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Enjoy Frozen Summer Fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with New Limited Edition Retail MagicBand

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


As the “Frozen” Summer Fun celebration continues at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I have some exciting news to share about a new, limited edition retail MagicBand, featuring Olaf from Disney’s “Frozen.” This item is now available at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The shop is located between Toy Story Midway Mania and Studio Backlot Tour. I spoke with Kevin-Michael Lezotte, merchandiser for retail MagicBands, about this latest addition.

“We saw a great response from guests when we released two limited edition MagicBands during Star Wars Weekends earlier this year,” explained Kevin-Michael. “This new MagicBand is pre-printed with an image of Olaf ‘chillin’ in summer, and will be presented in a specially designed packaging. These pre-printed MagicBands are another great way guests can show off their Disney Side while visiting Walt Disney World Resort this summer.”

This limited edition retail MagicBand will have an edition size of 5,000, and will have a retail of $29.95 (plus tax).


You may recall that this new MagicBand will join three open edition MagicBands inspired by Disney’s “Frozen,” which are currently offered in Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post.

As with all retail MagicBand purchases, guests must present one of the following for the MagicBand to be linked to at the time of purchase: valid theme park admission, Memory Maker card or another MagicBand.

These specific “Frozen” MagicBands will not be offered on our Disney Parks online store or via Merchandise Guest Services team.

Guests, however, can find other select MagicBand accessories, like MagicBandits and MagicSliders, online at


  • I’m disappointed to hear that the LE Olaf Magic Band special effects are not longer working at DHS. I understand that the event is over, but what makes these MBs special is being able to see the cool effects when you use them in the park. It makes no sense that you would turn these off while these MBs are still in circulation. My daughter will be quite unhappy to hear this. Please consider changing this.

  • When will disney have the option to design your magic bands when you book your trip? I think it would be neat if you can personalize them with colors etc. I would pay an upgrade fee.


  • Hi Steven
    I’ll be at Hollywood Studios in 8 days, are the Limited Edition Olaf magic bands still available? Thank you.

  • i wish they would make a Maleficent Magic Band also, she is my favorite!!!!!!

  • Can someone confirm??? I heard that the policy changed and now you can buy this magic band without a RF media to be linked at the time of purchase…PLEASE!!!

  • I agree, a purple band would be great!

    I am loving these themed bands, but my question is if I already have a plain band, can I decorate it myself? Like paint on the actual band? As long as I keep the area directly around the mickey not covered, would this be ok? I would kind of rather make my own one-of-a-kind band but want to make sure I can use it again!

  • Where can I get the Snow White mine train magic band?

  • I understand there are a number of customizable bands. Any thought to offering these as an option for those booking Magic Your Way vacations?

    • @Jennifer – I don’t know of any plans for such a thing at this time. Sorry 🙁

  • Steven, hi I was needing to know, will the Frozen magic bands Elsa, Anna, and Olaf still be up for purchase in December? That is when my trip is scheduled and since I cannot buy online or over the phone I have to hope that they will still be up for sale.
    Thank you

    • @Eulette – The retail MagicBands featuring Elsa, Anna and Olaf (see second photograph above) are open edition. They will continue to be offered for sale as long as they continue to be popular with Guests.

  • It is important to note that the “special effects” from the Star Wars bands no longer work and that the ones for this Olaf band only work in Hollywood Studios and only until the end of Frozen Summer Fun. I did not find this out until after I purchased mine, which was kind of a let down. I thought the sound effects were going to be forever but was told today that is not the case. Why can’t the effects be everywhere and all the time?

    • @Jennifer – Thank you for the feedback. I’ll share it with the teams.

  • Steven, hi, I would like to know if a family member comes to WDW in the next few weeks and was able to purchase these Frozen magic bands would they be able to purchase the magic bands for a family member that was not able to go to WDW in December and didn’t know if the magic bands would still be available for purchase.
    Thank you

    • @Eulette – In order for that to happen, you must present one of the following for the MagicBand to be linked to at the time of purchase: valid theme park admission, Memory Maker card or another MagicBand. There currently isn’t a way to purchase a retail MagicBand without linking it to RF media.

