New and Returning Frightful Favorites During Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Halloween Time is just around the corner here at the Disneyland Resort, and already our guests have been purchasing tickets for the popular Mickey’s Halloween Party. Don’t have yours yet? Get them now right here!

New this year, the stars of “Frozen” – Elsa, Anna and Olaf – will appear in their special pre-parade prior to “Mickey’s Costume Party” cavalcade.

Not to be outdone, the Disney villains have plenty of bad-apple fun planned for “Villains Square.” Throughout the evening, Disney villains such as Cruella De Vil, the Queen of Hearts, Judge Frollo and Lady Tremaine will arrive in Town Square on a black horse-drawn carriage, inviting guests to party like a Villain!

Of course, there’s so much more to enjoy at Mickey’s Halloween Party, including:

  • The opportunity to play in Disneyland park three hours before the party starts
  • Trick or Treating for candy and healthy treats ­in the ultimate Disney neighborhood
  • “Halloween Screams” fireworks spectacular (presented exclusively for guests of Mickey’s Halloween Party, weather permitting)
  • “Monsters U Dance Party” at Tomorrowland Terrace
  • Cadaver Dans, a ghoulish quartet performing Halloween-themed tunes aboard a drifting graveyard-themed raft on the Rivers of America
  • Access to your favorite Disneyland park attractions, including Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy

So get your tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party here and join us for all the spooky fun!


  • #4 – Lauren : The characters walk around like they do during the day, look for the normal spots ( Main Street Facing the Castle to the left) Also, if you go during the 3 hour window prior to the Trick-or-treat fun, go over to Thunder Ranch they walk around there in costumes for hours!
    #5 – Louis: Woody was last year! Again, if you go during the 3 hour window prior to the Trick-or-treat fun, go over to Thunder Ranch he and Jesse like to hang out by the Horses!

    P.S. If you are a Vader fan, Darth Vader made a quick cameo last year and did 30 mins of meet and greets over by Astro Blasters Across from the Star Wars Store/ride.

  • So excited! Is the toon town party happening again?

  • Will Hades be meeting Guests this year in Town Square like last year? Would love the opportunity to meet him.

  • Are Woody and Buzz out for meet and greets during the Party?

  • This is my first time going to Mickey’s Halloween Party and I am so excited! Can you tell me where I can meet Daisy during the Party, as well as Mickey and Minnie? Thanks.

  • Will there be any new villains at the party? I’d like to see the Elsa’s abominable snowman.

  • Is there going to be any new Trick or Treat Stations this year?

  • Will the Toontown Pre-Party Party be happening again this year? It was a lot of fun last year!

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