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‘Princess Etch A Sketch’ Draws Anna and Elsa to Celebrate ‘Frozen’ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last year, we had the pleasure of introducing our readers to Jane Labowitch, known by many online as “Princess Etch A Sketch.” True to her nickname, one of Jane’s amazing talents is her ability to create intricate pieces of art using Ohio Art’s famous Etch A Sketch® drawing toy.

In last year’s post, we commissioned the Chicago-based artist to “etch” Cinderella Castle and Sleeping Beauty Castle. We made those available to you as downloadable desktop and tablet wallpapers.

Since then, we’ve been working with Jane on several exciting projects. In June, she was the featured artist at our Disney Social Media Moms “On the Road” conference in Chicago, where she not only displayed her art but even etched portraits of a few lucky attendees. (She can create a person’s portrait on an Etch A Sketch® in approximately 12 minutes.)

With today’s exciting announcement about “Frozen Summer Fun LIVE!” being extended four more weeks through September 28, we asked Jane to use her talents to draw Anna and Elsa at our park.

It took her approximately one hour to create this piece on a Pocket Etch A Sketch®. That hour of work has been condensed into this short video. This video shows how Jane takes a single line (without the chance to erase anything) and creates an artful homage to Arendelle royalty.

The Etch A Sketch® product name and configuration of the Etch A Sketch® product are registered trademarks owned by The Ohio Art Company.


  • Thank you for sharing, this was so much fun to watch!
    I still have my Etch A Sketch too.


  • That is so incredible!

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