      The availability of this limited edition retail MagicBand will depend upon how popular it is with Guests. December is many months from now so I can’t guarantee it will still be available.

  • Hey Steven!

    The magic bands are awesome! We just got back from the disney world where we enjoyed using our magic bands. Would it be possible, and not to costly, to add a watch to the magic bands? That would make them useful outside of the parks! My new fiancee and I miss having a magic band around our wrists now that we’ve returned to the real world. Thanks!

    • @Tim – Thanks for the comment. I know the team has discussed a variety of accessories. Stay tuned.

  • Hi Steven!

    The new designs look awesome! Kind of sad that I didn’t know about the limited edition Star Wars ones since I was there for Star Wars Weekends… but hopefully we’ll see something special next year 🙂 The special effects are pretty neat!

    I second Todd’s request though, would love to see a purple MagicBand available in the near future especially since you’ve already got red, green, blue, yellow… all very “Disney” bright and happy colors 🙂

    The purple would match the unforgettable road signs throughout the Walt Disney World area, too!

    Thanks for the article, and have a magical day!

  • :'( Why do you do this to me? I want it and can’t get it…I even started checking airfare to go get it, but can’t justify the $600+ to my husband for a limited edition MagicBand

  • What is the price of these bands

    • @Lisa – The limited edition retail MagicBand is $29.95 (plus tax). The open edition retail MagicBands shown above are $19.95 each (plus tax).

  • When will you be making a PURPLE magic band a priority? Rather disappointed it’s not available.

    • @Todd – Great question. I’d have to check with the development team. I don’t recall seeing anything at this point.

  • I want one!!! But I’m stuck in Texas. 😐

  • Is the elsa magic band still available? Been trying to get someone to take me to hollywood studios so i can buy it and no listens.

    • @Miranda – Yes, the open edition MagicBand with Elsa is still available. Sorry to hear that no one will take you. I’m sure my son would go with you (as he wants to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this weekend – Ha!).

  • Why aren’t these items made available on-line? I would love to order Anna, Elsa and Olaf for my family and I, but we won’t be there until November for our next trip! Why are they limiting the release of this Magic Band to only 5,000?

    • @Jim – The retail MagicBands are not sold online as they must be linked to RF media at the time of purchase. Due to current systems, there isn’t a way to link the retail MagicBands with purchases made via the Disney Parks online store.

      It is important to note that retail MagicBands are different than the ones that you receive for booking a hotel stay at Walt Disney World Resort. The biggest different is that these are sold versus receiving something as part of a hotel stay.

      As for the edition size, the limited edition retail MagicBands are relatively new. This is the third kind of limited edition retail MagicBand we’ve created. With all new things, we like to try a variety of options.

  • But when do we get a purple one? (Without Anna.) 😉

  • Haha oops sorry! With future MagicBands I will keep it to myself. 🙂

  • @Cassandra – Yes, Olaf sings “In summmmeerrr” when you tap it and the Mickey sign turns blue/green.

    • @Ethan – Spoilers 🙂 But yes, there is some extra magic with limited edition retail MagicBands.

  • I love these new MagicBands – they’re amazing! I’m really hoping there will be special MagicBands created for MNSSHP and MVMCP too, or even just Halloween and Holiday themed. On the other hand, if that happens – there goes my paycheck! Our whole family has bought either Frozen and the LE Star Wars (some of us got both!)

    • @Amanda – Thank you! If I hear of additional development, I’ll share in future stories.

  • Does it make sound effects like the Star Wars ones do when tapped at the Fast Pass entrances?

  • Awww man, I just got the first Olaf Magic Band the other week. Turn this car around!!

  • I love love LOVE these custom MagicBands and I hope Disney continues to make them. I picked mine up 2 days ago on release day!

    • @Ethan – Aces! That’s great! 🙂

  • is this something that we could get for free went we do the reservation

    • @Ana – Sorry. That is not an option at this point. The items shown above are retail items that are sold in Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • Is this available now?

    • @Thomas – Yes, the retail MagicBands shown in this story can be found at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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