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Experience the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party During “Villains Unleashed” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Guardians of the Galaxy” has become a blockbuster hit with audiences all over the world enthralled by the thrilling cosmic adventure’s cast of characters and chart-topping soundtrack. “Awesome Mix Vol. 1,” a mix tape of retro-1970s gems given to Peter Quill by his mother, plays a key role in the story of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Now a mysterious gang of villains has stolen that prized cassette, and Peter Quill – you may know him as the legendary Star-Lord – is on his way back to Earth on a mission to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned that a “Guardians of the Galaxy” Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party is being planned as part of the “Villains Unleashed” event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 23. Coincidence? Perhaps not.


For those of you attending the event, be sure to duck into Stage 5 in the Animation Courtyard with your fellow Terrans, where the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party promises to be the hottest spot this side of Knowhere with an out-of-this-world DJ and other surprises. Plus, you never know when Star-Lord and his infamous teammate, Gamora, might crash the party to retrieve his prized cassette!

“Villains Unleashed” is a separately ticketed special event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, happening after regular theme park operating hours on August 23, 2014. Tickets are $67 plus tax ($62 plus tax for children 3-9). Quantities are limited, so get yours before they’re gone!

In “Guardians of the Galaxy,” actor Djimon Hounsou portrays the feared intergalactic hunter, Korath. Hounsou visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios recently and spoke with us about what it was like to play a villain in the film.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll definitely want to catch “Guardians of the Galaxy,” now playing in theaters in 3D. I’ve seen it twice myself and can’t wait to watch it again! How many times have you seen the movie? What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack? Let us know in the Comments.


  • Are Gamora and Star Lord meeting guests as well? mingling with the crowd during the dance party? or are they just to watch?

    • Jessica – There won’t be a queue for pictures and autographs, like what is being set up for some of the villains at the event, but you’ll definitely get to interact with them during the dance party. As long as you’re not the one responsible for stealing the tape, everything should work out fine.

  • Just saw it for second time today. Bought the soundtrack before even seeing the movie! Redbones Come and Get Your Love makes you want to get up and dance!
    I know it probably won’t happen but could we expect something like this at Disneyland or California Adventure?

  • I-ah-ah-ah-ah’m Hooked on a Feelin’. And I want to dance with Baby Groot.

  • Why are there heroes at a villians party?

    • Pete – As I mentioned, some villains have stolen Quill’s mix tape to use at the party. He and Gamora are on a mission to retrieve it and track down those responsible.

  • I’m going to the Villains Unleashed Event, and while Star-Lord and Gamora are more of anti-heroes than villains, I would still love to see them down here on Terra. Perfect place to challange Peter Quill to a dance-off!

    • Geoffrey – Star-Lord’s got some pretty awesome moves. Are you sure you can bring it? If so, it’ll be an epic dance-off for sure!

  • I doubt I’ll be able to go to this event, but PLEASE bring Star-Lord and Gamora out again soon! Maybe Rocket and the others could tag along next time.

  • Shawn, can you tell me what time the meet and greets begin and for all of the other characters? I know Maleficent & Barbossa meets start at 8:30pm, but I was wondering if the others start at 8pm. I am trying to formulate a game plan. Thank you so much.

    • Robert – Apart from Maleficent and Barbossa, most of the other queued character greetings are centered around Streets of America. Many of those will start either right at 8 or as soon as they can get over from the kickoff show at Hades Hangout. Beyond the queues, though, there will be a ton of other villains roaming the park. You won’t want to miss those!

  • Hi Shawn,

    Any more details? Some unofficial sites have shared detail on the event. I like my information to come directly from Disney, so any help is appreciated, thanks!

    • George – Tomorrow on the Disney Parks Blog, Jenn will have some more details and tips for those attending the event, so stay tuned.

  • I am SO EXCITED to be going to the Villains Unleashed. and my 11 year old daughter squealed with excitement when I told her about the Awesome Mix Dance Party. WOO HOOO

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