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PANDORA Jewelry Coming to Disney Parks This Fall

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I’m excited to announce that PANDORA Jewelry is coming to Disney Parks! Guests will soon find an original collection of beautifully designed Disney-themed jewelry launching in select retail locations at Disney Parks and around the world.

The new collection of hand finished sterling silver and 14K gold charms was created in collaboration with Disney Consumer Products and Disney Theme Park Merchandise, and will feature inspirations from some of Disney’s most beloved characters. The collection will include 25 different styles, with an additional 16 styles found only at Disney Parks.

Later this fall, select merchandise locations at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disney Vacation Club properties and Disney Cruise Line ships will begin selling the collections. The Disney Parks online store will also carry select items from PANDORA Jewelry.

Additionally two existing Disney merchandise locations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort will unveil unique retail installations, combining PANDORA’s sleek aesthetic and Disney’s creativity.

PANDORA will also be the sponsor of the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park and beginning in 2015, PANDORA Jewelry will become a presenting sponsor of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend held annually at the Disneyland Resort.

I’ll share additional details in the coming months about the exciting new merchandise offerings at Disney Parks.


  • Do you know which stores in Disney World carry the charms? I will be there soon and I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity! And you know how difficult it is to fit everything you want in! Thanks so much!

  • Can I buy these online. I know I was looking at the charms on one site but I cannot find that now. Please help I want to buy these. Can you tell me what site I can look at these on.


  • Hi Steve
    We will be visiting from the UK from 5th to 19th November, is there any chance the Pandora charms will be available then?

  • Hello Steve, I just found out yesterday about the Pandora charms, this is my first time at a blog, So if I repeated a question that was asked before I’m sorry I’m still learning how blogs work. I go to Disney every two years and cannot wait for these charms to come out. do you know what shops in each park these will go in? Will they go into Downtown Disney? the 16 charms that we can get only at Disney resorts can we get them on-line at the Disney store? When I was in a Pandora store they showed me pictures of some of the charms and I must say they are awesome, is there plans to do the different characters both good and villains? Sorry for so many questions, but I’m coming down in November and I want to have a game plan on where I can find them.

    Thanks have a great day.


  • Hi Steven! Just checking on any updates for the Pandora charms. Really hoping to get a look at them soon! Thanks!

  • Hi Steven. Any September updates? Waiting anxiously. It’s unfortunately my passes expire November 8. I’m hoping the beads come out by then? The 16 beads that will be featured in parks only, will they also be sold in downtown disney?

  • I am so excited to hear about this! I am a huge Disney and Pandora fan. I can’t wait to start my Disney Bracelet! I am very excited to get a look at what will be coming out so I can start planning!! Our Anniversary is October 22 and I have talked my husband into Disney Pandora for a present. Planning a trip to my closest Pandora Concept store when they become available! Thank you so much for this news!

  • Hi Steven! Thanks for the exciting news. Will we be getting a preview before the items go on sale? I need to create a wish list for my husband 🙂 I cant wait for the release date so I can plan my trip around it. Will it be by the end of this year?

    • @Christie – You’re welcome! Yes, I’m working on another story for September that will give a first look at the products. Stay tuned 🙂

  • I am thrilled to hear this news. I have collected Disney 14k charms for 10 years. I also have almost all of the chamilia beads. I hope that Pandora will choose some new characters to create other than the Mickeys and Minnie’s . Don’t get me wrong, I love them too, but what I would give for a Simba, Si or Am!!!!!!

  • Do you know if they will be available on the cruise ships in October? I hope.

  • I am sooo excited about this partnership, two of my favorite things in the world, Pandora and Disney!!! I have been waiting for this to happen. I own 4 Pandora bracelets and we go to Disney World every 2 years with our kids since they have been toddlers (they are now 12 and 15), we will be there in November! I am excited to start a Disney bracelet and glad that it will be with Pandora 🙂 I looked at the Chamilia charms and bracelets and did not purchase them because the quality is just not the same as Pandora, I love my Pandora bracelets and their quality is the best! Kudos for this decision, I cannot wait to see the charms and will be purchasing mine in November!!! YEAH!

  • OMG! i HOPE HOPE HOPE you will have a commemorative Pandora charm for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in May 2015!!!

  • Morning Steve…I am sure this has been asked but do you know if Chamilia will no longer carry Disney Charms? I am just curious…it looks as though the selection will be much larger for Pandora than is currently available in the Chamilia…again I am quite excited…anniversary is coming up and we will be in WDW next year for a BIG family trip…first time taking the grandchildren…so I will make sure I have a little extra in my “spending” budget…
    Thanks for all your information and can’t wait to hopefully see a sneak peak!!!

    • @Carla – Happy early anniversary. I hope you have a great trip! At this time, select items by Chamilia are offered at Disney Parks. I know the jewelry team is looking forward to introducing PANDORA Jewelry at Disney Parks in a few months.

  • Woohoo!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day-can’t wait to see the images next month! Wish they were out in October but I can wait.

  • This is the BEST news! My hubby bought me a Pandora bracelet for Christmas last year and I just love it but it desperately needs its own Disney Side! I found a Pandora Castle charm, but it will be fantastic to have the REAL thing later this year! Woo Hoo! 🙂

    • @Jackie – What a great gift! Just wait until you see the charms. I’ll have a first look at things at some point in September. Stay tuned.

