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Setting Off on a ‘Frozen’ Journey with Adventures by Disney

Amanda Adler

by , Public Relations Manager, Adventures by Disney

Fjords, folk dancing, glaciers, Vikings and, of course, Anna and Elsa. These are a few of the only things I knew about Norway when I set out to spend eight days and seven nights exploring the Nordic countryside with Adventures by Disney.
Setting Off on a ‘Frozen’ Journey with Adventures by Disney

This Norway trip, which is a new Adventures by Disney itinerary for 2014, explores the beauty of this Scandinavian country – from the quaint villages to the breathtaking landscapes (my Facebook friends back home were as green with envy as the verdant green of the mountainous scenery I was showing off in my online photo albums) – all while following in the footsteps of the filmmakers who created “Frozen.”
Setting Off on a ‘Frozen’ Journey with Adventures by Disney

As I prepared for my trip, I was filled with questions. Would my diet for the week consist mostly of pickled fish? (No. In fact, I ate the freshest, straight outta the stream, fish I’ve ever seen, along with a variety of non-seafood dishes. Reindeer meatballs anyone?) Exactly how many trolls would I spot? (Sadly, none. They are an elusive bunch.) What does snow do “in summer” in Norway? (Olaf would be happy to know that atop the fjords, snow is very much still in its “not melted” form. No flurries from Elsa required.)

Case in point, behold the beauty of one of our first stops, the Aurlandfjord. These photos offer up proof of snow’s existence in summer, and show off all that luscious green I mentioned earlier.

One thing I didn’t question was that I would have a fantastic time. This was my third Adventures by Disney trip and I’ve learned that the great thing about traveling with Adventures by Disney is that they handle the planning for you. I could rest assured knowing that all the details of my adventure were thoughtfully arranged, my transportation and most of meals were set, and that from the moment my plane touched down in Bergen I would be treated like a VIP by two expertly-trained Adventure Guides.
Setting Off on a ‘Frozen’ Journey with Adventures by Disney

And, as always, I wasn’t disappointed. My Adventure Guides, Kira and Torgeir (pronounced “tour guy” – could that be any more perfect?), were nothing short of amazing. How could anyone not have fun with this madcap duo in charge?
Setting Off on a ‘Frozen’ Journey with Adventures by Disney
And as soon as I arrived, another answer to one of my questions became abundantly clear – Bergen really does resemble a real-life Arendelle!

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog, where I’ll share stories from throughout my Adventures by Disney Norway trip!

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  • I would love to do an Adventures By Disney tour someday. For now, we are in love with Disney Cruise Line for fun-filled relaxation. It’s through these incredible experiences across-the-sea that I can easily see how attentive and amazing the Disney cast would be in an adventure on land with ABD!

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Amanda!

  • My Husband and I went on the first trip to Norway with about 20 others at the end of May, 2014. Since it was the first trip, we had Kira and Gjertrud as our main guides. Torgier was in training so he was with us too. They were all very cool and fun to hang with. We also had Lisa and Heather with us , they are part of ABD management. They were fun too. I would recommend this trip to anyone. This was our third Adventure By Disney.

  • My husband won a sweepstakes that gave us 2 seats on an all sweepstakes winners trip June 28 to July 5th. The 30th of us had the time of our lives. ABD did this tour beyond any of our expectations, add to that, we were all there for free…it was beyond words. We too had Kira, but our other guide was Gjertrude. Both were fabulous and adorable. We can’t wait to go on our next adventure.

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