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New Entertainment Experiences Coming to World Showcase at Epcot

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Today, we have news about some updates coming to World Showcase at Epcot. One of the best parts of the World Showcase experience is feeling fully immersed in the culture of each country, and the live entertainment presented in the international pavilions plays a large role in creating that atmosphere. Beginning this fall, we will be refreshing the atmosphere entertainment around World Showcase with the addition of new acts and enhancements to some existing performances.


New experiences debuting over the next several months will contribute to the rich mix of entertainment at Epcot, and provide fresh experiences for our guests. In the near future, you can look forward to enjoying a traditional Berber music and dance troupe in Morocco, a corps of dynamic flag-waving performers in Italy, a thrilling lumberjack-inspired show in Canada, a Celtic folk music ensemble at the United Kingdom, and more.

As we embark on this enhancement of World Showcase entertainment, we bid a fond farewell to Mo’Rockin’, Off Kilter, Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps and World Showcase Players. We thank these performers for all they’ve done to make the Epcot guest experience enjoyable and memorable, and we invite you to come out and see them in their farewell performances over the next few weeks.

More details will be shared, as they become available, about the timing of certain transitions, as well as each of the exciting new entertainment additions coming to World Showcase.


  • I plan on doing what I can to save the World Showcase Players. If Epcot loses them, I’ll have a lot harder time convincing myself to go back. They epitomize what World Showcase is supposed to be.

    Let’s keep the WSP at Epcot!

  • I’m going to miss the World Showcase Players — that was my favorite entertainment group in Epcot. I hope that one of the other new entertainment options will have the spirit of comedy and interaction with the crowd that the World Showcase Players had.

  • I will Really miss the World Showcase players! they were my Must Do at Epcot! 🙁

  • I forgot to mention that seeing Off Kilter preform is my number one favorite thing to do in Epcot. Fife and Drum is amazing too! They have always been a must see when they come to a local Civil War reenactment I attend.

  • I am so very sad to hear that Off Kilter is being replaced. I will miss seeing their final performance by about three weeks, as my next trip is planned for October.

  • Very upsetting to see the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps go. I know my dad, a veteran, always makes a beeline for this show, and other at the American Pavilion. I know he will be sad to hear they will not be there for our annual November vacation.

  • Will the beautiful ladies who belly dance in Morocco still be there?

    • Stephen – Belly dancers will continue to perform in the dining room at Restaurant Marrakesh in the Morocco pavilion.

  • Really glad that British Revolution is staying. My son and I have had some great times watching and listening to them. Something similar to the Fife and Drum corp at the American Adventure pavilion is really needed. They add so much to the ambience of the place and it’s era. I hope a suitable replacement is found.

  • Thank you Off Kilter. Your music brought me back to Kearny, NJ, my childhood hometown where the pipes were heard in celebration and in memorial.

    Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corp, I AM proud to be an American. Thank you for stirring the fire.

    And belatedly, The Lights of Winter. I miss the feelings of wonder and joy I felt sitting under your lights and hearing your music. Thank you.

    I am so happy to have experienced these performances and the memories they evoked. And I’m looking forward to what comes next.

  • I’m very sad to see these acts go, especially Off Kilter. As a Disney Vacation Club member at the Boardwalk, Epcot is within walking distance to my ‘home.’ I would make several trips over to Epcot just to see Off Kilter then leave. Not only are they talented musicians, but they are very friendly people; I had the opportunity to speak with them many times, and they are just amazing people. Very sad to see them go!

  • Very unhappy with this change especially Off Kilter. While I normally welcome changes at WDW resort, this is one I wish would be reconsidered.

  • New entertainment is good, but we’re sure going to miss Off Kilter – they were so much fun! Wish they could stay.

  • The change will be nice. Have seen the same shows many times over the years. just hope the new ones will be as good.

  • I haven’t seen Off Kilter at Epcot, but I have enjoyed seeing videos of them. I was so looking forward to experiencing their show in person on my next WDW trip! I am so sad that I will never have the change to see Off Kilter. I will also miss the Fife & Drum Corp. Their show was perfect for the pavilion and really made you feel like you were back in the colonial days of America! I’m sad to see these great World Showcase acts go.

