying a meal – it’s one of our favorite restaurants in Disneyland park!
  • Pearly Band – If you are a “Mary Poppins” fan like me, you won’t want to miss the Pearly Band performing in the afternoon throughout Fantasyland. Inspired by the tradition of London’s pearly kings and queens, the Pearly Band’s outfits are decorated with large, mother-of-pearl buttons. Depending on the wind, some of their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performances may feature Mary Poppins and Bert as well!

My other favorites include the traditional Disneyland Band, the misfit gang of pirates that go by the name of The Bootstrappers in New Orleans Square, and Hook & Ladder Co., who perform outside the Main Street Fire Station! Tell us your favorite atmosphere entertainment at Disneyland park in the comments below.

Be sure to check the Entertainment times guide when you arrive to confirm performance times and locations.

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  • Love the Dapper Dans bicycle-built-for-4, but my abolute faves are The Bootstrappers!

  • When the “big kids” and mom when to ride Thunder Mountain, baby Bianca and I went over to ride the riverboat. Imagine our surprise when the Disneyland band came aboard to provide a soundtrack for the trip! They KILLED it, playing both Disney classics and some dixieland numbers that were out of this world. Bianca and I danced the whole time.

    Looking back, it was one of the most memorable moments of my trip.

    • What a magical memory, Todd! Thank you for sharing!

  • the streetmosphere shows are one of the real hidden gems of the ‘Land. We really enjoyed the Dapper Dans as we ate lunch at the Carnation Gardens on our recent trip. It made the meal extra special.

  • I enjoyed the Dans when they performed the boy bands songs. I recored the whole set on my phone and it was really impressive. Back in the day (turn of the millinium) my friends and I used to join the “side effects” in New Orleans Square for a few numbers. It was so much fun!

    • The “Original” Boy Band Dapper Dans was one of my favorite “Limited Time Magic” offerings last year, Jaime! Glad you were able to record it!

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