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Haunted Mansion 45th Anniversary Pin Releases at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Foolish mortals, I have good news for you. I have been digging up as much information as I could on commemorative merchandise that has been created in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland park. As the gatekeeper to your pin collection, it’s up to you to determine if there is room for one more. Here’s a look at what I was able to unearth in regards to limited edition pin releases taking place on August 7.


The pins shown above will be available at the following Disneyland Resort locations:

This next collection is sure to send you packing. A limited edition of 300, this boxed set featuring Ezra, Gus, Phineas and the Hatbox Ghost in the mirrors, comes complete in a suitcase inspired box. Also available will be a Jumbo Poster Pin and a Framed Pin Set featuring Haunted Mansion inspired keys. Tip: These items will only be available to purchase at Disney Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney District. Wristband distribution guidelines will apply.


Now, I always like an air of mystery, especially when it comes in the form of a limited release Mystery Pin Set which features iconic characters throughout the attraction, including the Hitchhiking Ghosts, the Bride, Dueling Portraits, Hatbox Ghost, and Madame Leota.


Before I go, I couldn’t resist sharing this next group of pins featuring some of our most dastardly Disney Villains in their own interpretations of the Haunted Mansion stretching portraits. As you can see Cruella DeVil, Horace and Jasper, Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat, as well as the one and only Maleficent, are positively haunting in these famed portraits.


Look for these pins at select pin purchasing locations at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, later in the month on August 21.

Which ones are you ‘dying’ to get?


  • Michelle,

    I noticed the Disney Parks Merchandise page for the 45th event on the 16th mentioned select items would be available online at 8am Pacific. Will the site allow us to use the normal discounts we would be able to use if we called in? (Disney Visa Member for instance)?

    Also, will the plaque be one of the “select” items available online?

    • Hi Jonathan! I know we are offering the Ink & Paint Cel as part of a online purchase opportunity on the 16th, however the other items featured on the other art and collectibles post will be available to purchase via Disney Merchandise Guest Services. I would definitely recommend calling them after the actual event to inquire about remaining quantities.

  • James’ wife here – These are absolutely incredible! Every time a new set of items appear, I think Disney cannot outdo itself, and yet each and every time I am wrong! Those framed portraits are just amazing! I love the play on the Villains with the actual ride portraits. I am in awe of the Imagineers creativity. Walt would truly be proud. 🙂

    • Thanks! We are very excited for this year’s collection and all the amazing Haunted Mansion inspired merchandise headed our way.

  • Hi Michelle!
    Love all the new HM merchandise!
    What is the price of the stretching portrait pins?
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth! The Stretching Portrait Pins are $11.95 each.

  • Hey Michelle,

    First can I say I’m just overwhelmed of how information has been released lately for the Haunted Mansion and the upcoming 45th anniversary of the attraction itself. The upcoming merchandise later this month and this Fall, is going to be amazingly successful and plus I am pin collector and trader myself too. I am big and huge Haunted Mansion and have one part of my bedroom just dedicated towards the attraction itself!!

    Anyways, I was wondering if you can these online too when they become available and they ship it towards your house from any of the parks, via Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Or do I have to call the parks’ number in order to get to them or are they just physically going to be sold on just any Disney Park property itself?

    I would seriously would love to add these pins towards my Haunted Mansion collection and anything can be clarified before they are released that would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m new towards in reading the blog recently and looking forward towards these!! Have a good day Michelle

    • Hi Brian! We’re really excited too! There are so many great offerings headed our way and so much more to come. Most of the pins that are releasing tomorrow are considered limited edition which generally means they will not be available until 30 days after the release via our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team. I would definitely recommend calling and/or double checking to see what quantities if any remain after the initial release. As for the stretching portrait pins, you should be able to order those the day they become available at Disney Parks, which is August 21. At this time, none the pins mentioned above will be available to purchase online.

  • I love the portrait pins, and I arrive at WDW on August 21st! It’s a sign…I must buy them! Can’t wait…any ideas on the price? 🙂

    • Hi Jason! The Haunted Mansion Stretching Portrait Villains inspired pins will be $11.95 each.

  • We actually won the poster prints a while back from DPB of the stretching room with the villains – now I need the pins to go along with the prints 🙂

  • Great assortment of pins! I wish I could teleport myself to the park on Thursday. I need them all!

  • What is the release date of the suitcase limited to 300?

    • Hi Rod! The release date is August 7 at Disney’s Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort. Wristbands will be distributed for the release that morning.

  • All of the above!

  • Michelle –

    Do you know if the Stretch pins are considered limited edition, or are they open edition?

  • will these be available to purchase online? the villain pieces are cool!

  • I’m obsessing over the Stretching villain pins – I need them all!! Can’t wait to add them to my collection during the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!!

  • I got a pin that was not on the list (in the mystery pack). I can’t quite tell what it is. Almost looks like frog…. Did I get a mis-print? A pin thats not on the list??

  • Do you have update for the release of the Haunted Mansion Stretching pins of villians, can’t find any where in the park.
    one cast memember said there was a delay but didn’t know why.

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