  • James’ wife here –
    Okay Steven – every time I see your posting I just know it is going to involve some item with me absolutely wanting it! I am running out of alert space on my phone calendar for all the Disney items I want and need to watch for availability! 🙂 What’s a girl to do?? I can’t go cold turkey for Disney in any way, shape or form – oh well, guess I just have to go ahead and put a new alert on my calendar! Thanks! (not too sure if my husband is too happy though LOL only kidding he’s a huge fan as well)

  • Awww. I would have loved it if they were going to be avalable for our September trip. There is always the next trip 🙂

    • @Ashlee – I hope you have a great trip! There is always the Disney Parks online store for when you aren’t at Disney. They will carry select PANDORA Jewelry items once released.

  • Between these new Pandora charms and the new Alex and Ani bangles, I’m going to have to increase my souvenir shopping budget! 🙂

  • Yipeeee! This is the best news I’ve heard all day. I am anxious to see what will be available online at the Disney Store and will look forward to forthcoming details from you again. I saved room on my Pandora bangle just for this!!! lol

    • @Bev – Aloha! I’m glad to hear of your excitement. I’ll have a few follow up stories in the coming months about PANDORA Jewelry at Disney Parks. Look for the next one in September.

  • Glad to hear of this addition. We gave both of our granddaughters charm bracelets for their baptisms, and are thrilled that there will be so many new Disney-themed charms from which to select. It will be nice to turn this into a recurring gift when we travel together.

    By the way, @Jennifer, I got your Avatar pun in post #3. LOL, I’m guessing that the majority of the folks who know that the name of the planet in the movie is also Pandora aren’t following a thread about charm bracelets. Just wanted to let you know that at least one person got it. 😉

    • @David – What a wonderful gift idea! Thank you for sharing.

  • How sad that you will no longer be carrying Chamilia. I love my bracelet. I am not sure that I will be purchasing any of the Pandora charms as my experiences with Pandora have not been positive.

  • Will the Pandora charms fit on the Chamilla bracelets?

    • @Wayne – The jewelry team said they fit.

  • @Lisa B – How is the ‘Burgh?! My parents and relatives are from the northeast side. Glad you found this article! I would invite you to keep watching the Disney Parks Blog as I’ll have additional details in September about what will be coming to Disney Parks. Additionally, I invite you to visit That is the official Disney Parks online store which will also be carrying the PANDORA Jewelry at a future date. You can sign up for an email list on that site.

  • Hi Steve,

    I’m Lisa B. from Pittsburgh. Can’t wait to pick up these Pandora charms in WDW. Do you have a website or a mailing list I can get added to? I just happened to see this once I googled Disney & Pandora.

  • I am so excited to hear this…I heard there will be about 25 for Pandora Stores, etc. the about 16 that are only going to be available from Disney Theme Parks and Disneystore online…

    Do you know when in September they will be released and will we get a pic of them prior to the release….so excited…

    • @Carla – I’m happy to hear of your excitement. The items will be arriving at Disney Parks around November. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find them in September. I will, however, have another story with some additional details (and images) on the Disney Parks Blog in September.

  • So cool wil be buying a new bracelet just for Disney charms. Xx

  • I hope they do continue their business with Chamilia because I just bought the Minnie Mouse bracelet when we were down there.
    Thanks for the information 🙂

  • I hope they have these when i go in September!

    • @Jessica – I hope you have a great trip! Unfortunately, these items won’t be available in September. Look for them coming in November.

  • I can currently get Disney charms at Kay Jewelers as part of their Charmed Memories Collection. Will that be discontinued?

    • @Andrew – Please stay tuned. I’ve contacted the team about your question.

  • OMG! I’m so excited! I truly hope they introduce Pandora late September…I’ll be there for my bday and would looooove to get some Disney Charms by Pandora!

    • @Brunna – Happy birthday a little early. September birthdays are the best (mine is mid-September :). At this point, the PANDORA Jewelry is expected to be introduced toward November. The items will be also carried on our Disney Parks online store at a future date –

  • This is great because the Chamilla ones don’t fit on my Pandora bracelet. I’m going in Nov. Will they be out in the parks then?
    And LOL at Jennifer’s comment about them being the sponsor to the new Avatar land at AK. Too bad. It would be perfect! 🙂

  • This is FABULOUS news. I love Disney and Pandora jewelry. I cannot wait to start a new bracelet. How wonderful!! This is a perfect pairing…Disney and Pandora. Love love love!

    • @Dana – So I’m guessing you are excited for the announcement? We are too. 🙂

  • When later this fall on the cruise ships? Sailing early October on the Fantasy and my DW would LOVE this.

    • @Scott – At this point, I don’t have a confirmed release date for Disney Cruise Line. I’m doubtful you’ll see things in October. I hope you have a wonderful cruise. I wanna go!! 🙂

  • This made my Morning! Can’t wait to see pictures and I hope they are for sale when I get to Disney world in October! I just finished my Pandora bracelet, can’t wait to start a new Disney only one.

    • @Amanda – That’s great! Stay tuned. I should have some additional details and images in September. This article is the first in a series of stories for the Disney Parks Blog.

  • I would think that these would replace Chamilia. I have both Pandora & Chamilia on my bracelet. Pandora are a very great quality also.

  • Will they also sponsor that new land in Animal Kingdom I hear is being built? 😉

    • @Jennifer – They will sponsor the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park, and will become a presenting sponsor of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend held annually at the Disneyland Resort beginning in 2015.

  • Will these be replacing the Chamilia? I really hope not because we really love the ones we have bought so far and would hate to see these go away.

    • @Dulcie – I spoke with the jewelry team who said you may still find select Chamilia items at this time. I know they are looking forward to introducing PANDORA Jewelry to Disney Parks soon.

  • Well this news just made my day because I am a huge Pandora and Disney fan. Perfect timing for Christmas time too!

    Thank you,

    • @Jacqueline – Aces! I know what’s on my gift giving list this year too 🙂

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