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ShellieMay Merchandise Arriving at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, This Month

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


My fellow author Michelle Harker recently gave you a look at Gelatoni, the newest friend for Duffy the Disney Bear at Tokyo Disney Resort. This cool cat joins another friend named ShellieMay who was introduced in Japan a few years ago. During my time as a Disney Parks Blog author, I’ve received a number of requests for ShellieMay merchandise. Today, I’m happy to share that specially designed ShellieMay products will be released at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, in Ko Olina, Hawai‘i, this month.


For those unfamiliar with ShellieMay’s story, Minnie Mouse created her as a special friend for Duffy. Ever since August 2011, Mickey Mouse, Duffy and a few of their friends have been spending their vacation time at Aulani, learning more and more about Hawai‘i and Hawaiian culture. Nestled between the mountains and the sparkling ocean waters, Aulani provided Mickey and Duffy the opportunity to forgo their sailor uniforms in favor of aloha shirts and fun surf apparel. With the feeling of ‘ohana abound, Duffy wished his best friend ShellieMay could also experience this Hawaiian paradise … playing on the beautiful white sand beaches, snorkeling in Rainbow Reef, and relaxing in the crystal clear waters of the Waikolohe Stream and pools. In helping make Duffyʻs wish come true, we are excited to introduce this new product line.


New products coming to Kalepa’s Store in the resort include a 17-inch plush, a costume and a 12-inch dressed plush. Disney artist Susan Foy designed ShellieMay’s new outfits; I love how these new items give a nod to the Aloha Spirit including having a flower behind her right ear.


Additional items are planned to arrive September through November, including a pillow plush, apparel, a magnet, pins and more. The three-dimensional ornament is due to arrive in time for the holidays (there will be a similar ornament featuring Duffy the Disney Bear).

At this time, the only place to find these specially designed products will be at Aulani. There are no immediate plans to carry ShellieMay merchandise at Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts. Unfortunately, these items will not be available via the Disney Parks online store or Merchandise Guest Services.

I hope you will join me in saying “Aloha” to ShellieMay!


  • Does anyone know if I can ask a personal shopper to send one to me?

    Please let me know if any of you got info.

  • I have twin daughters who have a Duffy Bear, but they want shellie mae is there a way to order them one and not pay 100.00 each for one that is all they want for christmas.. help

  • I literally just got back from my vacation to Asia, visiting both Hong Kong Disney Resort and Tokyo Disney Resort. I LOVED all the ShellieMay merchandise items from Tokyo DisneySea, and I brought a lot of them home with me, including of course my own ShellieMay! I have to echo everyone else’s sentiments in eagerly requesting that ShellieMay and all her accessories be sold in Disney Parks in the US. Even if we have to wait a while, it would be nice to know if she will be brought to US Disney Parks eventually. Thanks!

    • @Lauren – Wow! What a trip!! That sounds amazing especially as Toyko DisneySea is such an incredible park. I visited there in 2002 and was in love! At this point, we don’t have immediate plans to offer ShellieMay merchandise at Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts.

  • Love!!!! ok..who can get me one?? 😉 😉 but will there be a seashell necklace? I don’t see it in the pics!

    • @Dori – I don’t believe something like that is planned at this time.

  • I got my Shellie May in June at Tokyo Disneyland. I have to keep taking her to Disneyland to familiarize people with her, some cast members thought she was a Build a Bear while others were sooooo exstatic to see her in person.

  • Know I know why our 2014 Aulani trip was snowed out and we rescheduled for 2015! We are huge Duffy fans! At least my daughter has about 9+ months to save up for everything ShellieMae!

  • how big is the shellie may in the upper right hand corner? Is it pre-dressed?

    • @Margie – She is a 17-inch bear wearing a costume that is sold separately. The only pre-dressed bear is pictured between the two 17-inch bears with costumes.

  • My Granddaughters will love getting ShellieMay when the entire family visits in October. So happy to see there will be new merchandise. Hopefully they will be in stock 🙂

  • @Steven Miller; Off topic: I’m getting excited for Epcot’s Food & Wine fest pins for 2014! Um, they coming? : )

  • I live on Oahu and do venture out to Aulani every now and then. If you want Deb, I can see what’s available out there for you!

    • @Len – So jealous! 🙂 I visited O‘ahu about seven years ago and can’t wait to return one day.

  • So sad she isn’t sold on their site. My daughter LOVES ShellieMay and Duffy. I’m sure she will be on eBay for big $$.

  • I am beyond excited that ShellieMay merchandise is coming to the US! Hoping it will lead to a continued rollout to the parks in the future. My ShellieMay cannot wait to get her new Aulani dress this fall!

  • Steve I dont know if you heard my squealing all the way from VA but I cant wait to use our newly purchased Aulani DVC points! I took my Shellie May (acquired by a Disney friend while she was in Japan) to the Social Media event in Philly in May and introduced her to Gary B. (She and Duffy were in their Jedi oufits)
    I am now so excited about “Aulani” Shellie I am willing to break the “no pillow pet like creatures in the house” rule JUST for her. Will Duffy have a “Aulani” styled pillow buddy as well?

    • @Autumn – That’s great! Gary definitely knows the ways of the Force. 🙂 If I remember correctly, there will be a matching pillow plush for Duffy the Disney Bear in Aulani attire.

  • So there is absolutely no way to get any of the ShellieMay products unless you visit Aulani?

    • @Deb – At this time, the ShellieMay items created for Aulani will only by offered at the resort. If you go, please take me with you 🙂

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