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Caption This: A Surprise At Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This” image was shot at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park. Looks like this fella is in for quite a surprise when this train rushes by.


What will be his reaction? Tell us in the comments section below!


  • Did the donkeys break wind again? Is that why that train be moving on so fast?

  • #youngwhippersnappers

  • Once I finally get all this water out of my wagon, I am going to Disneyland.

  • Did not look like seven Dwarfs to me!

  • *talking fast* HeyThereBuddySlowDownAndGiveMeATowOuttaThisMud!

  • Gonna need something faster than these donkeys to hit 88 miles per hour!

  • Stuck in the mud and bailing out water. Could this get any worse?

  • “In my day trains only went 25 miles per hour, and by the looks of the people on board I’m glad they did!”

  • You know, I heard some rumor about a runaway mine train. But I don’t take such rumors seriously.

  • Those crazy kids never pay attention to the speed limit! They’re gonna get us all killed!

  • If you find any gold it’s mine!

  • “Indoor plumbing,” eh? I’m not impressed…

  • I hope management doesn’t replace me with Olaf.

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