  • Extremely sad to see Off Kilter is going away. We can’t be there till January; we always saw a couple of their shows on every trip…sigh…

  • So sad to hear that the world showcase players from the UK & Italy will no longer be there….we always love to take a break & watch their performances..

  • We visit WDW 1-2 times a year, and we absolutely love these performers! I can’t even count how many of Off Kilter and Mo’Rockin’s shows we’ve seen over the years, waiting until the very last melodic songs to get a picture with the musicians. This is really sad, and it hurts to even share this news with my husband.

    I believe in Walt’s vision to “keep moving forward,” but I hope some of these talented performers can stay at Epcot, perhaps in a new band/role. I too will miss hearing the alluring sounds of bagpipes and a Zendrum playing across the lagoon.

  • While I completely understand change and Walt’s vision to “Keep moving forward”, I am completely heartbroken to hear that Fife & Drum will be leaving, but especially Off Kilter. They are one stop that we make every time we visit EPCOT (since my first visit since 1999). I can always tell when they are playing “Run, Run Away” from across the World Showcase Lagoon. It won’t be the same after when their gone. I wish all the bands the best of luck on their future endeavors.

  • While I will miss my favorite groups, I understand that Disney needs to keep things fresh and different. There’s a new generation making memories at the parks and they need their chance to do so with thing relevant to them. One of the great things about Disney is its ability to keep itself relevant.

  • Bummed about Off Kilter. One of the best reasons to go to the World Showcase. We won’t be there till December, so we’ll miss their last performances. I’ve watched people stand in the rain to watch their show. It was that good. They sure will be missed.

  • This makes me so sad to lose so many of my favorites, all at once. I hope the replacement acts will be performing immediately with no down-time in between. My family has a trip to Disney planned the first week of October, and this quality, live entertainment – and incredible live music! – is something we all look forward to and truly expect from Epcot!

  • Is there any start date for the new entertainment? Heading to WDW in November, will there be anything new to see during that time?

    • Harold – New experiences are planned to make their debut in the following months. We’ll feature each new group on Disney Parks Blog as they open.

  • Honestly, I don’t mind some of these acts not being there, but Fife & Drum Corps leaving is sad. Such a great, acoustic act that was simple! I have a lot of faith in Disney to do things right, so hope it all goes as well or better than these acts.

  • Off Kilter is my favorite part of EPCOT. Every trip the first thing I did was find out what days they weren’t playing, just so I could plan to go to other parks those days. That’s how much I loved them.

  • I will miss Off Kilter, but change is always refreshing.

    I love how The Walt Disney Company always evolves.

  • Off Kilter is definitely one of the highlights of our family trips to EPCOT!! We have all their CDs and my six year old even knows all the lyrics to “Whiskey in the Jar” because of Off Kilter. Hate to see them leave. We will be certain to see multiple performances of Off Kilter this weekend…the Farewell Tour begins.

  • The World Showcase Players were my must-see at Epcot– their interactive shows were wonderful– my whole family from my in-laws in their 80’s to my children under 10 enjoyed them and were even able to participate a few times. Wish I had a chance to say goodbye.

  • This makes me sad – I love Off Kilter and make a point to see them every time I’m in Epcot. I hope you have fantastic replacements for Off Kilter and the Fife and Drum Corps as I can’t imagine anything being better. Sad day.

  • Very disappointed to hear this. Mo’Rockin has always been an Epcot highlight for me. Please let us know the official end date so that we can try to make it over to see them one last time.

    • Linda – Mo’Rockin’ will be giving their final performances September 27.

  • I understand change needs to happen, and appreciate that any entertainment is still being offered in the park. I just wish new entertainment could be added while also keeping some of the classics.

  • Though I am sorry to see the Fife and Drum Corps and other entertainment leaving, I’m excited about the new performances! Change at our beloved Disney World brings both wonderful, exciting new experiences (which is really important) and the bittersweet loss of sentimental favorites which guests hold near and dear to their hearts. Disney imagineers, cast members and the detailed landscape and buildings truly do a magical job of creating spirit of place and a sense of belonging for all guests who enter. I treasure the memories of experiences past and look forward to making new memories!

