The Citizens Take Over ‘Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!’ at Disneyland Park

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

The rootin’ tootin’ town of Frontierland has been taken over and the citizens are speaking out during this limited-time experience in Frontierland at Disneyland park. “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!” has created some real characters and the feud between the folks of Rainbow Ridge and Frontierland is heating up. Who will end up owning the wild western town is up to you! Come on down and discover the old west now until September 1.

Sharp Shootin’ Shannon wants to know: Have you experienced “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!”? If so, what is your name and are you for Frontierland or Rainbow Ridge?

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  • My son has played the game at least once a week every week since it rolled out after the initial test. He plays the town “doctor” for Frontierland. He’s had a chance to do many adventures including opening his doctor’s office, organizing the town defense forces, running for mayor, defeating a railroad tycoon, organizing a medical expedition to the Native America village, investigating mysterious trains that run without engineers, hunting for his lost key, and campaigning for peace. He’s made a lot of new friends, earned legend status, and described this as the best time he’s ever had at Disneyland. Recently they’ve done a good job of recalibrating the rules to appeal to both kids and adults. We are on vacation the final weeks, but hope to be back on the last day for the curtain call and with one last surprise.

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