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Festival of the Masters Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

If you’ve been to Downtown Disney or read our Blog lately, you know changes are coming. The area is undergoing the largest expansion in its history. As we prepare for Disney Springs, much of the area that traditionally houses the Festival of the Masters is unavailable due to expansion work and unfortunately we will not be able to host the event.

We appreciate the enthusiastic support we’ve received from the arts community, both locally and nationally, which has contributed to the long-running success of the Festival. Walt Disney World Resort is a strong supporter of the arts and we remain committed to nurturing the arts.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this time of growth and look forward to building new memories with you at Disney Springs.


  • Will there be a Festival of the Masters in 2015? I would love to find out about the necessary steps to be a part of such a great and inspiring event.

  • We too look forward to this every year, and are disappointed, but hope that it’s only for this year due to construction. Would be nice to hear it is coming back next year. It’s one of our favorite times at Disney.

  • I sure hope you bring back the art festival next year. My daughter and I have been attending for years as our special “mother / daughter” weekend. We love the new things Disney is constantly coming up with but this is one event that would be very sad to have go by the wayside. Here’s hoping we’ll be attending next year.

  • This is becoming quite confusing. I recently received my Disney Files magazine and there is a whole “blurb” on page 22 (bottom left) about the Festival of the Maters event and the new exhibit “Horns and Heroes” benefitting rhino conservation. While I’m a local and it’s easy for me to change plans, this is not the case for everyone and hope guests don’t use Disney Files as their “go to” source for info, planning a trip only to get here to find out FotM has been cancelled.

  • As an artist, I’ve been involved in Disney’s Festival of the Masters show every year since 1998. This year, I was invited to participate in the FoTM show without having to ‘jury-in,’ as I was the recipient of an Award of Excellence in last year’s show.

    I commend Disney executives for making what had to be an incredibly difficult decision to cancel, rather than relocate or reschedule, this year’s show. Bravo!

    I can’t wait till next year when the Disney Festival of the Masters show returns to the ALL NEW Disney Springs in Downtown Disney! It will have been well worth the wait.

    Thank you, Mr. Thomas Smith, for all that you and your Disney team do to make Disney Parks and the events that take place within them, a memorable destination unlike any other in the world!

  • We too planned out trip around this event. Is this a permanent cancellation or just this year? It would be a true shame to have this event disappear permanently

  • sad news…

  • If Disney didn’t create new experiences and do construction and update things, people will complain. If Disney does create new experiences and do construction and update things, people will complain.

    I’m upset about Festival of the Masters being gone this year too, but it’s not possible to happen. Obviously, Disney waited as long as possible to see if it could happen, but it just physically can’t.

    And it can’t “just be moved” somewhere like a park or a resort. Parking would be impossible, security would be an issue, and it would cause havoc for guests staying at said resorts…such as Boardwalk.

  • We also make this an annual file trip for our Keiser University Graphics department and look forward to it with great anticipation. I hope that this is only a one-year break . With Disney’s great venues I am sure that you will find somewhere else on the Disney property to keep this great event alive.

  • Are you saying it’s cancelled just for 2014 or permanently? I’ve always looked forward to this event.

  • Will it be back in the future? We were looking forward to attending this year as we have for many years past.

  • I am really disappointed about this. I love art and visit Walt Disney World every year specifically to go to Festival of the Masters and already had booked my reservation at the French Quarter resort for this year. Now I don’t even know if I will come at all.

    Is Festival of the Maters cancelled permanently, or just until the construction of Disney Springs is finished? If the latter, is there a year for when Festival of the Masters will return? I would hate to think this great event will never be held again.

  • We have already made our plans to be at Disney for the FotM. It’s an annual occurrence for our family. It could have been relocated somewhere on Disney property.

  • So why can’t they move it out to wide world of sports car park or something instead of canceling?

    Disney is so large I find it very hard to beleave there is no other location available for a temporary change this year.

  • Thomas,
    I love, love, love the idea of the new “Disney Springs”. The whole idea of a running spring and a “village”built around it makes perfect Disney sense. Disney is built on the imagination of the American Dream, this place will encompass all that is and more. Love the article, the idea and can’t wait to “Spring” on over to see the new “Village”!

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