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Caption This: Fun with the Kitchen Sink

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This” image shows one of my favorite desserts in all of the Walt Disney World Resort – it’s the Kitchen Sink, which can be found at Beaches & Cream.


It sure looks like these kids have a challenge on their hands. What should their strategy be for finishing this one? Go ahead and “Caption This” photo in the “Comments” section below.


  • That’s enough for me. So what are you going to have?

  • Guys, we’re going to need more help!

  • Mom … Billy is eating all the Brownies !!!

  • Mom, Dad, We promise to clean up THIS Kitchen Sink.

  • In Disney they even have ice cream on tap!!

  • Were gonna need BIGGER Spoons!

  • Just a SINK full of ice cream helps the fun “STICK” around…in the most delicious way!

  • “Eat carefully, guys, I think I dropped my watch.”

  • Come on, this is only Monday. We’re gonna be here all week. We should be able to finish it by Thursday then we can buzz around to every attraction, show and Park on Friday.

  • Mom says if I clean my plate, I can have dessert!

  • Quick..before dad gets back..!!

  • I guess Mission Space is not next on the agenda?

  • Hot and cold running chocolate!

  • Mom packed everything but the kitchen sink. But that’s OK this one is better than ours!!

  • turn off the tap… turn off the tap!!

  • Oh my goodness! I found the stopper!!!!

  • “Anybody care what happened to Mom and Dad?”!

  • We have the most awesome fairy godmother ever!!

  • Just 22,743 points on the Weight Watachers’ program.

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