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MyMagic+: Personalizing Your Disney Vacation with My Disney Experience

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Last month, we talked with our creative team about the resort flyovers now available with My Disney Experience – a key component of MyMagic+ at Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we’re talking with some of you about getting started on the web site and mobile app.

New to My Disney Experience? It’s the key to personalizing your entire visit. Getting started is easy – really, it’s done in just three steps.


First, log on to the My Disney Experience website or download the newly redesigned mobile app to create your own account and customize your visit.


Next, link any of your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel reservations and park tickets to your account planning page. If you don’t have reservations or tickets, both can be added later.

And the final step is the best part – selecting your favorite Disney attractions, shows and more with FastPass+ and booking dining reservations. You can also set up reminders for fireworks times, parades and character experiences along with many other features.

We’re just getting going with our MyMagic+ series so tell us what you’d like to know more about and check back for our next story.


  • Oh! I just found the “Disney Expedition” app in my Windows store. So far, it allows me to check wait times and I believe there’s a way to book FastPasses on it. I will have to check out the features more in depth. Thank you, Disney, for making this app!!! 🙂

  • I agree, Levi and Anna. I would love for Disney to release a “My Disney Experience” app for Windows phones. The sooner the better! 🙂 My fiancee and I adore Disney World, but my Windows phone is virtually useless at the parks. We need to rely on his Samsung Galaxy since it runs on Android.

  • I need to echo Levi’s comment. There absolutely needs to be a My Disney Experience App for Windows Phone. Touting the convenience of MyMagic+ is all well and good, but when there is no phone app for my phone, much of the convenience is lost for me.

  • Will there be a My Disney Experience App released for Windows Phone 8.1?

  • Love this site! Going in December and I already have most of the trip planned!

  • I too am interested in knowing if the mobile app will have the ability to make the additional Fastpass+ selections after the first 3 are used. The kiosks can have very long lines and is not nearly as convenient as the app. Having used the system during Star Wars Weekends I can say it is FANTASIC and saves so much time and effort and gives more time to do what you want with your family! Looking forward to using it again for our trip for Halloween!

  • I don’t seem to be able to find “My Itinerary” anywhere on the mobile / app (Apple iOS) version of MyDisneyExperience. On the web based version it clearly shows My Plans / My Itinerary (confusing enough that it is called two different names!) but when I select ‘My Plan’ on the mobile app version the dates where I have my events already listed and booked, don’t appear.

    Am I doing something wrong or do the two systems not sync? It would be a real shame if they don’t sync…!!

  • I enjoyed my WDW trip more because of the MyMagic+ and the My Disney Experience app. I had all of my information in one place and I was able to make changes. It is great to be able to check the availability of restaurants and the wait times for rides while we’re in the parks. The MyMagic+ bands are a fun souvenir and accessory.

  • I’m very excited to get to use this when I finally return to the parks, even though unfortunately as far as I can see that won’t be at least until 2017. But , hopefully, if things go well, I can work in Disney World soon which would be great.

  • I used to be a champion park-hopper, but now that I can’t get around as well, I’ve had to cut back to one park a day, and it helps to know ahead of time where I’m going to be on each day.
    I can’t make the “Space Mountain run”, the “Toy Story run”, or other assorted “FastPass runs” like we all used to back in the Old Days, so the FP+ system has been perfect for me to get everything set, and even last-minute rearrange it, before I go, instead of making “battle plans” the night before the park. (And I get to have fun setting up restaurants and rides on my iPad for two months. 🙂 )
    Now I just have to get there to see if it works.

  • I know the system has issues over the weekend, but I’ve noticed the site taking a significantly longer time to load lately. Based solely on load time, I’m seeing it take 5-7 minutes to make Fastpass+ selections for a single day.

    Will there be updates to the speed of the website/mobile app in the future?

    Additionally, will we see the Fastpass+ selections made same day (after the first 3 are used) be added to the mobile app? This would be a huge convenience over the kiosks.

    Lastly, will the DAS cards be integrated to the app or kiosks like in Disneyland?

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