  • “Keep moving forward” I completely understand “Uncle Walt’s” reasons, you have to expand, & change in order to grow. However, being a former cast member in Canada myself, Off Kilter has provided some completely outstanding performances for many years. They have truly become part of the Tapestry of the Canadian landscape. It has become Tradition to greet the boys, catch up & listen to some incredible music from “HOME”.
    They have become beloved “characters” & a trip to Epcot would surely become quieter for sure.

    I wish the boys much happiness & success & in the words of one of their beloved songs:”I’ll take the high road” farewell boys
    You did Canadians proud day after day, I will miss bright beautiful kilts & the lonely cry of bagpipes across the lagoon.

  • Going to REALLY miss Off Kilter in Canada. They are AWESOME!!!

  • I am sure going to miss the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps. The sing along really was moving and inspiring. It was just a good representation of the history of America.
    I’m sure that Epcot has good plans on what will replace it. But I’m glad I was able to experience it on more than one occasion.

  • Very sad to see Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps go – a staple of America’s history as well as Walt Disney World’s. The loss of a traditional fife and drums corps is disappointing.

    Looking forward to new entertainment options in other countries.

  • Watching Off Kilter is one of my favorite things to do at EPCOT! This is really sad!

  • Sad, sad news. I’ll certainly miss Off Kilter and the Fife & Drum Corps, but I understand how World Showcase has to keep things fresh.

  • I will miss Off Kilter! So glad I have one of their CDs. Do you have last dates? Will any of them still be there in October?

    • Carrie – World Showcase Players will have their last performance September 25. Mo’Rockin’, Off Kilter and Spirit of America will be giving their final performances September 27.

  • No more fife and drum? Totally American. How can you say goodbye to this?

  • So sad to hear about Spirit of America Fife & Drum. Was so excited to share this experience with two of my children last year. They still carry around their copies of the Declaration of Independence! We are DVC members, and I was looking forward to taking my third child to experience Fife & Drum when she began to walk. Nothing brings more excitement for being American than to experience the Fife & Drum, Voices of Liberty, and The American Adventure.

  • Off Kilter and Fife & Drum need to stay, period.

  • Uh, no more Off Kilter? When are their final performances? This is breaking my heart.

    • Kathy – Off Kilter will be giving their final performances September 27.

  • I will miss the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps. I hope a patriotic replacement is soon introduced.

  • Noooooooooooooo! I love the Fife & Drum Corps and try to plan to stop in America and see them every trip.

    Any news on who will be replacing them?

  • Will miss these groups very much. Not sure these are all good changes. Off Kilter shows were always very busy and well attended.

  • I know you said more info is coming soon, but do you have rough time frames for when the existing acts are going away? A week? A month? I HAVE to make it over to see them all one last time.

    • Ashley – World Showcase Players will have their last performance September 25. Mo’Rockin’, Off Kilter and Spirit of America will be giving their final performances September 27.

  • Very sad to see these acts leave. I remember Off Kilter back in 2002, playing between Canada and the UK and posing everytime some took a picture while they were playing, never missing a beat. And the Fife and Drum Corp…minus Williamsburg, where else can you see something so unique, American, and so fitting with the location. I can only hope and pray that the Voices of Liberty remain untouched, and that Disney finds acts worthy of replacing these wonderful groups.

  • That’s a lot of change all at once! The Showcase players over in the UK pavilion were favorites of ours! They are part of the original EPCOT entertainment group! I hope they find a new home for these fabulous actors and can stay in the Disney family! They will be missed!

  • Will British Revolution be staying? I hope you keep some traditions the same. Epcot is our favorite park and there are definitely some places for improvement but the music aspect was really special.

    • Melissa – British Revolution will continue performing at World Showcase.

  • Freshness is good; looking forward to the additions.

    Mo’Rockin has been my favorite live entertainment in the parks for many years, and hope those musicians can be a part of live entertainment somewhere in the parks. I’ve spent a lot of time in Morocco and a lot of money on treats at the Tangierine Cafe and the new ice cream shop because of their shows!

    Excited for the Berber music and dance, and also hope that some or all of Mo’Rockin’s outstanding musicians can still have roles in some way.

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